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The Tooth Faerie
Keeping teeth clean and healthy is her passion, and she's quite the expert. While most faeries would prefer to use a wand, she uses a toothbrush! If you lose a tooth, she'll be right there with a bag of shiny Neopoints. Learn how to draw this amazing faerie.

Click here for a printable version.

Begin by sketching three simple shapes, which will form the Tooth Faerie's head, body, and hips.

Next, further define the Tooth Faerie by adding shape to her face, along with lines for her waist and thighs. Don't forget to draw a pair of circles for her shoulders and a neck to connect the Tooth Faerie's head and torso.

Lightly draw in her hair as a solid mass, sketching in some wavy lines for texture. Be sure to add a small triangular shape for her pointy left ear (your right). Next, draw in a pair of ovals, which will later become her hands. Just beneath the circle you drew to form her hips, make a wavy line for the hemline of the Tooth Faerie's skirt. Also, sketch a pair of upside-down arches to form her chest. Now, examine the image carefully and erase any excess lines that you might have.

Draw the top of a ponytail behind the rest of her hair. Next, add the end of her ponytail, plus a bit of fringe that curls around the right side (your left) of her face. Lightly sketch in a guideline that suggests the direction in which her face is pointed, as well as a short line to mark the centre of her nose. Then, add a pair of lines to indicate her collarbone, along with a V-shape for the neck of her dress. Draw in a set of arms to connect the Tooth Faeries hands to her body, then finish this step by adding in the lines of her skirt.