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Most Fashionable Neopians: Haunted Woods Edition

As fall rolls through, Neopians flock to the Haunted Woods to celebrate.

by spukl1
Beginner Battledome Opponents to Earn Neopoints

You may have recently found yourself in possession of Illusen’s Staff after the blessings of the Faerie Festival Y25 and thought to yourself, ‘Hey, I should sell this’ – However I’m here to propose the utilisation of this weapon.

by desaday
Quizzical Questing: Your Guide to Daily Quests

Have you seen that shiny new interface at neopets.com/questlog? Here's your chance to shine!

by imixine
So You Made It Rich (What to Do With Neowealth)

Neopians far and wide have rejoiced this week with the introduction of the Quest Log!

by cellsdividing
Top 5 Baby Neopets for Beginners

So, you've finally saved up enough Neopoints for that ever-elusive Baby Paintbrush, or maybe you got a lucky visit from Jacko the Phantom Painter!

by bluewolfpaw
It's a Kad Feeding Frenzy

Hey all you cool Kougras and Kadoaties! In my journey through Neopia, I’ve figured out the tips and tricks that help an average player like myself achieve goals that I never thought possible before.

by abbigator8000
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"A Missing Piece" by 77thbigby
Skip awoke with a start. For a moment, he lay there, wondering what had woken him. Then he heard it: a hoarse cough. He rolled out of bed, casting his Doglefox, Wes a curious look. His Doglefox was just waking up himself and he looked fine. He rose to his feet and crossed the hall to his best friend’s room. He was about to knock when he heard the cough come again. He opened the door startled to see Russ still in bed. That never happened! Russ looked worse than Skip had ever seen. The Red Kyrii’s brown eyes were bright with fever, his normally well-groomed mane was a mess and his nose dripped. “Russ!” Skip exclaimed in alarm, hurrying to his best friend’s side. “You need to see a doctor!” “I’m fi-,” Russ began before coughing again. “You are not fine!” “I have to be fine. Its harvest time. I have to get to work,” Russ said, voice stuffy. “Not like this!” Skip argued. “The Bancrofts will have to manage without you. I’m calling the doctor.” The Burlap Ixi headed for the door but paused to look back. “Stay in bed!” “Skip, wait!” Russ called weakly but Skip was already headed for the phone. Skip was about to pick up the phone when he realized that he didn’t actually know the number to call the doctor. He walked back down the hall to Russ’ room, giving his best friend a sheepish look. Sick as he was, Russ’ eyes gleamed with humour.

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A Missing Piece
"Skip awoke with a start. For a moment, he lay there, wondering what had woken him. Then he heard it: a hoarse cough. He rolled out of bed, casting his Doglefox, Wes a curious look..."

by 77thbigby


Peach Tree
"The hot Mystery Island sun beat down on the students in the Training School's courtyard as they trudged on with their lessons. They had been divided into groups depending on their courses and skill level to keep their training equal..."

by therock4678


Knight & Squire: Unwilling
"The second hawker, a Yellow Lupe, stomped over to the first, a Red Shoyru, and punched him in the face. A crowd quickly gathered as nearby knights rushed in to break up the scuffle..."

by terpsichorean_writer


The Sleepers of Saint Garfir
"Hours dragged on. Beyond the grimy windows of the bus, the sky was awash in striking summer shades. Crimson and orange. Miphie tried as best she could to relax into the scratchy upholstery..."

by josephinefarine


Sure Cure
"Hold on....I think I have just the thing..."

by leighlizzzie


When your BFF is Maraquan...
It's tough to be a plushie!

by cyb34r

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