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How to Draw Faeries

There are many different faeries around Neopia, ranging from the six basic elemental faeries to the extra special unique faeries like Fyora and Taelia. Faeries are more complicated than Neopets or Petpets to draw, so you may find them harder to get right the first time. With a little practice, though, you will soon be drawing them with ease.

Click on the faerie you wish to draw.

An Earth Faerie

A Fire Faerie

An Air Faerie

A Dark Faerie

A Light Faerie

A Water Faerie

A Grey Faerie



The Negg Faerie


Queen Fyora


Soup Faerie

Battle Faerie


Space Faerie

Library Faerie

Tooth Faerie


The Darkest Faerie

Rainbow Fountain Faerie