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The Rainbow Fountain Faerie
This beautiful water faerie rewards those who fulfill her quests with coupons that allow them to bathe at the Rainbow Fountain. Doing this allows these lucky few to be painted a new colour... without even using a paint brush! You could use a paint brush of a different sort, though, to make a portrait of this kind and lovely faerie!

Click here for a printable version.

Start by making an oval for the Fountain Faerie's head.

Next, draw a curve along the left side of the oval to create the Faerie's cheek.

It's now time to begin drawing her body. Make two large ovals for her upper and lower body. Then, under the shape you created for her lower body, make two tiny ovals, which will help when you draw her tail.

Connect the Faerie's upper body to her head with a pair of short lines for her neck. Next, define the Faerie's body shape by connecting her upper and lower body. Finally, draw the Faerie's fishlike tail and erase your extra lines.