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Short Stories

A Trip to the Marketplace

"Are you sure about this," Eva asked as the pair of Ixi's make their way down the cobblestoned path. "It's really not that bad, you know," she adds, though even with mittens on, she's nearly scratched off a patch of fur.

by midnightswish
The Spring Storm

It was spring in Terror Mountain, but that did not mean no more snowfalls. In fact, some of the worst snow storms were known to hit the peaks in the early spring.

by greencheese79
Seasons Change

Illusen was walking through the forests of Meridell taking it all in. The cold was becoming a distant memory as new vibrant colours peppered the dreary brown and grey. Collab with clorox

by surging
Managing a Move to Meridell

The cool breeze stirred her auburn hair, as she gazed out across the expanse of fields and forest before her. Illusen was waiting.

by dennykins
Illusen's Treasures

“Where is my Air Faerie Doll?”

The cowering Neopian’s eyes widened at Illusen’s request.

by maddie_bangz

Forgotten and Remembered

Illyana sat on the forest floor, running her fingers through the cool earth. It was not quite winter anymore, yet it was not quite spring yet either.

by tatyanne
The Magic Tree

“HA! Now that is funny!” King Skarl erupted, holding onto his rounded green belly in a fit of laughter.

by rachu816
Another Faerie Festival

Illusen would admit she was a tad surprised when she saw the letter in her mailbox. Pressed in a clean black envelope and sealed with gaudy purple and green wax stamped into a Bartamus.

by starbiology
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What's your Secret Faerie Type?

Are you more of an Illusen or a Jhudora? In honour of Illusen Day, what better way is there to celebrate than to find out what type of Faerie you would be! Did you know that Faeries of the same type usually share similar personality traits? It's not an exact science but if you find a Neopian with the same type as you, then you might be shocked at how much you both have in common! So buckle up, grab a pencil, get ready to answer a few quick questions and all will soon be revealed. Make sure to keep track of your answers until the very end, where you will find out once and for all what type of Faerie you would become if you magically grew a pair of Faerie wings in the middle of night as you were sleeping. This quiz has been verified by the Faerieland Council as being accurate 99.7% of the time in determining Faerie types. Results may vary. 1. The weekend has arrived and you have the time to do whatever you want. What does your ideal Sunday consist of? A) I set my alarm to wake up early and watch the sunrise, before spending a day in the sun. B) There is nothing better than going for a walk in nature with my Neopets! C) I'll be plotting my revenge against all those who have wronged me during the week... D) It's time to grab a towel and some flip flops for a much needed trip to the beach/spa. E) You will find me cosily wrapped up in a blanket sitting by the fireplace reading a book. F) Singing, painting, drawing, or anything crafty. I finally have the time to be creative! G) I'll just see where the day takes me. I don't have a plan set in stone as it changes each week. 2. You head into the Neopian Central Travel Agency to book a once in a lifetime holiday. Where are you heading to?

Other Stories


What's your Secret Faerie Type?
In honour of Illusen Day, what better way is there to celebrate than to find out what type of Faerie you would be!

by magyk4


Illusen Day: Telling History Through Food
It’s Illusen Day! Time to celebrate one of Neopia’s most loved Earth faeries: Illusen.

by remidica


The Timeless Tale
"Somewhere in the woods surrounding Altador, Y11..."

by chlo26


Salem of the Sway
"Once morning arrived, the journey began. We made sure to pack all of the essentials that we felt we would, as well as dress with full coverage to protect us from Moltara’s heat..."

by skittleskit09


Proxi's Problems - Hiatus Homecoming
Ten years of nothing, and then THIS happens...

by meggyness


Burlap Mishap
"Wanna come?"

by speckthechihuahua

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