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Steal Illusen's Look with These 10 Items!

by oi_tio_to_na_globo


Steal Illusen's Look: 10 items to get you looking whimsical!

     Picture this: you’re walking through the forest, surrounded by tall trees and shimmering sunlight filtering through the leaves. Suddenly, you catch a glimpse of something ethereal flying among the branches. That’s right, it’s Illusen!

     As one of the most revered and beloved faeries in the realm of Neopia, Illusen's aesthetic intertwines the essence of natural beauty with ethereal grace. Her looks are iconic and embody genuine faerie magic. Earthy tones, verdant hues, and a touch of otherworldly shimmer are characteristics of her appearance. From her flowing emerald hair to the intricate details of her attire, each aspect of her appearance exudes charm that captivates everyone who looks at her.

     Have YOU ever wanted to look like her? Today we bring you ten items that will allow you to exude Illusen's charm.

          Illusen Blue Waterproof Mascara

     In need of a makeup item that will not disappoint you while you are fighting Werelupes, protecting the realm of faeries, or simply grocery shopping? Illusen Blue Waterproof Mascara is a magical makeup essential that combines the enchanting hues of Illusen with the practicality of a high-quality cosmetic product. This mascara not only provides long-lasting, waterproof wear but also adds a touch of whimsy to any makeup look. It is a must have for all types of situations.

          Illusen Faerie Shimmer

     This shimmering powder, infused with the mystical energy of the faerie realm, will give your skin a luminous glow, reminiscent of sunlight dancing through the green trees in Illusen's Glade. It's indicated for all types of skin, fur, scale and fins, and this product is made of 100% natural, mystical ingredients picked by the most sharp-eyed faeries in all Faerieland. The shimmer will bring out all of your best features, allowing you to be the shiniest being under the beautiful Meridell sun.

     Illusen Dress

     Illusen’s Dress is, without a doubt, one of the most iconic pieces of clothing in all of Neopia. Nothing is known about its maker - was it Illusen herself, or perhaps someone in Faerieland? No matter, it was possible to replicate it in this beautiful piece that will make you stand out in any situation. Its carefully placed beads shine under the daylight, and combined with Illusen Faerie Shimmer, you will be looking as ethereal as you could be.

     Illusen Day Elixir

     Not only for looks is Illusen known throughout the lands of Neopia, but also for her intellect. She is not just a pretty face! With the limited Illusen Day Elixir you will be able to know exactly when your plants need to be watered, at what time of the day seasons will change, and feel the presence of Balthazarr if he is around. Your friends will consider you for your wise advice and you will win any argument – no one will mess with you because you will have the power of Fyora and nature on your side!

     Illusen Particles

     Nothing makes you look whimsical like particles floating around you! The magic that moves the leaves around you is said to be extracted from deep within Illusen’s realm, so not only will it look good on you, but you will also carry around a magical item to showcase your friends. Don’t worry about it looking awfully similar to Jhudora’s ones: these carry the brown and green colours characteristic to our beloved Earthly faerie!

          Illusen Strawberry Perfume

     You’ve got the look, but what about the scent? This perfume captures Illusen’s natural essence perfectly, with just the right balance of fruity and earthy notes. It’s perfectly subtle and not too overpowering. You will turn heads everywhere you go!

     Illusen Wig

     What is it that makes Illusen’s hair so flowy? Is it the morning dew that sits on her hair as she peacefully sleeps up in the trees? Perhaps some sort of faerie magic, that provides her with good hair health? No matter, with this Illusen Wig you will sport nearly identical locks, and those streaks will make everyone green with envy. All of that, and you won’t have to worry about periodic trims to your ends.

     Illusen Wings

     One of the most envied abilities of all faeries across Neopia is their ability to fly. Meridell residents are lucky enough to see Illusen going for her afternoon flies quite often, and with a pair of Illusen Wings you will be able to join her – or fool someone elsewhere making them think you are her! They are durable despite their leaf appearance, but be careful: do not attempt to fly during extreme weather conditions!

     Illusens Collectors Contacts

     If you’re ever lucky enough to meet Illusen, one of the first things you may notice are her stunning, green eyes. Now you can have the same, captivating look with these contacts. Like lush, flowing meadows of green grass on a breezy day, you’ll surely mesmerize everyone you meet!

     Illusens Blade

     Many Neopians enjoy doing quests for Illusen in hopes of earning her most coveted prize, Illusens Staff, but it doesn’t come cheap! While you’re in the midst of spending your hard-earned millions of neopoints picking up whatever it is Illusen asks of you, you’ll receive the alluring Illusens Blade as a reward along the way. While it may not pack as powerful of a punch as the Staff, it has a timeless look as a strong sword, with leaf details at the crossguard as Illusen’s signature touch. And this list is all about getting the look, right?

     The very nature Illusen cultivates is what fuels her beauty. To look like her is to love, cherish and embrace the shape of flower petals, the smell of the rain and the dance of the rays of sunshine through the tree leaves!

     There you have it - from wearables, to perfume and elixirs, to weapons, here are ten ways you can channel Illusen’s look, wit, and charm this Illusen Day. You’ll be sure to wow all your friends, and maybe even Jhudora herself will reluctantly admit she is impressed. But don’t expect many words from her.

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