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You've Gouda Be Kidding Me

by quillweave

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A pound pet’s POV of daily quests
Based on a comment I saw on the boards

by oterwing


Knight & Squire: Unwilling
"The second hawker, a Yellow Lupe, stomped over to the first, a Red Shoyru, and punched him in the face. A crowd quickly gathered as nearby knights rushed in to break up the scuffle..."

by terpsichorean_writer


The Omelette
"That should last the rest of the day..."

by muggledude


A Light in White River
"'The wind was strong today.' Miranda Moore thought to herself as she alighted right off of Main Street. The White Pteri was used to the coastal winds that came off the sea and buffetted the coastal town of White River, Meridell..."

by hzoo_26

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