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How Well Do YOU Know Your Neopets BFF?

by surging


Happy birthday, Neopets! As Neopia enters another year we (Melanie aka surging and Alex aka clorox) will be celebrating our own milestone: 20 years of friendship. The best part of these two anniversaries is that we first met on Neopets! It is hard to believe we and the site have reached an age where these numbers seem so big. The three of us grew up together, and I am sure that is true for many Neopian Times readers.

     As many readers also know, a huge draw to Neopets is chatting on the Neoboards and making Neofriends. We are there for each other’s ups and downs, both on Neopia and on the faraway planet known as Earth. And I think most of us have that one special person. Our Neopets BFF, our NeoBestie, our virtual companion. We call them by many different names but one thing that is consistent is our love for each other and all things Neopets.

     To put our NeoBestieship to the test we came up with some questions to answer in private to see how well we REALLY know each other. If you want to test your own NeoBestieship we recommend taking the quiz for yourself!

     When and how did we meet?

     Alex: We met on neopets around 2004-2005 on the neoboards! We were both into avatars and signatures and posted regularly on the avatar chat. We had a large group of friends we’d converse with on those boards

     Melanie: 2004. I can’t remember if it was on the Avatar Chat Board or a guild we were in together, but we definitely chatted on both. Minus one point for me on that.

     What was your first account and when did you make it?

     Alex: My first true Neopets account was made in either 2000 or 2001. The name was bubbles with a very large string of numbers afterwards. It wasn’t an eloquent name! After that, I’m not sure what my other account was called, but I remember having my main account around 2004, which I met you on.

     Melanie: karatekat23 in 2000! Good old people Neo-memories of my grandmother faxing in the permission slip so I could chat on the Neoboards.

     What was my first account and when did I make it?

     Alex: The first account I remember you having was whoselinerocks and I think it was made in 2003? Maybe 2004? My memory, it fogs.

     Melanie: The first account I remember you having was kitahoshi. But I don’t know if that was your first. I know you joined when you were 11. *quick math* I think that was your first.

     What is your favorite Neopets species?

     Alex: Kau! I wasn’t always a Kau lover but since coming back to the game I’ve found such a deep love for them. I want every single one of them and I want to hug them all.

     Melanie: I think I am coming to terms with it being Grundo. I thought it may have been Kacheeks or Wockies, but I have 5 Grundos right now. I cannot deny my love for them any longer.

     What is my favourite Neopets species?

     Alex: I am pretty sure it’s Grundo! Another top guess would be Kacheek.

     Melanie: 100% the Kau. Like me with Grundos, you’re a bit of a collector.

     What is your favourite site event and why?

     Alex: I haven’t done too many, but The Altador Plot shook me to my core when it first came out. It was my favorite site event and I enjoyed all the puzzles associated with it. I remember when the plot was first released, we would scour the map on Altador to see if there were any new clickable places.

     Melanie: It may be cliche but the Altador Cup. I have been a loyal Tyrannian for so long and I even have a gallery dedicated to my team; the sense of community always makes me happy. I like the atmosphere on the boards, I like the game, I like the friendly competition between friends and strangers.

     What is my favourite site event and why?

     Alex: My guess would be Altador Cup! For as long as I can remember, you’ve always chosen Team Tyrannia and have been a big fan of collecting all things Tyrannian.

     Melanie: I honestly don’t know!!! I know you like opening the capsules when there are new ones in the NCMall but that isn’t exactly a site event. I would say maybe Grey Day? Which isn’t necessarily an event either but you have an obsession with grey painted Pets and if I recall you said you use that site theme. Maybe the Faerie Festival, because of all those quests to make your little worm nice and tough in the Battledome. That is an event!

     If you had to be painted any colour, what would it be and why?

     Alex: I’d love to be painted as a Relic. I just love how decorative the Pets look. The mix of natural stone and nature is something that brings me much joy.

     Melanie: I would be Wraith. I think it is such a cool and spooky vibe with really fun colours. The customisation possibilities are endless. I love to haunt and be haunted.

     If you got to paint me any colour, what would it be and why?

     Alex: I think I would choose either Magma or Wraith. Magma would be because of your red hair, but Wraith would be because it’s the closest we have to a void-type Pet.

     Melanie: I’d paint you Grey. You’d be miserable otherwise. Grey is your true form.

     Do you think we picked the same colours for ourselves/each other?

     Alex:That’s a hard one! I’d say there might be some discrepancies purely for the fact we are multidimensional and have known each other for so long and got to watch each other grow into who we are today.

     Melanie: I don’t think you would have gotten Wraith for me honestly. I’d say you may have done Halloween for me. I feel pretty confident in Grey for you, but I could also see you saying Ghost or Halloween as well for yourself.

     And a non-Neobestie question: what keeps you returning to Neopets?

     Alex: Number one reason is definitely nostalgia. Anytime I’ve ever returned in the past was just to take a look around, and see how things changed. This last time I came back, however, was due to you! I think at that point, I hadn’t touched Neopets in 4-5 years but your talking about it daily, got me curious again and being in a completely different place in my life, I felt comfortable diving a little bit more into the site, which brought me back to using it daily.

     Melanie: Friends! Events! Avatars! And tradition! I’ve been playing since I was 10, Neopets and Neopia have always been there for me and I will always be there for it.

     It is amazing that after so many years as Neopians and so many years knowing each other we can still find things we didn’t know about each other. We found this quiz to be a lot of fun and pretty nostalgic, and highly recommend everyone take this with their own NeoBestie.

     Happy birthday, Neopets! Thank you for our friendship. We will answer these questions again in another 20 years!

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