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Proxi's Problems - Medusa Method

by meggyness

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The Prankster’s Tool Bag
"Has the latest April Fool’s Day shenanigan, pulled by the tricksters on The Neopets Team, inspired YOU to take up the art of pranking?"

by tylerhuyser


The King of Meridell - Special
"How did this happen sir..."

by sir_serene


Wheel of Monotony Shenanigans
"Nothing to see here folks, it's just another totally normal day..."

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The Unwelcome Fusion of Two Quaint Lands
"One morning, a family of Neopets woke up in their quaint Brightvale home to an unnerving surprise. Walda the Baby Kacheek had wolfed down chocolate ice cream for breakfast per the usual, and she was about to..."

by _brainchild_

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