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Illusen Day: Telling History Through Food

by remidica


It’s Illusen Day! Time to celebrate one of Neopia’s most loved Earth faeries: Illusen. She is more than just someone to visit in Meridell to give your Pets quests. She is a selfless kind-hearted soul that has helped Meridell during war, a respite for those in times of great despair, and offers Neopoints to those she finds randomly walking around!

     Oftentimes enough, we ourselves as well as our Neopets sometimes forget the lessons and stories of our most beloved figures of history. And to be fair, sometimes it’s not an easy feat to teach when more fun things are around like the Roo Island Merry Go Round, Tiki Tours or concerts at the Tyrannian Concert Hall. Though, it is sometimes easier to have conversations over food!

     Many families have passed down beloved stories over preparing, serving and enjoying foods with loved ones, so that’s where we are going to start today: helping you teach about Illusen with themed foods! Feel free to pick up these already prepared items at local Neopian food stores or ask around for recipes in any Neopia cookbook!

     1. Iced Illusen Tea

     This refreshing drink is as cool as a forest breeze. The magical vines around the drink would be a perfect way to discuss how Earth faeries work their magic over the lands.

          2. Illusen Negg

     A negg that is always fresh, regardless of how long you’ve had it! Perfect for buying and store if your Neopet doesn’t really seem interested in learning about Illusen Day today, or tomorrow. Maybe next year! It’ll still be fresh!

          3. Illusen Smoothie

     Not everyone can sit down for a long meal, as we are often quite busy Neopians! So much to do and so much to see, this smoothie with Illusen vibes is perfect to snack on the go and have a quick conversation about Illusen on your trips to and fro!

          4. Illusen Waffle

     A large leaf shaped waffle brown and green waffle covered in a rare dark syrup is a perfect way to surprise your Neopets over breakfast and announce that it’s Illusen Day! What a great way to get them excited to begin!

          5. Illusens Family Recipe Cake

     If you can actually get a hold of the recipe for this beautiful cream colored cake decorated with delicate nature-themed items, your Pets might just pay attention to you when you speak about Illusen. A rare cake is like a good hearted Neopian. Very rare.

          6. Chocolate Mint Swirl Illusen Cake

     A green and brown swirled chocolate and mint cake that perfectly suits and represents Illusen’s Glade! If you hold it up to the light just right, sometimes you can see little green sparkles.

     7. Illusen Acorn

     Don’t worry, this acorn is perfectly ok to eat! You might have to explain to your Neopet that these are also “eaten” by the ground and can grow into beautiful trees… but not in their tummies.

          8. Illusen Biscotti

     These beautifully toasted bread with herbs and spices baked right in is perfect to mention how the Earth faeries and Illusen work the lands in harmony with other faeries or talk about Illusen’s Glade and it’s natural serenity.

          9. Illusen Crepe

     This classic crepe dish with an interesting topping of its tangy leaf paste is a great way to introduce Earth faerie food and culture! You could experiment with different kinds of leaf pastes scattered throughout Illusen’s Glade, Meridelle or Faerieland!

          10. Illusen Day Burger

     This deliciously Kau approved veggie burger is grilled to perfection and topped with choice natural ingredients and placed perfectly on an Illusen-themed brown and green bun. This dish is perfect to explain how Illusen is a kind Neopian and thinks of others!

          11. Illusen Day Hot Dog

     Another Neopet approved, one hundred percent vegetarian hot dog-themed for Illusen Day! Yet another perfect way to explain different cultures and how important they are!

          12. Illusen Day Jelly

     Have your Neopet look closely at this chocolate and mint swirled jelly cake in honor of Illusen: you can see through it! Isn’t that neat! Maybe being different is a good thing!

          13. Illusen Day Pizza

     Who doesn’t love pizza? This Illusen-themed pizza is one hundred percent healthy vegetarian pizza is a nice way to reach those Neopians about Illusen who might be picky with food or don't have a sweet tooth.

     14. Illusen Day Sandwich

     Baked to perfection, brown and green swirled bread containing natural healthy ingredients to fill up any Neopet’s hungry tummy is a great way to keep them sitting down longer to talk about Illusen!

          15. Illusen Ice Cream

     Your Neopet might be a bit standoffish once they learn this delicately perfected whipped ice cream is acorn flavored, but it’s a great way to understand anyone that might not be willing to listen!

          16. Illusen Leaf Burrito

     Baked beans wrapped in a perfectly crisp fresh leaf might not be the best dish to eat unless you are at a table… but would be a great way to explain the all natural ways of Earth faeries and Illusen… and that all body functions are normal too.

          17. Illusen Slushie

     Is your Neopet a little tired of just drinking water? We all understand that and sometimes need a special treat. Why not treat them to this healthy slushie made of all natural ingredients inspired by Illusen herself?

          18. Illusen Tea

     A delicately brewed tea that fills your nostrils with the smell of the forest is a perfect after meal drink to hear if your Neopets have any questions about Illusen or to ask them what they learned over the course of the day!

          19. Illusens Cream Cookie

     Your Neopet can enjoy these fluffy cream cookies (that are also rumored to be Illusen’s favorite snacks, too) paired with Illusen tea! A great way to finish off the day… though those with Quiggles might want to substitute these with another snack or you’ll end up running them to the pharmacy after!

          20. Illusen Classic Combo

     This classic sandwich is the iconically a great choice to discuss how Illusen’s magic works together in harmony with nature and the people of Neopia!

          21. Illusen Day Doughnut

     A perfect circular gooseberry and chocolate doughnut is perfect to discuss the natural cycles that Earth faeries like Illusen play in the world!

          22. Illusen Day Drink

     Refreshing as it is detailed, this drink that holds clean crisp water from the rushing water springs around Meridell is a perfect way to remind your Neopets of today since they can keep the cup and reuse it after they are done!

          23. Illusen Day Matcha Cheesecake Brownies

     A delicately scrumptious dish of matcha cheesecake brownies that would be perfect to introduce Illusen to your Neopet if they don’t already know or remind them of Illusen Day!

          24. Illusen Mints

     These rather small delicious mints were grown by Illusen herself. This would be a great topical point to explain who she is and other ways your Neopet can come to appreciate her!

          25. Illusen Day Cake

     This inspiringly tall brown chocolate cake wrapped in green fondue spired by Illusen’s iconic clothing could be a great way to discuss how you can overcome any obstacle if you put your mind to it, just like Illusen did! (I mean, how hard is it to bake a cake THAT tall?)

     26. Illusen Day Cupcake

     A very detailed nature-themed chocolate and mint flavored cupcake could inspire you to talk about Illusen’s small acts of kindness and how they can be just as impactful as big ones!


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