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Dr. Sloth's Mandate: Relocation to Terror Mountain

"I, Dr. Sloth, ruler of the Virtupets Space Station and master of all things devious and diabolical, hereby decree the disbanding of my evil space station and the mandatory relocation of all inhabitants to Terror Mountain." Collab with cibola

by notooryous
Warning! Don't Visit the Snowager in Meri Acres Farm

"Day after day we trek out to Meri Acres Farm to brave the Snowager. Here we hope to find treasures only grabbed by the brave or an elusive avatar that ranks us among the best..." Collab with lorenzish and corryn10

by tamimarieb
Totally Real!: Guide to Neopi-UH?

"Heading down the Symol Hole, but it's your first visit, and you're looking to fill out that itinerary?"

by rawbeee
Land Swap Game

“They rolled a natural one.”

by parody_ham

You walk through Neopia Central when you come across a place that is very familiar, yet distinctive at the same time. Collab with _luaxinha_

by dinha_reeves
Unclassified Land Swap Survival Guide

"A strange phenomenon has come over all of Neopia! If you tried visiting one of Neopia’s many Lands you may have already encountered it..."

by pikachu315111
6 Jelly Flavours You Need to Try!

Have you ever heard of Jelly World? No? That makes sense, because why would you? Let us tell you about it!

by maddie_bangz
The Prankster’s Tool Bag

"Has the latest April Fool’s Day shenanigan, pulled by the tricksters on The Neopets Team, inspired YOU to take up the art of pranking?"

by tylerhuyser
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Dr. Sloth's Mandate: Relocation to Terror Mountain

Greetings, fellow villains and aspiring conquerors! I, Dr. Sloth, ruler of the Virtupets Space Station and master of all things devious and diabolical, hereby decree the disbanding of my evil space station and the mandatory relocation of all inhabitants to Terror Mountain. This decision has been made in the interest of spreading terror and chaos to new lands, specifically Terror Mountain as it has been deemed not terrorizing enough. This decision has (obviously) been made with meticulous planning and strategic foresight and I am very pleased to announce that while crafting this decree, I engaged in successful negotiations with none other than Taelia, the Snow Faerie of Terror Mountain. Her powers and influence in the icy realm are formidable, and her support was crucial in ensuring the success of this mandate. Through subtle manipulation and coercion, I persuaded Taelia to lend her approval to the relocation plan, promising her a position of power and authority in the new order of things. With her reluctant acceptance, the final details of the decree were solidified. Please read the following ten directives carefully, as they are pursuant to this mandate: 1. Modification of the Ice Caves: The Ice Caves shall be modified with advanced communication devices and surveillance equipment, transforming it into a strategic outpost for my ever-expanding empire, where information is power and control is absolute. This new outpost shall henceforth serve as the central command for myself and my most trusted Grundo minions, who will establish their residence and oversee the operations of this Terror Mountain Takeover.

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"...And within them icy caverns lies a terrible beast made entirely of ice. An ice worm twice as long as our largest air vessels, blasting ice shards at any fool who dares to enter..."

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PSA: Baby Pteris are not made of chocolate.

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