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What's your Secret Faerie Type?

by magyk4


Are you more of an Illusen or a Jhudora?

     In honour of Illusen Day, what better way is there to celebrate than to find out what type of Faerie you would be! Did you know that Faeries of the same type usually share similar personality traits? It's not an exact science but if you find a Neopian with the same type as you, then you might be shocked at how much you both have in common!

     So buckle up, grab a pencil, get ready to answer a few quick questions and all will soon be revealed. Make sure to keep track of your answers until the very end, where you will find out once and for all what type of Faerie you would become if you magically grew a pair of Faerie wings in the middle of night as you were sleeping.

     This quiz has been verified by the Faerieland Council as being accurate 99.7% of the time in determining Faerie types. Results may vary.

     1. The weekend has arrived and you have the time to do whatever you want. What does your ideal Sunday consist of?

     A) I set my alarm to wake up early and watch the sunrise, before spending a day in the sun.

     B) There is nothing better than going for a walk in nature with my Neopets!

     C) I'll be plotting my revenge against all those who have wronged me during the week...

     D) It's time to grab a towel and some flip flops for a much needed trip to the beach/spa.

     E) You will find me cosily wrapped up in a blanket sitting by the fireplace reading a book.

     F) Singing, painting, drawing, or anything crafty. I finally have the time to be creative!

     G) I'll just see where the day takes me. I don't have a plan set in stone as it changes each week.

     2. You head into the Neopian Central Travel Agency to book a once in a lifetime holiday. Where are you heading to?

     A) I've always dreamed of seeing the stained glass windows over in Brightvale or perhaps somewhere bright and happy with a rich history, like Mystery Island or even Altador!

     B) I don't need to travel far. Just book me to the nearest expanse of greenery, whether that be in Meridell, or just over those hills in a cabin in Neopia Central.

     C) Somewhere dark or spooky. Haunted Woods, Virtupets Space Station, Krueldor. I don't really care...

     D) Time to soak in the sun! Anywhere that I can go for a dip would be perfection! Maybe Kiko Lake or Krawk Island? How could I forget about Maraqua, choices choices..

     E) Somewhere hot and sunny. Either the Lost Desert, Moltara or maybe even Tyrannia. I'll have to check the forecast for which has the best weather.

     F) I want to feel the wind beneath my wings. I'll be travelling up a summit either in Shenkuu or Terror Mountain for the breathtaking views.

     G) Time to throw a dart at the map. Whether I end up at Lutari island, Roo Island or even in Faerieland, I can have a good time wherever I end up. So lets make it an adventure!

     3. What is your favourite colour?

     A) Something light like a bright sunny yellow or a soft orange that you'd find in a crackling fire.

     B) I love cool earthy tones, so anything green or brown for me.

     C) Whatever matches the void within. Black? Dark Grey? How many more of these silly questions are there again?

     D) Definitely blue or purple. The colours of the sky, water, and royalty!

     E) Either a vivid cherry red or dazzling hot pink!

     F) Something calming, perhaps a relaxing white or light grey.

     G) I can't pick just one, there are so many great colours!

     4. How would the people who know you best describe you?

     A) As a happy and fun person, always trying to spread positivity and joy!

     B) Probably as someone who is serene or grounded. I always take a breath whenever things get too stressful to keep myself calm.

     C) As an enigma, obviously. I guess some would claim I'm brooding or whatever..

     D) Always caring about others around me before myself.

     E) The life of the party! The party don't start til I walk in!

     F) Perhaps soft spoken and easy going? I like to go with the flow.

     G) A chameleon. Always changing and evolving.

     5. Illusen herself approaches you randomly and gives you 10,000 Neopoints! What are you spending your new found wealth on?

     A) Skincare is important, so I will be buying Illusens Sunscreen to protect me when I sit in the sun!

     B) I don't really need the Neopoints at the moment as I'm happy with what I have, so I'll put it in The National Neopian Bank for a rainy day.

     C) I'd give it back immediately. I don't need her charity!

     D) I'll donate half to the Money Tree to help those in need, and then spend the rest on gifts for all my friends.

     E) Shoes. Let's get some shoes. Gotta make sure I have something new to wear when I go out next!

     F) Some paint and craft supplies for my next work of art.

     G) Lottery tickets, so that I can turn that 10,000 into 100,000!

     6. What are your favourite species of Neopet?

     A) I would have say either Uni, Xweetok or Wocky, they are all so pretty and sweet.

     B) Can I say all? No? Okay I guess I'll go with Buzz, Ruki or Cybunny.

     C) What an inane question, of course it's Hissi/ Kougra/ Lupe.

     D) Jetsams and Flotsams! They always make a splash!

     E) Something fiery, so either Draik, Krawk, or Scorchio!

     F) Anything with wings! Eyrie, Korbat, Lenny, you name 'em!

     G) They might not be everyones cup of tea but ________ (Fill with any other Pet) are perfect to me.

     7. You walk into the Faerieland Bookshop to buy a new book to read in your spare time. Which title are you picking up?

     A) I would head straight over to grab a copy of 'Sunny Faerie Days'. What a gorgeous book cover.

     B) I'd have to go with 'Autumn in the Glade' because Autumn is the best time of the year after all.

     C) 'The Big Book of Karma' - Cause karma's a relaxing thought. Don't ya think?

     D) I'd pick 'Faerie Spelunking Tips' because I'm always searching for my next big adventure!

     E) I'm constantly on the lookout for new recipes, so I'd grab myself the cookbook: 'Cooking with Faerie Fire'.

     F) Nothing too serious.. Either 'The Art of Faerie Napkin Folding' or 'Breathe'. Something that I can read to relax.

     G) You'll catch me riffling through the books on magic. 'Magic Spells', 'The Big Book of Faerie Spells', 'The Strengths of Faerie Magic', whatever catches my eye.

     8. Who is your greatest hero?

     A) Queen Fyora is my idol. What an amazing role model!

     B) Someone who was on the ground fighting for those around them. Jeran.

     C) Jhudora. She's not afraid to be herself no matter what others may think of her.

     D) Neopia's greatest explorer: Jake. A true adventurer like myself!

     E) Any of the Defenders of Neopia, but if I have to choose just one then I'll go with Torchio!

     F) I'd say Psellia because she's heroic and also was one of the founders of Altador. Her life is such a rich tapestry of good deeds.

     G) I'm my own greatest hero because belief in oneself is more important than idolising others.

     9. You've just woken up and made your way to the kitchen. What are you having for breakfast?

     A) I'll be grabbing my overnight oats out of the fridge.

     B) A green smoothie and something nutrious like a bowl of fruit!

     C) People actually eat breakfast?

     D) Just like every morning, a delicious bowl of cereal and a slice of toast.

     E) I'll be making myself a tasty fry up where everything is nice and crispy!

     F) A stack of soft fluffy pancakes.

     G) I always like to change it up to keep it interesting. Maybe some waffles or avacado toast?

     10. What does your dream house look like?

     A) The exterior would be completely made of glass to let sunlight in from every angle!

     B) A quiant little cottage out in the forest so that I'm always surrounded by nature.

     C) A cave. Next!

     D) I'm not too bothered, as long as it has a large pool I'll be happy.

     E) One of those large medieval castles with an ornate fireplace in every room.

     F) An open plan house where the rooms just flow into each other.

     G) Somewhere filled with all the things I love, that I can call home.

      11. It's warm and sunny in Neopia as you head out to start a new day. Which daily task are you most excited to do?

     A) I love spinning the Fruit Machine! Maybe today I will win a new magical Paintbrush!

     B) I can't wait to see how big the marrow in Meridell is today, and to try Guess the Weight of the Marrow.

     C) One spin of the Wheel of Misfortune is enough for me.

     D) Time to head to the beach to see if I can find any Buried Treasure!

     E) I'm going to head straight to the Magma Pool to see if that pesky guard is asleep yet.

     F) I always head straight to the Wishing Well first to throw in my spare NPs and make a few wishes.

     G) There are so many that I can't wait to do, sometimes it feels like a blur doing all of my favourites.

     12. If you were a Faerie, what item would you send a bold adventurer on a quest to obtain for you?

     A) I'd send them out to grab me a collectable card of Flutter to add to my growing card collection.

     B) So that I'm always prepared, I'd ask for them to bring me a Magic Vial which I can keep on hand in case my Pet needs healing.

     C) Some Smug Bug Figures to put on my shelf would suffice.

     D) I'd send them over to the Magical Bookstore to grab me a copy of 'By the Seashore' to read later that day!

     E) Hmm.. Probably some Usul Flamenco Dancer Makeup to get ready for a fun night out.

     F) I would love for them to bring me a cute little bottle of Foaming Hand Soap to finish off my guest bathroom with the amenities it needs for any guest that visits me!

     G) It would depend on how I feel that day. Maybe a Large Ice Creamy Jelly Smoothie or a cute little Puppyblew that can play with my other Pets.

          I hope you've been keeping track of your answers, because now it's time to tally up your letters and get your results! Once you've determined which letter you answered with the most, scroll down to the corresponding section below to find out which Faerie type you resonate with best. If you have two answers which are tied for the most, then check both sections to see which one matches you the best. If you didn't pick any letter more than twice or have more than two letters tied for first place, then head straight to the last section.

          If you got mostly A's - Your Faerie type is Light! You are cheerful, joyful, and always full of energy. You always aim to try to make everyone around you feel as bright and happy as you feel inside. You also love to spend as much time as you can outside on sunny days, making the most of the light whenever it's around. You always try to focus on all the good in the world, as life is too short to be miserable. As a Light Faerie you would have the special ability of having visions and premonitions of the future any time you look through your collectable cards. Amazing! You love to have a good time, and depending on the day you can either be extremely organised or completely dysfunctional.

     If you got mostly B's - Your Faerie type is Earth! Just like Illusen, you are most at home in nature. You are kind and thoughtful and love to see things grow and blossom. You have an affinity for everything natural. You're not afraid of getting your hands dirty either from gardening, helping wildlife grow, or by foraging for delicious food in the great outdoors. Just like Light Faeries you love to spend your time outside, except instead of sunlight, you prefer to be surrounded by trees, plants, and fresh air. Some people may think you're a tad boring because you prefer the simpler things in life, but you don't care as you don't need to change who you are to impress others.

     If you got mostly C's - Your Faerie type is Dark! You're more of a Jhudora after all. You prefer the darkness of night and thrive in solitude. If someone has wronged you then you might play a trick on them to get even. Occasionally you might find yourself involved in some mischief and hijinks as you aren't afraid to sow the seeds of chaos and conflict. Dark Faeries can be good or evil, it's up to you which path you take. You put yourself first and don't have time for people who don't take you seriously. You can be guarded with your feelings to protect yourself from getting hurt, and even though you can be kind, people who don't know you might sometimes find you intimidating. Fools...

     If you got mostly D's - Your Faerie type is Water! You're most at home whenever you are near water, whether it be sailing around on a boat at a lake or relaxing on the beach by the sea. You will swim, splash, or just enjoy the ambience of any body of water you visit. You have a very calm and gentle personality and are also extremely selfless. You tend to put others first as you love to help and care for everyone around you. Water Faeries are also known for their intelligence, both logically and emotionally. If you're not helping others then you are probably off learning something new. You never take anything for granted and always remember to count your blessings. Even though you put others before yourself, you are not passive, and also love a good adventure. Some may even describe you as a thrill-seeker.

     If you got mostly E's - Your Faerie type is Fire! You are bold and outgoing, a real go-getter. You have a fiery personality and are usually the certain of attention in any room you walk in. You are happiest during the summer months when it's hot and sunny. You are a free spirit who loves to bring excitement to every aspect of their life. Just like Dark Faeries, you also love to play tricks and jokes on people, but they are all in good fun and jest as you don't want to upset anyone. You find joy in experimenting and being a trend setter to those around you and you always know the next big thing before anyone else does. Sometimes you can be too loud but that's because you're a passionate person. You can also be theatrical and over the top but your heart is always in the right place.

     If you got mostly F's -Your Faerie type is Air! You are easygoing and go with the flow of others, but you're not a pushover. You might not be bold but you still make a big impression to all those you meet. You prefer to glide through life, never taking things too seriously. You are drawn to creativity and innovation due to having a curious mind, new concepts and ideas are especially important to your growth. Watching the clouds slowly move through the sky, and making up pictures and stories for them is one of your favourite activities. You have a relaxed yet positive attitude to life, and will be the first one to let something go if it doesn't spark joy, as you don't believe in holding onto bad energy or grudges.

     If you got mostly G's - Your Faerie type is.. the thing you're most passionate about! You walk to the beat of your own drum and don't fit the mould. You join the likes of Faeries such as Taelia, Kari, Jhuidah, Aethia, and many others who have a very unique Faerie type suited to them specifically. Maybe you're a Snow Faerie, Soup Faerie, Shenkuu Faerie, or something completely different, only you will know the answer. You're not afraid to change things up but you always stay true to yourself and don't let others sway your decisions. You might find similarities to other Faerie types but you also think outside of the box and don't let society's rules dictate your path.

     If you got a mix of everything - Your Faerie type is inconclusive... Unfortunately your test results don't meet our minimum standards to assign you a Faerie type. You will have to head over to Faerieland and visit Queen Fyora for a more thorough evaluation. We apologise for the inconvenience.

          I hope you all got as much enjoyment from this quiz as I got from writing it! If anyone ever asks you what type of Faerie you would be, then you now have conclusive scientifically proven test results that you can point to.

     Thanks for reading my first entry, I look forward to submitting more in the future, and I hope you all have a great Illusen Day!

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