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New Series

A Light in White River

"'The wind was strong today.' Miranda Moore thought to herself as she alighted right off of Main Street. The White Pteri was used to the coastal winds that came off the sea and buffetted the coastal town of White River, Meridell..."

by hzoo_26
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"Peach Tree" by therock4678
The hot Mystery Island sun beat down on the students in the Training School's courtyard as they trudged on with their lessons. They had been divided into groups depending on their courses and skill level to keep their training equal. Ryshu kept a close eye on every student, carefully studying their every move as they went through the motions he had just taught them. One student that kept catching his attention was a Blue Uni in the 'Basic' Endurance class. Yoonie has always struggled with her classes. One would think that a Uni, a Neopet notorious for their boundless endurance, would excel in this course...but those people had not met Yoonie. She would tire quickly despite Ryshu's best efforts to teach her how to control her breathing and to not fumble over her own four hooves. Yoonie could practically feel Master Ryshu's gaze on her back as she floundered through her laps. The other students in her class had already finished their run and Yoonie's cheeks burned with shame. One of her fellow students is a Koi and even he managed to outrun her on land! Ryshu always reminded her that this course was not a race, but Yoonie could not help but feel like it was. Yoonie finished her final lap panting and her legs wobbling from exertion. Master Ryshu waited for her at the end. The other students...

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