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Your questions answered!

Read the answers to the most commonly asked Neopets questions this week in the Editorial section. Each week the most popular questions will be answered by one of the creators of Neopets, so keep checking back to stay updated.

Quote of the Week

Miranda was feeling the stresses of being old. She normally didn't do as many errands at once. Her old bones and achy joints weren't used to all of the activity. The last stop was the Mayor's office. The lighthouse normally didn't run during daylight hours, but Miranda suspected the storm would create a need.

It's a Kad Feeding Frenzy

Hey all you cool Kougras and Kadoaties! In my journey through Neopia, I’ve figured out the tips and tricks that help an average player like myself achieve goals that I never thought possible before. Today, I am going to break down all things Kadoatery. First, a little bit of background: the Kadoatery is a Petpet boarding institution of sorts, located in the Neopian Plaza of Neopia Central. The Kadoatery is a home for Kadoaties while their owners are travelling abroad. The thing about Kadoatie (or Kads, as they are fondly called) is that they are…particular in their daily care needs. Some might call Kads a “pain in the neck,” but I like to think of them as empowered little Petpets who know what they want. Their care regimen demands attention to detail, and importantly for this guide here, a very particular diet. This is where you come in. Kadoaties have a voracious appetite. Once or twice an hour (roughly every 28 minutes), the Kads boarded in the Kadoatery will each demand a different food to be brought to them to satisfy their rumbling bellies. This food is any edible item up to a rarity of 95, meaning a Kad could ask for (demand) a 5 Neopoint Bagguss, or crave something a little bit more refined, like a Blue Cybunny Negg. There are around 4,000 items at the time of writing that any one Kad could ask for, so trying to anticipate their needs is a fool’s game indeed for a player like myself. In between the full refresh, there may be one or two individual Kads that get hungry for a snack, creating another window (albeit much smaller) to feed a Kad. You might be wondering, why on Neopia would I want to feed one of these fussy little creatures? Well, dear reader, if you need to be enticed with a little more than the warm fuzzy feeling that comes with helping these starving creatures through charity, how about a Site Feature Trophy for your lookup and a secret avatar?

Top 5 Baby Neopets for Beginners

So, you've finally saved up enough Neopoints for that ever-elusive Baby Paintbrush, or maybe you got a lucky visit from Jacko the Phantom Painter! Whatever the case may be, you have your Baby Paintbrush ready to go, and your goal in mind- get one of those adorable, angelic-looking Baby Neopets, stat! But wait! Have you stopped to consider which Neopet species will be the best choice for you and your Neo-family? Did you know that each Neopet species, ESPECIALLY as babies, requires vastly different amounts and methods of care? Well fear not, dear reader! As the proud owner of several Baby Neopets myself, I'm here to let you know the top six Baby Neopets for beginners! 6.) Baby Kiko Baby Neopets can be fussy, picky, and they're notorious for getting into everything! At the very least, however, you won't have that last problem with the oh-so-adorable Baby Kiko, as they don't even have legs! As long as you and your Baby Kiko stay on dry land, you'll never lose track of your new Pet. Enter the water with your Baby Kiko, however, and all bets are off... 5.) Baby Kougra You may have heard the stories of Baby Kougras being difficult, particularly when it comes to their destructive tendencies, but I'm here to tell you that that is not the case UNLESS you let your Baby Kougra stay bored for a long period of time, and I'm sure you wouldn't do that, dear reader! Regular nail clipping is an essential part of Kougra grooming, and Babies are no exception. Keep your Baby Kougra's nails trimmed and make sure to provide them with plenty of toys and mental stimulation (same as you would with any Baby Neopet!), and you'll soon find a Pet that is not only ludicrously adorable, but curious, smart, and a lightning fast learner! I've known several Baby Kougras to be brainiacs who read hundreds of books a day, even going on...

Quizzical Questing: Your Guide to Daily Quests

Have you seen that shiny new interface at Here's your chance to shine! On October 24, 2023, a new feature appeared in Neopia. The Quest Log is available for everyone to play, and is sort of a mix between the trophy system and Daily Dare. Unlike trophies, however, the Quest Log offers more than an insubstantial decoration that most Neopians won't bother filling out captchas to not see. Every quest that has appeared so far has offered a tangible and real Neopoint or item reward. Get your clicking fingers ready cross-painters, because the prize pool includes rare brushes like Lost Desert Paintbrush and Toy Paintbrush. Unlike the Daily Dare, there is no minimum score to be reached in order to gain rewards. This appears to be a game of consistency, rather than a game of skill. Overview The Quest Log has four tabs. Tutorial, Quests, Events, and Completed. Each Neopian day, as the quest timer ticks down to 0, you'll get five daily quests in your Quest Tab. These will replace any quests from the previous day, so if you have come across a quest you are unable to complete, don't worry, you won't have to think about it as it will be erased from your memory. Once you complete a quest, it will appear in the Completed tab.

Other Stories
"A Missing Piece" by 77thbigby
Skip awoke with a start. For a moment, he lay there, wondering what had woken him. Then he heard it: a hoarse cough. He rolled out of bed, casting his Doglefox, Wes a curious look. His Doglefox was just waking up himself and he looked fine. He rose to his feet and crossed the hall to his best friend’s room. He was about to knock when he heard the cough come again. He opened the door startled to see Russ still in bed. That never happened! Russ looked worse than Skip had ever seen. The Red Kyrii’s brown eyes were bright with fever, his normally well-groomed mane was a mess and his nose dripped. “Russ!” Skip exclaimed in alarm, hurrying to his best friend’s side. “You need to see a doctor!” “I’m fi-,” Russ began before coughing again. “You are not fine!” “I have to be fine. Its harvest time. I have to get to work,” Russ said, voice stuffy. “Not like this!” Skip argued. “The Bancrofts will have to manage without you. I’m calling the doctor.” The Burlap Ixi headed for the door but paused to look back. “Stay in bed!” “Skip, wait!” Russ called weakly but Skip was already headed for the phone. Skip was about to pick up the phone when he realized that he didn’t actually know the number to call the doctor. He walked back down the hall to Russ’ room, giving his best friend a sheepish look. Sick as he was, Russ’ eyes gleamed with humour.

"Shadow in the Kadoatery" by midnightfrost444
Late into the night one moonless autumn evening, long past when most Neopets had gone to bed, Crybaby sat awake. Of course Crybaby was no Neopet, but a Kadoatie, with fur so white it practically shone in the darkness, and large, observant eyes. Around her, the Kadoatery was alive with noise. From a distance, it could be faintly heard as a strange keening wail. If one were to get closer, the sound would separate into dozens of separate screams. Kadoaties were crying, each one trying its hardest to drown out the others in a desperate bid to gain the attention of employees who wouldn't even be here at this hour. They disgusted Crybaby. She had been like them once, admittedly. She had cried long into the night, night after night, week after week, month after month. Year after year... Eventually, she had stopped crying. The name that the Kadoatery workers had given her when they'd found her abandoned on the step one night hadn't really been appropriate after that, but it had stuck. Crybaby couldn't remember who had abandoned her, or why, but she had grown hard and bitter from seeing these other Kadoaties crying each night, even though all of them had happy homes to go back to. Bonbon, the Pink Kadoatie two cages to Crybaby's left was screaming the loudest. She was a regular visitor to...

"Peach Tree" by therock4678
The hot Mystery Island sun beat down on the students in the Training School's courtyard as they trudged on with their lessons. They had been divided into groups depending on their courses and skill level to keep their training equal. Ryshu kept a close eye on every student, carefully studying their every move as they went through the motions he had just taught them. One student that kept catching his attention was a Blue Uni in the 'Basic' Endurance class. Yoonie has always struggled with her classes. One would think that a Uni, a Neopet notorious for their boundless endurance, would excel in this course...but those people had not met Yoonie. She would tire quickly despite Ryshu's best efforts to teach her how to control her breathing and to not fumble over her own four hooves. Yoonie could practically feel Master Ryshu's gaze on her back as she floundered through her laps. The other students in her class had already finished their run and Yoonie's cheeks burned with shame. One of her fellow students is a Koi and even he managed to outrun her on land! Ryshu always reminded her that this course was not a race, but Yoonie could not help but feel like it was. Yoonie finished her final lap panting and her legs wobbling from exertion. Master Ryshu waited for her at the end. The other students...

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Shadow in the Kadoatery
"Late into the night one moonless autumn evening, long past when most Neopets had gone to bed, Crybaby sat awake. Of course Crybaby was no Neopet, but a Kadoatie, with fur so white it practically shone in the darkness, and large, observant eyes..."

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Top 5 Baby Neopets for Beginners
So, you've finally saved up enough Neopoints for that ever-elusive Baby Paintbrush, or maybe you got a lucky visit from Jacko the Phantom Painter!

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