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Haunted Jellyland Woods

by snowwhite6210


Twumbo the Pirate Xweetok smiled as he walked into the entrance Faerieland. Knowing that April Fool’s Day was coming up, he wanted to figure out the perfect prank and after learning the theme was Land Swap, he had an idea to turn Faerieland into Jelly World. He had to figure out how to plan it out though. With him was his beloved Snowbunny named Mumbo and Wumbo the Skritch.

     ‘How can I distract the Healing Springs Faerie so I can turn her water into jelly?’ Twumbo thought as he passed the Healing Springs noticing how busy she was. ‘Maybe I could put a bunch of Cancelled Stamp Foregrounds around the springs in hopes other Neopets would truly believe that she is not working anymore! Hey, that is a great idea! When she is sleeping, I will pour so many Mega Ice Creamy Jelly Smoothies to make the magic in her water not work! I know she sleeps at night, at least, that is what I have been told. It will also turn all the water in Faerieland to into Mega Ice Creamy Jelly Smoothie! It would be interesting seeing Neopians wake up the next day to see the water a different colour’ the Xweetok smirked as he thought of his idea while looking around Faerieland.

     ‘Next plan is to turn the ground into jelly. How can I pull that off? Hm…. With the grass, I could use a bunch of Lime Jelly! I am going to need a lot of jelly for this prank! Maybe over a thousand different flavours of jelly! Strawberry Jelly, Lime Jelly, Purplum Jelly, Rainbow Jelly, Mint Jelly, Pirate Jelly, Chocolate Jelly and more! Yes, now I know what I am going to do! This is going to be so much fun! I will have to plan it so I can do it while everyone is sleeping….’ Twumbo continued with his thoughts as he looked at the beautiful scenery of Faerieland. ‘I have to be cautious not to be caught either….’ He added.

     ‘It will take me all night to pull this one off! If I can think of an idea how to send everyone out of Faerieland for a day or two, it would make it a lot easier as its possible I would wake them up at night! HAH! I know!’ Twumbo thought, as he made his way to Faerie City, figuring out other ideas for his plan. ‘I could write a letter to Queen Fyora to say that there’s a battle in Krawk Island happening and they need everyone in Faerieland’s help, they need the Healing Springs Faerie too!’ he grinned at his idea. After exploring Faerieland and figuring out more ideas for his April Fool’s joke, the Xweetok, his Snowbunny and Skritch returned to his Neolodge Room which was not too far from Faerieland and began to write things down.

     After writing down the items he needed for his trick, Twumbo got his Explorer Backpack and went to the Shop Wizard which was not too far from his room much to his relief. He smiled and bought a New Age Computer, a Work Phone, and the list of Jellies he needed to get for his trick. It took him several hours to buy and put away all the items he needed for it, but when he was finished, he was hungry! He went for dinner at the Neolodge Restaurant and ran into a few friends of his at the restaurant. He kept his plans to himself for a start as he chatted away to his friends.

     Cookie the Biscuit Xweetok looked at him in excitement. “Have you got plans for the Land Swap April Fools joke, Twumbo? I have! I am looking forward to pulling mine off, it would be easy!” he said smirking.

     “I do! What is your plan, Cookie?” Twumbo asked, hoping to learn about his plot for the April Fool’s Day joke.

     “It’s a secret, but it’d be something everyone’s talking about!” Twumbo said, not comfortable sharing his plan with his friends in case someone was to steal his idea about it first.

     Cookie hesitated about telling Twumbo his idea. He came up with the plan to change the signposts from each Neopian land and for example, he would change Faerieland’s name to FaerieWood – a mixture of Faerieland and Haunted Woods, and he wanted to make Faerieland a haunted place to be at for the April Fools joke. “Well, I guess it will not hurt to tell you if we were alone! Maybe you could help me out?” he said.

     “Curious! I am interested to know what your plan is then I will share mine. Should we meet up at your Neolodge room or mine?” Twumbo asked.

     “Your Neolodge room! It would be easier that way. We can do that after we finish our meals!” an excited Cookie said, smiling to Twumbo. He imagined Faerieland being a spooky place for April Fools and chuckled at the thoughts of the Faeries running away from the ghosts. After the two Xweetoks had finished their meals, they made their way to Twumbo’s Neolodge room chatting away excitedly about other things.

     Twumbo unlocked the door and opened it, allowing Cookie in first, he closed the door after he went in his room.

     Cookie smiled and told Twumbo his plan, laughing as he did.

     “What was your idea?” Cookie asked.

     Twumbo ended up telling Cookie his idea. “Maybe the two of us can work together? We could figure out what to say to the ghosts to ensure they go to Faerieland? I think I know how to get everyone out of Faerieland – I could pretend that the governor from Krawk Island says there are bad guys on the island and they need help! I would tell Queen Fyora, though doubt Jhudora would believe it or go along!” he said, excitedly.

     “I am in! I love your idea! We would rename the signpost The Faerie Jelly Haunted Woods!” Cookie said, eager to help him. “Though that makes no sense for the land’s name! We need to think of something better for it!”

     The two pranksters spent the rest of the evening planning their April Fools joke together, laughing as they did. Twumbo sent a NeoMail to Queen Fyora telling her about the potential battle in Krawk Island and pretended it was from the Governor.

     “The next step is to convince the ghost Neopets to go to Faerieland – maybe they can help us with your trick with the jelly part?” Cookie suggested, which gave Twumbo the right idea.

     “You are a genius, Cookie! If we had the ghosts helping us – we could go ahead with our plans! Horary! I am so excited – how do we get them interested?” Twumbo asked, smiling as he and Cookie chatted away about their plans.

     “I wonder if Oira could help us with getting the ghosts to listen? He is usually good with the spooky side of things!” Cookie said, remembering that the Baby Kougra loved Ghost, Halloween, and Zombie Neopets.

     “I like that idea! But we need to figure out how to convince him to join us! If he would help, perhaps the Ghosts can get rewarded by having free jelly afterwards!” Twumbo said, as he imagined Oira, Cookie, himself and the Ghost Neopets spreading jelly all over Faerieland.

     “If there are Ghost Xweetoks – we could convince them by buying them a Neverending Jar of Jellybeans each! Us Xweetoks would do ANYTHING for Jellybeans!” Cookie suggested. He too loved the treat.

     “Now I feel like one! Hm, let us get our plans into action, Cookie! Right, we have about three days before April Fools – that is enough time to gather our plans together. Tomorrow, we need to find Oira and tell him about it then if he is happy to join in, we can go ahead and figure out how to get the others to join and how to keep Jhudora occupied in the meantime” Twumbo said, smiling as he wondered how to keep the Dark Faerie busy.

     “Why don’t we all take turns in doing her quests while most of us are working on transforming Faerieland?” Cookie suggested.

     “Jhudora is a wise Dark Faerie – she’d sense something is up” Twumbo said, frowning knowing that she would find out their plans either way.

     “Maybe with luck, Queen Fyora will manage to make Jhudora go to her!” Cookie said, sounding hopeful. The two Xweetoks continued talking about their plans until late, they then bid one another good night, and Cookie went to his room while Twumbo stayed in his, excited to get their plan into action.

     “I guess you can call it the Land Swap, hey, Mumbo? This is going to be so much fun!” Twumbo said to his Pirate Snowbunny and Skritch, before he, Mumbo and Wumbo went to their own beds.

     “The question is – what will make the Faerie’s return to Faerieland? What will their reactions be like?” Mumbo asked curiously.

     “I imagine they’d have a good sense of humour about it after realizing it was a joke!” Twumbo said smiling to Mumbo.

     “What if they make us clean up afterwards or worse – ban us from Faerieland?” Wumbo asked, sounding scared about it.

     “I doubt we would get banned from Faerieland for it. They would need to know who did it first if they wanted to make us clean up after” Twumbo assured Wumbo. After a while of talking, the three soon went to sleep, dreaming about their plans…

     In the dream:

     It was the day of the prank and the Faeries had returned from Krawk Island; they were walking in the entrance of Faerieland with the intention of each Faerie to return to their own place. Twumbo, Cookie and Oira were hiding up in the trees nearby, watching in delight. “That was a waste of time!” Jhudora commented, folding her arms in annoyance as she walked between to Queen Fyora and Illusen. Jhudora meant them going to Krawk Island only to find out it was fine.

     “I think it was a nice way to get out for a bit! Oh my, what happened?!” Illusen said, then gasped noticing that Faerieland was covered in Jelly.

     “My Healing Springs!” Marina said in concern. “My magic will not work with Jelly in them! Who did this?!” she asked.

     Queen Fyora looked worried. “Whoever did this, will be banned from Faerieland permanently!” she called out – hoping the Neopet or Neopets responsible is there and would own up to it…

     Before anything could happen - Twumbo fell out from the tree and crash-landed on the ground!


     That woke him up! Twumbo woke and found himself on the ground in his Neolodge room, much to his relief. “It was just a nightmare!” he whispered silently. “Though, it felt so real!” he added, in concern, worried that Queen Fyora would ban him for his joke – but he was determined to go ahead with it either way. He smiled then went back to sleep until at least 7amnst. When he woke up again, he went to have breakfast at the Neolodge Restaurant with Cookie, Mumbo and Wumbo, telling them about his weird dream. After breakfast, that morning, the two Xweetoks made their way to Oira’s Neolodge room hoping he would be there.

     Cookie noticed a sign on Oira’s door which made him think the Kougra was unavailable, however, on closer inspection, he and Twumbo read it.

     “AH! BEHIND YOU!!” Twumbo read aloud, relieved that it said that instead. Twumbo and Cookie looked behind them and nothing was there, laughing nervously, the Xweetoks knocked on the door. Oira was known to also be a prankster, he enjoyed tricking his friends when he had the opportunity.

     The door swung open and behind it was a smiling baby Kougra with his Meepit and a Breebly. “Hi guys, how are you both today? Cannot believe April Fools is days away!” Oira said excitedly.

     “Morning, Oira! We are both great thank you and yourself? That is what we came to talk to you about actually, we wanted to know if you could help us with an April Fool's joke!” Twumbo said.

     Oira let the Xweetoks in his Neolodge room as he listened to Twumbo. “What was the April Fools joke? I am listening!” he said, excited for the day.

     Cookie and Twumbo took turns telling Oira about their plans and how Oira could be a part of it.

     “That is a fantastic idea, guys! I wondered why there was a commotion going on in Faerieland! Heard whispers that something had the Faeries in panic. Count me in, I could round up the Ghosts in the Haunted Woods!” Oira said delighted to help.

     “Yay, that’s great news, Oira. Should we start the day before? Let us hope Faerieland is mostly empty – I really doubt Jhudora would leave or believe it, but the others might” Cookie said excitedly.

     “I think as soon as we can! I will go tonight and speak to the Ghost Neopets in the Haunted Woods, hopefully, they will join us!” Oira said excitedly. “If they are able to, we should start as soon as possible as it would take us a while to cover Faerieland in jelly!” he pointed out.

     The three friends started chatting away excitedly about the plans and how they should watch the Faeries reaction.

     “We should hide somewhere when they come!” Oira suggested, making Twumbo think about his dream, he chuckled as he did and told the others what he dreamed about.

     Soon night time came, and Oira bid Twumbo and Cookie good night. The Baby Kougra made his way to the Haunted Woods to find the Ghost Neopets he knew who would help. He found them near the Game Graveyard and after saying a quick hello, he told them about the April Fools joke.

     Most of the Ghosts, except for one agreed to help him. The one who disagreed was a Ghost Hissi who did not like the treat they were going to get. Oira thanked them and bid them good night, promising them he’d return to collect them on the day of the prank.

     The next morning while Oira, Cookie and Twumbo were having breakfast at the Neolodge Restaurant, they heard some Neopets walking past them talking.

     “Did you hear that Faerieland is empty?” Oira heard a Neopet say, turning around, he noticed it was a Usul and a Kacheek, he quickly returned to eating breakfast, hoping they would continue talking.

     “Yeah! My friend says she was going to the Healing Springs to help with her Neogitus and found that Marina, the Healing Springs Faerie was not there” Kacheek replied to the Usul. Oira turned around for a moment only to see an Usul and Kacheek talking about Faerieland.

     “Oh no! Did she end up getting the cure to Neogitus? That is weird, Marina would never leave the springs unless it was urgent! Something big must have happened!” the Usul asked in concern. “I’ve had it and it’s horrible!” she said, meaning she had Neogitus.

     “Yes, she managed to find a Medicinal Toothbrush! However, before she did, she and her friend who was with her noticed the entire of Faerieland was emptied. The Faeries were not in their usual spots, even Jhudora was missing!” the Kacheek said.

     Oira looked at Twumbo and Cookie in excitement. Their plan was working! The three Neopets quickly got up and left the Neolodge Restaurant to go on with their plan. Cookie and Twumbo grabbed all the jellies while Oira rushed to the Haunted Woods to fetch the Ghost Neopets, the three planned to meet up at Faerieland.

     They arrived in Faerieland late in the afternoon and sure enough, the Kacheek and Usul were telling the truth. The only item they could see was a few Dust Motes floating in the wind. Without a moment to lose, the Neopets and Ghost Neopets got stuck into their plan, covering Faerieland in jelly. It took the Neopets and Ghost Neopets until April Fool’s Day to cover Faerieland in jelly, and when they finished, Cookie went ahead and changed the name of the Faerieland Entrance sign. Which read “Haunted Jelly-land Woods!”

     “We’d better hide, I expect them to return any minute now!” Cookie said in concern.

     “Yeah, good idea!” Oira said, then went to hide behind the Wheel of Excitement, while Twumbo went to hide in the Poogle Racing, even the Poogles were not there! Cookie chose to hide in Illusen’s Glade while the Ghost Neopets split up and hid in other spots.

     It was not until about two in the afternoon when the Faeries returned, only to find Faerieland covered in jelly.

     “That was a waste of time!” Jhudora complained as the Faeries walked into Faerieland. She folded her arms in annoyance.

     “I would not say that, Jhudora! It was nice to know everyone on Krawk Island was okay in the end and did not really need assistance” Queen Fyora said.

     “Oh my! What happened?” Illusen said, being the first to notice that there was jelly everywhere.

     “But how did jelly come here? It is like Jelly World just randomly fell into Faerieland! But Jelly World does not exist, everyone knows that!” Queen Fyora said, surprised as she flew above the ground, not wanting to walk in the jelly. The other Faeries flew above the ground too..

     “I hope the Springs is okay!” Marina said, concerned about it. “Though, it’s not the only time it had been targeted by a prankster!” she said, remembering when Roxton A. Colchester III had done this. He, however, filled her Healing Springs with Chocolate Milk, which took her weeks to get it back to normal.

     “Today’s April Fools, right? Oh no!” Jhudora was concerned about Jhudora’s Bluff.

     “Whoever is behind it will have to clean it up!” Illusen firmly said, hoping that the Neopets behind the prank heard her. She too was worried about her Illusen's Glade. The Faeries split up and went to check what else had been turned into jelly. The Light Faerie, who ran the Wheel Of Excitement hoped it wasn’t targeted, and flew off there in a panic to check it out. Oira saw her coming and grinned.

     “APRIL FOOLS!” Oira yelled out the moment The Light Faerie arrived at the Wheel of Excitement, causing her to scream in fright. Not only because she did not expect to see him there, she also noticed her wheel was covered in jelly.

     “So, you were behind this?” The Light Faerie asked after recovering from her fright. Oira did not expect her to scream and was rather startled by it. He did not run though.

     “There are a few others too!” Oira admitted. “We wanted to do something different for April Fools!” he explained.

     Illusen went to her Illusen's Glade and found Cookie hiding in there. Illusen's Glade was also covered in jelly.

     “APRIL FOOLS!” Cookie yelled out excitedly.

     Unlike The Light Faerie, Illusen did not scream, instead, she frowned at Cookie. “Were you the one who turned Faerieland into jelly?” she asked.

     Cookie smiled and nodded, then told her all about it.

     Queen Fyora went to check on the Poogle Racing only to find Twumbo hiding there. Much to her surprise, Poogle Racing was covered in jelly too!

     “APRIL FOOLS!” Twumbo yelled out in delight to see Queen Fyora.

     “So, you were behind this trick, Twumbo! I should have known. You should know what your punishment will be for it!” Queen Fyora said calmly. The Light Faerie, Illusen and Queen Fyora made the three clean up the jelly in response of all their hard work.

     It was not long before the ghosts were discovered too – as Jhudora found them hiding in Jhudora's Bluff, she was annoyed with them turning it into jelly and had a good mind to turn the ghosts into jelly too. She instead made them clean up the mess.

     “Does that mean we won’t be banned from Faerieland?” Twumbo asked, as he started picking up some jelly off the ground.

     “When you have all this jelly removed, your punishment will be lifted. However, I am not sure what Marina will do with yours as the Healing Springs is not working properly due to the jelly as it only does half the job it is supposed to! It is not the first time it happened though – she had Chocolate Milk poured in hers once!” Queen Fyora explained.

     It took them a few extra days to clean Faerieland back to its normal state – and longer for the Healing Springs, however, when they did, the three friends were relieved, but ended up laughing with the Faeries afterwards who ended up seeing the funny side of things.

     “That was fun, even if we had to clean up! Though we should have gathered some Skeiths and Grarrls to help us! They would eat the jelly with no trouble!” Cookie said as the three returned to the Neolodge.

     “Did you eat the jelly?” Oira asked.

     “Of course! It tasted nice though I am bloated from it! What did you do with yours?” Cookie said smiling.

     “I donated it to the Money Tree” Oira said.

     “I ate mine too, was easier than throwing it out!” Twumbo said. “Also gave some to the Pound Pets!”

     The three Neopets talked for a bit then split up – they all went to their own Neolodge Rooms.

     Twumbo smiled as he climbed into bed that night, looking at Mumbo and Wumbo. “That was great fun! Sure, we had to clean up afterwards, but it was funny seeing their reactions!” he said smiling as he thought about the prank. “I would have loved to see the Healing Springs covered in Chocolate Milk! Wonder why Roxton decided to do that!” he said, as he imagined the Lutari pouring Chocolate Milk in the Healing Springs water.

     Twumbo bid Mumbo and Wumbo good night, as he watched his Petpet and Petpet climb into their own Petpet bed. The three then soon fell asleep, dreaming about the prank. It was not until the next morning, Twumbo realized the Faeries did not notice what was written on the sign, not to mention, he noticed that he didn't get to see the Fountain Faerie's reaction. He decided to leave that for another April's Fools day!

     The End.

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