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Short Stories

Bo the Sandman

"So many were afraid of the woods, that few ventured out at night, which suited Bo just fine. He could visit all his favorite places without the crowds."

by rkbear
A Dinner at the Gelerthive Manor

"'What in- WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!' Sebastian went to speak, but knew the flamethrower was too loud, so he shouted over the noise of it."

by jirachi_iralicha_
Get to know Illusen

This time, we would like to get to know the real Illusen. The face behind the quests. What does she do with her free time? Does she like soup? What happens with all the furniture she asks for her quests?

by maryannyks
Castle Planner's Journal: The Crypts

"Anyway, it's happened again. The gardeners are complaining that the flowerbeds are still flooding! The gardens won’t look pretty this summer without flowers!”

by ferretboy85
Illusen and the Chocolatier

"When he looked up to see who it was, he gasped, and so did the Scorchio..."

by precious_katuch14
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"Castle Planner's Journal: The Crypts" by ferretboy85
“Gaius!” A familiar voice called. Gaius knew all too well the shrill cry of the chamberlain, Lazlo. The chamberlain's shrill voice continued, “Gaius, I need you as soon as possible!” He said in a stern, yet singsongy voice from across the castle halls. Gaius’s large Bori ears could pick up the sounds easily from his desk in the study. “Coming, sir!” Gaius called out, trying to finish the latest line on his blueprints.

Other Stories


How to Brighten Your Illusen-esque Customs
"...In order to bring out Illusen's greens and browns, I needed to add just a touch of red and blue!"

by swordlilly


Growing Greener
"It's possible to make the change for a greener, more environmentally friendly yard, and the rewards for doing so are great for both wildlife as well as for your family and friends."

by parody_ham


My Journey to Faerieland
The finale to this faerie feature!

by black_skull725


The Swash-buckling Ballad of a Vandagyre
the penultimate chapter!

by flufflepuff


Maam & Mussshhhy
You look great.

by plutos


Pick your Own Peril
We can't all be so lucky...

by jaimeell

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