A Yurble stole my cinnamon roll! Circulation: 197,798,779 Issue: 1005 | 5th day of Eating, Y26
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They'll Never Know

by elipsis4k

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Sky Pirates: Clouded Deception
"...And within them icy caverns lies a terrible beast made entirely of ice. An ice worm twice as long as our largest air vessels, blasting ice shards at any fool who dares to enter..."

by greencheese79


Only Grey on April Fool's Day
It's just so dreary when you're grey unless you also get cake... haha jk unless???

by dehoot


How did I get here? - Land Swap/April Fools Edition
"Who swapped these lands????" Collab with queenfaeriefiona and riptosrage

by kimpossibleluvr


Meta; Plus Words to Make Title Long Enough to Submit
"Maybe once I get a job..."

by lunensis

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