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Illusen's Jiggybugs

"Did you guys do a quest for Illusen today?..."

by twinkle_jazz
Sutek Muffin

"I bet I'd loo9k good in a nostalgic style..."

by thegreenmooseofdoom
Royal Pain: Pick Your Own - Part 3

One's dung is another one's closet item. Collab with mistyqee

by winner19955
Purrposterous 1

Umbra Penn received a strange commission from Jhudora...

by sonderponder
Life Improvised : Full Moon Glow Part 3 - Epilogue

The diagnosis is bright.

by keng200
The Goth Usul’s Shoppe: Illusen

Series following the goth usul’s chaotic salesmanship

by the_anonymous_ninja
Illusen's Glade: Behind the Scenes

"It's just another busy day at Illusen's Glade..."

by pikcel
Illusen's Glade after the Faerie Festival

Team Illusen all the way! But might reconsider after quest 50...Collab with lyndsey4657

by aquaantoni
Every Year...

Can't you see that I have an infestation of Cheery Blossoms and petpets?!?

by logical_loophole
Proxi's Problems - Hiatus Homecoming

Ten years of nothing, and then THIS happens...

by meggyness
Burlap Mishap

"Wanna come?"

by speckthechihuahua
It's not a phase!

Definitely not a phase!

by rascle90
Hidden Items: Illusen Edition

Can you solve this puzzle? Collab with slashmastahz

by lunensis
Illusen's Mystery Scroll

Item awarded after completing level 38 of Illusen's Glade

by roxanna203
Something's Not Adding Up...

"I can't wait for quest..."Collab with i_lovee_icecream

by truebrony
An Illusen Day Conundrum (Puzzle)

Jhudora is having a rough time this Illusen Day... Collab with spitfyre_momma

by trilliem
The Floating Islanders - Uni's Clothing

Sorry, no plot info, this one was our fault.

by yankeesrule244444456
Space Faerie's generosity

Space faerie is quite generous but she doesn't still fully comprehend Neopia's gravity effects.

by nikkibunn
Wearing Green

Well, that's one way to do it...

by antonia22301
Anyone can look fabulous on Illusen's Day!

At least that's what they say... who is they? I dunno.

by dehoot
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Illusen Day: Telling History Through Food

It’s Illusen Day! Time to celebrate one of Neopia’s most loved Earth faeries: Illusen. She is more than just someone to visit in Meridell to give your Pets quests. She is a selfless kind-hearted soul that has helped Meridell during war, a respite for those in times of great despair, and offers Neopoints to those she finds randomly walking around! Oftentimes enough, we ourselves as well as our Neopets sometimes forget the lessons and stories of our most beloved figures of history. And to be fair, sometimes it’s not an easy feat to teach when more fun things are around like the Roo Island Merry Go Round, Tiki Tours or concerts at the Tyrannian Concert Hall. Though, it is sometimes easier to have conversations over food! Many families have passed down beloved stories over preparing, serving and enjoying foods with loved ones, so that’s where we are going to start today: helping you teach about Illusen with themed foods! Feel free to pick up these already prepared items at local Neopian food stores or ask around for recipes in any Neopia cookbook! 1. Iced Illusen Tea This refreshing drink is as cool as a forest breeze. The magical vines around the drink would be a perfect way to discuss how Earth faeries work their magic over the lands. 2. Illusen Negg A negg that is always fresh, regardless of how long you’ve had it! Perfect for buying and store if your Neopet doesn’t really seem interested in learning about Illusen Day today, or tomorrow. Maybe next year! It’ll still be fresh! 3. Illusen Smoothie Not everyone can sit down for a long meal, as we are often quite busy Neopians! So much to do and so much to see, this smoothie with Illusen vibes is perfect to snack on the go and have a...

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The Magic Tree
“HA! Now that is funny!” King Skarl erupted, holding onto his rounded green belly in a fit of laughter.

by rachu816


Another Faerie Festival
Illusen would admit she was a tad surprised when she saw the letter in her mailbox. Pressed in a clean black envelope and sealed with gaudy purple and green wax stamped into a Bartamus.

by starbiology


Illusen Day: Telling History Through Food
It’s Illusen Day! Time to celebrate one of Neopia’s most loved Earth faeries: Illusen.

by remidica


What's your Secret Faerie Type?
In honour of Illusen Day, what better way is there to celebrate than to find out what type of Faerie you would be!

by magyk4


Taming the Beast
"We sat in an awkward silence for a moment, until Leah continued..."

by sir_serene


The Timeless Tale
"Somewhere in the woods surrounding Altador, Y11..."

by chlo26

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