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Ways to Celebrate Illusen Day!

by midnightsmores


It's Illusen Day, Huzzah! In the Lightwater Forest, near the Kingdom of Meridell, lives the Earth Faerie, Illusen. The kind-hearted, Faerie lives in the forest, among nature that she draws her magic from. While we should celebrate Illusen and her kindness every day, here are a few ways to make Illusen Day extra special!

     Do A Quest For Illusen

     Illusen is known for the quests she offers for all Neopians to complete! While some are easier than others, the rewards she offers are grand! From Illusen's Cream Cookie to Leaf Tacos to even Illusen's Staff, her generosity to her successful questers is limitless! You can expect Illusen to ask for fairly easy to find items up at first. However, be prepared for the 33rd quest and up to start becoming a bit more difficult. She will ask for R99 items, which can be difficult to come by. But that's why she needs your help! As you get to the higher quest levels, you can expect to be asked for harder to find items but will be compensated graciously! Definitely make a point to stop by Illusen's Glade this Illusen Day and run a quick errand for her!

     Feast In Illusen's Honor

     In past Illusen Days, we've been graced with foods inspired by the Earth Faerie. A breakfast of Illusen Crepe and Illusen Biscotti is a great way to start celebrating Illusen Day! For lunch, a juicy Illusen Day Burger which is veggie just like the Earth Faerie, is an excellent option! Don't forget to grab an Illusen Smoothie to wash down your burger! Illusen Acorn or a little Illusen Day Pizza makes a great afternoon snack! And for dinner you can enjoy Illusen Chilled Summer Soup! My favourite part, however, is dessert! Illusen has a myriad of cakes, cupcakes, and cookies in her honour! Illusen's Family Recipe Cake and Illusen's Cream Cookie pair very nicely with some Illusen Tea to end the day! Spending all day eating goodies in the Earth Faerie's honour sounds like the best way to celebrate Illusen Day!

     Read to Your Pets About Illusen

     In addition to foods in Illusen's honour, there's a bunch of books written about her and even by her! Dive deep into the pages of Finding Illusen and create your own adventure for the kind Earth Faerie! Or flip through Jhudora and Illusen - The Untold Story and try to find out what really happened during the infamous falling out. Illusen's Novel will give you a gripping look into Illusen's life, or you can read her own words in Illusen's Diary! Whatever your favourite kind of book, there is something for everyone to read about our favourite Earth Faerie, Illusen!

     Dress Like Illusen

     As a fashion lover, my favourite way to celebrate Neopian holidays is to dress up! Illusen is a faerie with exceptional style! Show off how much you adore Illusen by rocking her earthy tones! Not only does Illusen allow Neopians to wear an imitation of her clothes in Illusen Dress, but there are also Illusen Gloves, and Illusen's Collectors Contacts to complete her look! Neopians even have access to Illusen's Laced Slippers so from head to toe, you can dress like Illusen! Better yet, Illusen doesn't stop at clothes with her generosity! She even gives Neopians some of the best accessories in all of Neopia! Illusen's Lucky Bracelet, Illusen's Hip Blade, and Illusen's Collectors Bow are a few of the accessories that can really complete your Illusen Day look! Not into earthy tones? No problem! Illusen even had the Illusen Umbrella Cut Dress made in the same style as her dress, but in cooler tones so all Neopians can be included! No matter your pet's paint or style, they can dress their best on Illusen Day!

     Do Your Makeup In Illusen's Likeness

     While you're dressing up to celebrate Illusen, there are a few more options to go the extra mile! Illusen Strawberry Perfume will leave you with a juicy strawberry scent to bask in throughout the day! And to top it off, pun intended, Illusen Wig will have you as stylish as Illusen herself!

      There are so many different eye shadow colours and other makeup products to complete your Illusen look! I would refer to the Illusen Beauty Bust to test out your look! You can use Earth Faerie Eye Shadow or even Fire Faerie Eye Shadow to add some flair! Finish off with a Green Lipstick and people may confuse you for the great Illusen herself!

     Play Music and Dance in the Glade

     Music is one of the best ways to celebrate! Dancing in the woods with Illusen Music Box in the background sounds like a great way to celebrate Illusen! If you are musically inclined, Illusen has many instruments for you to play on this joyous day! With Illusen Panpipe, Illusen's Drum, and Illusen's Ukulele, you can make wonderful music no matter what your musical speciality! If you're not as musically talented, Illusen has the Illusen Piano Music Box which plays a lovely tune for all to enjoy!

     Redecorate Your Neohome

     I can't think of a better way to celebrate Illusen Day than to completely decorate your entire house with Illusen items! From Illusen Posters hanging on all of the walls to Illusen Vine Rugs on every floor and Illusen Bean Bag for every guest, you can really throw a great Illusen party! Being an Earth Faerie, I think it would be a great opportunity to plant something in Illusen's honour! Consider an Illusen's Orb Plant or Illusen Spring Mushroom Plant outside of your Neohome to show the world your love for Illusen!

     Play with Illusen Toys

     Since Illusen is such a kind, generous faerie, she has graced all of Neopia with toys in her likeness! Honour Illusen by building with Illusen Building Blocks or spend the day tossing around an Illusen Bouncy Ball! Any toy inspired by Illusen, will be great fun for you and your Neopets! If you like playing with dolls, Handcrafted Illusen Plushie would be a great way to spend the day! Illusen brings happiness and joy to all, and playing with toys inspired by her would be a fantastic way to honour Illusen!

     Create an Illusen Gallery

     Sometimes life gets busy and we don't always have time to do our makeup or play with toys. If you feel a little hectic this Illusen Day, you can always build up a gallery with items inspired by her! In the previous sections, you can find tons of Illusen items to get you started on your new gallery! Some other ideas are to collect brown, tan, green, and red items! Or I'm sure Illusen would adore a gallery of plants in her honour! Since she is a vegetarian, I bet she would love a gallery showing off all the different plant-based foods across Neopia! No matter what type of items you like to collect, you can add an Illusen flair to your gallery!

     Ignore Jhudora

     If you can't find time for anything else to celebrate Illusen day, at least ignore Jhudora, the Dark Faerie. Illusen and Jhudora had an infamous fight, even though no one really knows what happened. Anyway, the best thing to do on Illusen day is to avoid her biggest foe, Jhudora, at all costs! Illusen is much nicer than Jhudora anyway.

     As you can see, there's a myriad of ways to celebrate the Earth Faerie, Illusen! Whatever you fancy doing around Neopia, there are plenty of ways to honour and tribute Illusen! Happy Illusen Day, Huzzah!


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