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Get to know Illusen

by maryannyks


As spring slowly makes way in Neopia and the snow gives way to green grass, flowers start to poke their fresh buds out of the ground and the days get longer and filled with more sunlight with each coming day, another day to celebrate also arrives. It's the day dedicated to our most beloved Earth Faerie of Meridell - Illusen. She has many achievements in Neopia, her biggest achievement so far, is being in the Gallery of Heroes. But for us - common folk, she is mostly known through her elusive quests. She asks for items, more common at first but the rarity increases with each item she asks. You can ask her for a quest every 24 hours and if you happen to fail one, you have to start from the beginning again, losing all progress. But it's not her quests we are interested in this time. This time, we would like to get to know the real Illusen. The face behind the quests. What does she do with her free time? Does she like soup? What happens with all the furniture she asks for her quests? And to find answers to these questions, we ventured to Meridell to see if our most beloved Earth Faerie had some time to sit down with us and answer some of the questions and put our minds at rest.

     We see Illusen working in her garden as we near her glade, she notices us and waves at us. She looks very relaxed and friendly as she guides us inside and sits across from us.

     "I'm so glad you're here, I can't wait to see what kind of questions you have for me." She says and giggles. "It's been a while since anyone visited me with the purpose of just asking some questions, so I hope you'll excuse my excitement." She smiles and sips her Illusen Smoothie, waiting.

     "Well, first I wanted to thank you for finding the time for this interview. I also brought a gift to you, but I'll give it to you once we're finished if you're okay with that." I smile and continue, "So without further ado, the first question is: How do you spend your free time?"

     Illusen thinks for a second and replies: "Well, I usually just garden and tend the plants around here. I sometimes like to go for walks around Neopia, too. I bring Neopoints along and give them to random Neopians as a surprise. I love seeing their faces light up! Little happy deeds like that make my day. And usually I make their day, too! Hmm, what else? Oh! I also like seeing all the 'Illusen' themed items. Some people have very pretty galleries and I like to go admire their items on my free days. Also, the art gallery is very fun. Seeing all the amazing art Neopians can draw makes me happy."

     "I didn't know you liked galleries! Both art and item ones, how exciting! Well, onto the next question. How did your rivalry with Jhudora start?"

     "Oh, that old thing. Well, we used to be pretty close, actually. Almost like sisters but she did the thing. A thing so horrible that she would be banished from the realm of faeries if anyone would find out. And I couldn't stand for an act so evil. After that, we couldn't be friends anymore and I guess that's how our rivalry started."

     "But what did she do?" I ask, curious.

     "I can't say. I can't get her banished, now, can I? Then I would also be evil. And besides, I like our little rivalry. It's fun, I never know what to expect from her. This one year she had me captured and hidden away for Jhudora's Day. It was pretty fun, actually. And I got a full day's worth of rest! Of course, I got behind on my spells a little, because I couldn't give out quests all day, but still, it was fun."

     "Right, well onto the next question, then. How do you usually spend Illusen's Day?"

     "Well, I start my morning like any other. I take care of my garden, the plants around Meridell. See if anyone needs help, because I love helping! Then I give out quests, as usual, rewarding Neopians with an avatar if they complete my quest on my day. I always look forward to newly released 'Illusen' themed items, I never know what they come up with, so it's very exciting. And usually, in the evening, I like to decorate my glade with some string up lights to create a lovely atmosphere for a party. There's always a small party with 'Illusen' themed snacks and drinks. Some Neopians like to bring gifts, too. Lots of other faeries attend, including Fyora. Usually when Fyora arrives the real party starts. She has magic tricks, and her entrance is always very grand. Last year she arrived riding on purple clouds and made it rain confetti shaped as little Fyora’s as she entered. As for some other notable Neopians, King Skarl has also visited my little parties, occasionally. He isn't even that grumpy when he does, which is lovely."

     "That's awesome, I'll definitely stick around and wait for this party then! But for now, let’s continue with another question. What happens to all the quest items that Neopians bring you?"

     "That's a good question." Illusen smiles. "Well, to be honest, I donate most of it to Neopians in need, there are plenty of poor Neopians who can't afford a couch or a table for their NeoHome. There are quite a lot of Neopians who don't even have a NeoHome! So, I tend to send them some items they might need. With some other items that I don't need, I sell them and the Neopoints I make, I give away to random Neopians."

     She notices my surprise and asks: "What? Did you really think that I have a pile of Neopoints lying around?" She laughs and continues: "No, no. We faeries also need to make Neopoints just like every other Neopian. No one has Neopoints just lying about. Maybe Dr. Sloth does, but I wouldn't know. And as for some of the items I ask, I actually need them for my spells. When it comes to food items, well... Faeries also need to eat!"

     "I thought you could just conjure items with magic or something." I am surprised that faeries are not as magical as I mistakenly have thought.

     "Oh no, you see my garden outside? I do grow my own food and yes, I use some magic to speed things up a bit, but it's far from conjuring up food. Soup faerie makes really good soups on some days, you know."

     "Ah, well thank you for clearing up the confusion. I have just one more question for you, Illusen. When other Earth Faeries ask Neopians for items on their quests, can you tell me why they ask for 'Tears of the Water Faerie'?"

     "This is an easy one. You see, the Water Faerie's tears have healing abilities, but they also have abilities that are not as widely known around Neopia. They also heal plants! They make trees grow faster and make wilted flowers bloom again. So, the Earth Faeries are just filling their duty - healing the plants, trees and making flowers bloom. It's nothing personal against Water Faeries if that's what you thought."

     "Right. Well, this has been very educational. Thank you Illusen for finding the time in your busy schedule to answer our few questions."

     "You said something about a gift, earlier?" Illusen's eyes sparkle with curiosity.

     "Indeed! From me and the Neopian Times, we wanted to grant you this useful 25,000 NP voucher to Neopian Home Superstore! I hope you spend it wisely and this way, Neopians can take a break from carrying all those heavy couches and tables to you in 16 minutes."

     Illusen smiles as she takes the voucher. "Thank you! This does save me a lot of trouble."

     "Happy Illusen Day!" I wish her.

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