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Continued Series

A Hero's Journey: Squire

"Cathton stared at the medallion in his hands, which showed the letter 'W' over a diamond bisected by a sword. It was heavy, but not as heavy as the..."

by precious_katuch14
Salem of the Sway

"I was thankful for my speed as I crouched and ran on all fours through the maze of corridors that lay before me, but it was only just quick enough. At every corner I could hear..."

by skittleskit09
The Timeless Tale

"That morning, unlike any other, Rhea awoke punctually, his spirits soaring. After years of monotony, he finally had something to look forward to..."

by chlo26
Taming the Beast

The sound of my heart thumping in my chest would have been deafening if it weren’t being drowned out by the roar of the..."

by sir_serene
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Warning! Don't Visit the Snowager in Meri Acres Farm

Day after day we trek out to Meri Acres Farm to brave the Snowager. Here we hope to find treasures only grabbed by the brave or an elusive avatar that ranks us among the best. Yes, venturing into Meri Acres Farm and the den of the Snowager might seem like a great and brave adventure, but I am here to tell you the journey isn’t worth it. Meri Acres Farm and the Snowager are not worth your bravery and mirth. The destination alone should make even the bravest traveller reconsider their thoughts of entering the Snowager’s filthy den. Don’t believe me? I’ll prove to you that travelling to Meridell and finding the Snowager’s lair within Meri Acres Farm is beneficial to no one. 1. You’ll be pelted with rock and dirt We know that if we stumble into the Snowager’s den and awaken the beast we could be greeted with its fiery wrath. When you wake the Snowager, you’re blasted with dirt, rock, muck, and who knows what else, you are on a farm remember. Is it really justifiable to travel to the Snowager’s filthy, smelly den for a measly prize if you’re going to be blasted by the foulest mud known throughout Neopia? I think not. 2. The treasure isn’t worth it Sure, we head into the lair of mud and gunk to attempt to get the best treasure or avatar but usually that isn’t the case. We’re lucky to make it out with something even worth a mention. I mean you head into that farm and come out with what? An apple core, broken spoon, or squashed tomato. It doesn’t seem like those are treasures worth screaming from the rooftops for. 3. The journey alone is gross Just to get to the Snowager’s den within Meridell you have to trek across farmland that isn’t kept in the utmost...

Other Stories


Haunted Jellyland Woods
Twumbo the Pirate Xweetok smiled as he walked into the entrance Faerieland. Knowing that April Fool’s Day was coming up, he wanted to figure out the perfect prank and after learning..."

by snowwhite6210


Sky Pirates: Clouded Deception
"...And within them icy caverns lies a terrible beast made entirely of ice. An ice worm twice as long as our largest air vessels, blasting ice shards at any fool who dares to enter..."

by greencheese79


Dr. Sloth's Mandate: Relocation to Terror Mountain
"I, Dr. Sloth, ruler of the Virtupets Space Station and master of all things devious and diabolical, hereby decree the disbanding of my evil space station and the mandatory relocation of all inhabitants to Terror Mountain." Collab with cibola

by notooryous


The Prankster’s Tool Bag
"Has the latest April Fool’s Day shenanigan, pulled by the tricksters on The Neopets Team, inspired YOU to take up the art of pranking?"

by tylerhuyser


The Floating Islanders - Reversal
Drew a dark reversed version of Neopia haha. Just a glimpse into my dark reality

by yankeesrule244444456


Dark Magics - Two Sides
I think that's enough "what if"s.

by shellshocks

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