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Illusen Day: Telling History Through Food

It’s Illusen Day! Time to celebrate one of Neopia’s most loved Earth faeries: Illusen.

by remidica
Earthy Petpets This Month of Running!

Welcome! When the month of Running arrives each year, minds across Neopia turn to lush green meadows, four-leaf clovers, the colour green in general, beautiful rainbows, and the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

by _brainchild_
White-winged Wonder: Weewoo Migration (for Illusen)

Illusen Day beckons a host of Petpets from their wintering grounds to their summering grounds, each year without fail, in an annual tradition spanning hundreds, if not thousands, of years.

by parody_ham
Grab These Good Luck Charms Around Neopia

Sometimes we could use a good luck charm to help us navigate through the day.

by tamimarieb
Illusen’s Best and Worst Morsels

Good day Neopia! This is Charles the Chocolate Chia, Neopia’s top food critic here on the scene to give you quite the exclusive.

by spukl1
Steal Illusen's Look with These 10 Items!

Steal Illusen's Look: 10 items to get you looking whimsical!

Picture this: you’re walking through the forest, surrounded by tall trees and shimmering sunlight filtering through the leaves. Collab with gurase

by oi_tio_to_na_globo

What's your Secret Faerie Type?

In honour of Illusen Day, what better way is there to celebrate than to find out what type of Faerie you would be!

by magyk4
Illusen Day Matcha Cheesecake Brownies Recipe

Happy Illusen Day Neopian Times readers! Are you throwing an Illusen Day party? Why not make one of the many Illusen treats for yourself that your Neopets can eat all the time?

by sportyangel3338
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"Illusen's Treasures" by maddie_bangz
“Where is my Air Faerie Doll?” The cowering Neopian’s eyes widened at Illusen’s request. She could see them already mentally preparing for the number of Neopoints they would have to drop on her latest quest item. “Y-yes of course Illusen… I’ll be right back!” They scurried away, no doubt running straight to the Shop Wizard to see if the requested item would be within their budget. Illusen sighed. “You only have 13 minutes and 43 seconds left!” She called after the retreating figure. Her voice echoed throughout the trees of her peaceful glade, creating an eerie cacophony of sounds with her mocking tone. Illusen didn’t mean to be cranky to the Neopians trying to help her, but she just couldn’t help it. The disappointment of an empty-handed Neopian returning to her Glade was just all too familiar to her. She couldn’t stand the sight of it anymore. She impatiently paced back and forth in her glade, admiring the rich foliage surrounding her. The trees were bursting with vibrant greenery that soothed her to her very core. This Glade had become her new home when she found Faerieland to be too overwhelming for her to find comfort in. Not to mention, her worst enemy is constantly harassing her there…

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Seasons Change
Illusen was walking through the forests of Meridell taking it all in. The cold was becoming a distant memory as new vibrant colours peppered the dreary brown and grey. Collab with clorox

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The Spring Storm
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Proxi's Problems - Hiatus Homecoming
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Anyone can look fabulous on Illusen's Day!
At least that's what they say... who is they? I dunno.

by dehoot

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