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What to Do if You Missed Jhudora Day

"...Here are a few simple steps you can take to possibly prevent horrible misfortune from falling upon you as consequence for your chronic forgetfulness."

by acwellen
A Neopian World Tour of Green-Coloured Foods

"...In honour of the Illusen/Green-themed Neopian Times issue, Lervi and I will be doing a Neopian world tour of green-coloured foods."

by _brainchild_
How to Brighten Your Illusen-esque Customs

"...In order to bring out Illusen's greens and browns, I needed to add just a touch of red and blue!"

by swordlilly
Illusen's Quest Trophy Guide

"As you enter her glade, the kind Earth Faerie is ready to give you errands that will send you running around Neopia like a mad Drackonack..."

by hunni_bun_137
10 Reasons to Recycle in Neopia

"Recycling that ole Fake Plastic Rod of Nova is a much better option than throwing it away to be forever in a landfill NOT magically zapping things, since it’s, well, fake."

by honorrolle
Growing Greener

"It's possible to make the change for a greener, more environmentally friendly yard, and the rewards for doing so are great for both wildlife as well as for your family and friends."

by parody_ham
Ways to Celebrate Illusen Day!

"While we should celebrate Illusen and her kindness every day, here are a few ways to make Illusen Day extra special!"

by midnightsmores
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"Castle Planner's Journal: The Crypts" by ferretboy85
“Gaius!” A familiar voice called. Gaius knew all too well the shrill cry of the chamberlain, Lazlo. The chamberlain's shrill voice continued, “Gaius, I need you as soon as possible!” He said in a stern, yet singsongy voice from across the castle halls. Gaius’s large Bori ears could pick up the sounds easily from his desk in the study. “Coming, sir!” Gaius called out, trying to finish the latest line on his blueprints.

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Illusen and the Chocolatier
"When he looked up to see who it was, he gasped, and so did the Scorchio..."

by precious_katuch14


Castle Planner's Journal: The Crypts
"Anyway, it's happened again. The gardeners are complaining that the flowerbeds are still flooding! The gardens won’t look pretty this summer without flowers!”

by ferretboy85


My Journey to Faerieland
The finale to this faerie feature!

by black_skull725


The Fate of Valeane
“Though if you would be so kind as to convene the whole council, I fear it is a matter that all of you will wish to be involved in. We believe the Darkest Faerie may be involved.”

by herdygerdy


Illusen/March Themed Wordsearch!
We FIND Illusen to be one of the cleverest faeries in Neopia!

by zed16


Album of the Week: Fleetwood Lenny
We're back with another album recommendation, this week: Gossip by Fleetwood Lenny

by victoriathegr8one

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