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Your questions answered!

Read the answers to the most commonly asked Neopets questions this week in the Editorial section. Each week the most popular questions will be answered by one of the creators of Neopets, so keep checking back to stay updated.

Quote of the Week

"As spring slowly makes way in Neopia and the snow gives way to green grass, flowers start to poke their fresh buds out of the ground and the days get longer and filled with more sunlight with each coming day, another day to celebrate also arrives. It's the day dedicated to our most beloved Earth Faerie of Meridell - Illusen."

Illusen's Quest Trophy Guide

Illusen's Glade. Serene, peaceful and wonderfully green. Here is my guide to completing her quests and getting that adorable high score trophy, and maybe even an avatar! As you enter her glade, the kind Earth Faerie is ready to give you errands that will send you running around Neopia like a mad Drackonack... I mean, running to the shop wizard at full speed!

Ways to Celebrate Illusen Day!

It's Illusen Day, Huzzah! In the Lightwater Forest, near the Kingdom of Meridell, lives the Earth Faerie, Illusen. The kind-hearted Faerie lives in the forest, among nature that she draws her magic from. While we should celebrate Illusen and her kindness every day, here are a few ways to make Illusen Day extra special!

A Neopian World Tour of Green-Coloured Foods

Lerlifia: Welcome! I’m Lerlifia, and this is my sister, Lervilia. Both of us consider ourselves to be real foodies! ...No, you imbecile. Not because we’re both food-themed pets! A foodie is someone who loves trying almost any type of cuisine. (“Almost” being the key word. No dung slushies for us!) Anyway, in honour of the Illusen/Green-themed Neopian Times issue, Lervi and I will be doing a Neopian world tour of green-coloured foods. Without further ado...

Other Stories
"A Dinner at the Gelerthive Manor" by jirachi_iralicha_
The Gelerthive Manor, though located in the creepy, foggy, almost always rainy Neovia outskirts, was pleasant and calm, as the manor always was around this time. The young master, Ciel Gelerthive, the Earl that owned this mansion here, was still asleep in bed. The servants were strangely quiet (who knows what they are doing) and Sebastian was humming a soft, elegant song as he prepared breakfast for the little lord.

"Castle Planner's Journal: The Crypts" by ferretboy85
“Gaius!” A familiar voice called. Gaius knew all too well the shrill cry of the chamberlain, Lazlo. The chamberlain's shrill voice continued, “Gaius, I need you as soon as possible!” He said in a stern, yet singsongy voice from across the castle halls. Gaius’s large Bori ears could pick up the sounds easily from his desk in the study. “Coming, sir!” Gaius called out, trying to finish the latest line on his blueprints.

"Illusen and the Chocolatier" by precious_katuch14
Ambrosinno’s professors thought he would become a powerful sorcerer, or perhaps enter King Hagan’s inner circle as a decorated scholar, after graduating from Brightvale University with flying colors. They couldn’t be more wrong. Instead, the chocolate Gelert set up a shop called "The Chocolate Parade" in Brightvale. What set it apart from other candy stores was the fact that many of Ambrosinno’s treats weren’t just delicious or detailed; they could run, jump or dance.

Brightvale Fruits

This week's issue is brought to you by: Brightvale Fruits

"All our fruits are 100% home grown and you cannot find them anywhere else!"
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Illusen/March Themed Wordsearch!
We FIND Illusen to be one of the cleverest faeries in Neopia!

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The Scroll of Truth
Just because it is written, does not mean it is fact. collab with stefsea and myncithemonkey

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For Your Special Day...
What do you get a Faerie who has everything?

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Bo the Sandman
"So many were afraid of the woods, that few ventured out at night, which suited Bo just fine. He could visit all his favorite places without the crowds."

by rkbear


Illusen’s Day Special Crossword!
Another Illusen-themed crossword puzzle to keep the celebrations happening all weekend long! collab with gabi100pitty and aninha_morango

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