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Continued Series

Nuria and the Sands of Time

"A thick wall of grey clouds was smeared across the sky and the temperature had dropped ever so slightly. The wind had..."

by neoghia
A Hero's Journey: Squire

"Lotham peered at his son from across the large mahogany desk, frowning sternly with a sheaf of papers in his hands. A golden monocle was over his right eye..."

by precious_katuch14
Salem of the Sway

"Once morning arrived, the journey began. We made sure to pack all of the essentials that we felt we would, as well as dress with full coverage to protect us from Moltara’s heat..."

by skittleskit09
Taming the Beast

"We sat in an awkward silence for a moment, until Leah continued..."

by sir_serene
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"Forgotten and Remembered" by tatyanne
Illyana sat on the forest floor, running her fingers through the cool earth. It was not quite winter anymore, yet it was not quite spring yet either. It was an overcast day, and a chilly breeze swept through the forest ever so often. Normally Illyana would feel the cold, but today she did not care. It was Illusen Day. It was also Illyana’s birthday. The problem with being born on such a celebrated day, was that none of the celebrations ever were for her. Illyana sighed in frustration as she cupped the earth, forming a mound. She could let a pretty flower grow here, but the young Earth faerie could not muster the will. She left the mound bare. Illyana rose, flattening the mound decidedly with her right foot. Earth faeries were creatures of creation, but Illyana’s little act of destruction filled her with defiant energy. It was not just that her birthday fell on Illusen Day that irked Illyana. Never mind that all the presents that she ever received were Illusen-themed, or that her name had been inspired by Illusen. Most people didn’t even remember her name anyway. To most people, Illyana was the shy little sister of the rather popular, outgoing and extroverted Seiona, and was...

Other Stories


Seasons Change
Illusen was walking through the forests of Meridell taking it all in. The cold was becoming a distant memory as new vibrant colours peppered the dreary brown and grey. Collab with clorox

by surging


Forgotten and Remembered
Illyana sat on the forest floor, running her fingers through the cool earth. It was not quite winter anymore, yet it was not quite spring yet either.

by tatyanne


Illusen’s Best and Worst Morsels
Good day Neopia! This is Charles the Chocolate Chia, Neopia’s top food critic here on the scene to give you quite the exclusive.

by spukl1


What's your Secret Faerie Type?
In honour of Illusen Day, what better way is there to celebrate than to find out what type of Faerie you would be!

by magyk4


Illusen's Mystery Scroll
Item awarded after completing level 38 of Illusen's Glade

by roxanna203


Illusen's Glade: Behind the Scenes
"It's just another busy day at Illusen's Glade..."

by pikcel

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