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Puffo's Predicament - Part 3

Puffo meets some big fans!

by christie500018
I like Crosswords...

Book Faerie? Library Faerie? Punny Faerie? YOU decide!

by evelynlupin
A Day As A Restocker

The struggle every restocker knows...bait items.

by philipp999_2
Neordle 3

The next Neordle is here!

by darkroast
Dice-a-Roo is Rigged

I still don't have the avatar...

by frogbit
Maam & Mussshhhy

You look great.

by plutos
Illusen Day Crossword

It's not puzzling why Illusen is everyone's favourite! collab with theguy2020 preksolanx

by coconut_rat
Tasty Tropical Foods Word Search!

Take your brain on vacation to Mystery Island while searching for tasty, tropical foods!

by thebellmaker
Album of the Week: Fleetwood Lenny

We're back with another album recommendation, this week: Gossip by Fleetwood Lenny

by victoriathegr8one
For Your Special Day...

What do you get a Faerie who has everything?

by flusia
Illusen/March Themed Wordsearch!

We FIND Illusen to be one of the cleverest faeries in Neopia!

by zed16
The Scroll of Truth

Just because it is written, does not mean it is fact. collab with stefsea and myncithemonkey

by frankie8492
Illusen’s Day Special Crossword!

Another Illusen-themed crossword puzzle to keep the celebrations happening all weekend long! collab with gabi100pitty and aninha_morango

by dollsuki
Anagramas e seus segredos - Especial Illusen

¿Puedes resolver el rompecabezas? collab with dendeus_271 and gamador

by carolina_021
Quest Offer

Totally a fair trade... collab with Flaiyper

by black_kisa
End of the Rainbow

Somewhere over the rainbow...

by antonia22301
Pick your Own Peril

We can't all be so lucky...

by jaimeell
St. Patrick's Day Word Search

Try your luck at this green-themed word search!

by brookexashleyy
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"Illusen and the Chocolatier" by precious_katuch14
Ambrosinno’s professors thought he would become a powerful sorcerer, or perhaps enter King Hagan’s inner circle as a decorated scholar, after graduating from Brightvale University with flying colors. They couldn’t be more wrong. Instead, the chocolate Gelert set up a shop called "The Chocolate Parade" in Brightvale. What set it apart from other candy stores was the fact that many of Ambrosinno’s treats weren’t just delicious or detailed; they could run, jump or dance.

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What to Do if You Missed Jhudora Day
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