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New Series

Ashes of the Alabriss

"Brynn pulled her thick orange hair into a tight bun, holding it in place with one hand while the other removed the hairpin she’d been holding between her teeth to..."

by salem_822
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"A Strange Day in Magmaqua" by tatyanne
The sizzling sounds from the bonfire were a rather comforting noise to Rufus. He stretched out his hands and felt the heat radiating from the fire. A Magma Magtile floated by, carried by a gentle stream. Apart from the fire, it was pitch black this far down in the depths of the sea. There was a cold current passing by Magmaqua, and the cool temperatures were not sitting well with the Magma Scorchio. Rufus shivered. No matter how close he got to the flames, he could still feel an uncomfortable chill deep within his bones. With a disgruntled sigh, Rufus took a large step forward. He heaved a sigh of relief and relaxed. This spot was much better. Never mind that the spot in question was right within the flames. Rufus reached out and felt about for his little pile of marshmallows. A squeal of delight escaped his lips as his fingers brushed against a soft, pillowy marshmallow. Gently cupping his prized possession in his fiery palms, Rufus brought his hands close to his face. The confection was melting into a gooey treat. The Scorchio’s mouth watered. He would wait five seconds more, to be sure that the outside of the marshmallow was perfectly crispy with a slight char, but without being burnt. A lick, a bite, a chomp — Rufus devoured it with gleeful satisfaction. The flavours and textures exploded in his mouth. The marshmallows had...

Other Stories


Through the Snowy Woods
"It began with a Brain Quest and a Snowflake..."

by sleepiestkitty


Haunted Jellyland Woods
Twumbo the Pirate Xweetok smiled as he walked into the entrance Faerieland. Knowing that April Fool’s Day was coming up, he wanted to figure out the perfect prank and after learning..."

by snowwhite6210


Dr. Sloth's Mandate: Relocation to Terror Mountain
"I, Dr. Sloth, ruler of the Virtupets Space Station and master of all things devious and diabolical, hereby decree the disbanding of my evil space station and the mandatory relocation of all inhabitants to Terror Mountain." Collab with cibola

by notooryous


You walk through Neopia Central when you come across a place that is very familiar, yet distinctive at the same time. Collab with _luaxinha_

by dinha_reeves


The Final Comic
Finally, retirement!

by winner19955


Dark Magics - Two Sides
I think that's enough "what if"s.

by shellshocks

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