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Neopian Loser

A petpet a day keeps the doctor away.

by cellshaded
When your BFF is Maraquan...

It's tough to be a plushie!

by cyb34r
Prize Pool

The Faerie Festival has everyone talking about Illusens Staff and how Jhudora's wand is missing from the prize pool.

by _angel_852
You've Gouda Be Kidding Me

Trust me, he's heard them all before.

by quillweave
Literally Remastered

Laughing is prohibited.

by rainbowsstars
Stewing Sophie - Vol. 2

"Can you please pass me..." Collab with kiwigoddesskimmie

by trubiekatie
When you don't have wings

Life.. err the ground can be hard

by gerixd

Care to take a dip?

by katu_fushigi

"Can I borrow a chef's hat and apron..."

by ssjelitegirl
Spooky Paint

May not be as spooky as you think.

by muggledude
Free Pumpkin

Kacheek acquires a free pumpkin that turns out to be a new Clompkin friend instead.

by emescutie4ever
Domestic Horror

Getting into the Halloween spirit

by greentoxicity
The Fungus Cave

"And this is why..." Collab with babi400linda

by luapoente
Funny Guy, King Coltzan III

"I could do with some help, Coltzan!" Collab with slashmastahz

by lunensis
The Omelette

"That should last the rest of the day..."

by muggledude
Something Has Happened! - Wing Sock

"Your Neopet will love it-it's a perfect fit!"

by jjensen687
A pound pet’s POV of daily quests

Based on a comment I saw on the boards

by oterwing
NeoQuest Adventures #1

Dragoyles and Draiks part 1

by kuroneko_kitty
The Modern Day JubJub: Kiko Shoes

We know how JubJubs wear shoes, but how about Kikos?

by puffy333_revived
Sure Cure

"Hold on....I think I have just the thing..."

by leighlizzzie
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"Shadow in the Kadoatery" by midnightfrost444
Late into the night one moonless autumn evening, long past when most Neopets had gone to bed, Crybaby sat awake. Of course Crybaby was no Neopet, but a Kadoatie, with fur so white it practically shone in the darkness, and large, observant eyes. Around her, the Kadoatery was alive with noise. From a distance, it could be faintly heard as a strange keening wail. If one were to get closer, the sound would separate into dozens of separate screams. Kadoaties were crying, each one trying its hardest to drown out the others in a desperate bid to gain the attention of employees who wouldn't even be here at this hour. They disgusted Crybaby. She had been like them once, admittedly. She had cried long into the night, night after night, week after week, month after month. Year after year... Eventually, she had stopped crying. The name that the Kadoatery workers had given her when they'd found her abandoned on the step one night hadn't really been appropriate after that, but it had stuck. Crybaby couldn't remember who had abandoned her, or why, but she had grown hard and bitter from seeing these other Kadoaties crying each night, even though all of them had happy homes to go back to. Bonbon, the Pink Kadoatie two cages to Crybaby's left was screaming the loudest. She was a regular visitor to...

Other Stories


Peach Tree
"The hot Mystery Island sun beat down on the students in the Training School's courtyard as they trudged on with their lessons. They had been divided into groups depending on their courses and skill level to keep their training equal..."

by therock4678


The Neopian Dolle Shoppe
Tucked away in the back alleys of Neovia dwells a store with no address.

by flames_unleashed


So You Made It Rich (What to Do With Neowealth)
Neopians far and wide have rejoiced this week with the introduction of the Quest Log!

by cellsdividing


Most Fashionable Neopians: Haunted Woods Edition
As fall rolls through, Neopians flock to the Haunted Woods to celebrate.

by spukl1


The Price of Ambition
"At midnight, a member of the guild did exactly as she expected. Gentle taps on her window made her look up with a jolt. She walked towards her window and saw a shady-looking Orange Buzz with a hood over her head with a handful of pebbles..."

by golden1188


Knight & Squire: Unwilling
"The second hawker, a Yellow Lupe, stomped over to the first, a Red Shoyru, and punched him in the face. A crowd quickly gathered as nearby knights rushed in to break up the scuffle..."

by terpsichorean_writer

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