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Continued Series

The Swash-buckling Ballad of a Vandagyre

the penultimate chapter!

by flufflepuff
The Ninja and the Pirate King

the final chapter of this swashbuckling tale

by crazyboutcute
The Blooms of Shenkuu: Legacies

The finale chapter to this Shenkuu Story

by exanomaly
My Journey to Faerieland

The finale to this faerie feature!

by black_skull725
The Fate of Valeane

“Though if you would be so kind as to convene the whole council, I fear it is a matter that all of you will wish to be involved in. We believe the Darkest Faerie may be involved.”

by herdygerdy
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"A Dinner at the Gelerthive Manor" by jirachi_iralicha_
The Gelerthive Manor, though located in the creepy, foggy, almost always rainy Neovia outskirts, was pleasant and calm, as the manor always was around this time. The young master, Ciel Gelerthive, the Earl that owned this mansion here, was still asleep in bed. The servants were strangely quiet (who knows what they are doing) and Sebastian was humming a soft, elegant song as he prepared breakfast for the little lord.

Other Stories


Bo the Sandman
"So many were afraid of the woods, that few ventured out at night, which suited Bo just fine. He could visit all his favorite places without the crowds."

by rkbear


Get to know Illusen
This time, we would like to get to know the real Illusen. The face behind the quests. What does she do with her free time? Does she like soup? What happens with all the furniture she asks for her quests?

by maryannyks


Illusen's Quest Trophy Guide
"As you enter her glade, the kind Earth Faerie is ready to give you errands that will send you running around Neopia like a mad Drackonack..."

by hunni_bun_137


How to Brighten Your Illusen-esque Customs
"...In order to bring out Illusen's greens and browns, I needed to add just a touch of red and blue!"

by swordlilly


Puffo's Predicament - Part 3
Puffo meets some big fans!

by christie500018


Album of the Week: Fleetwood Lenny
We're back with another album recommendation, this week: Gossip by Fleetwood Lenny

by victoriathegr8one

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