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Short Stories

The Neopian Dolle Shoppe

Tucked away in the back alleys of Neovia dwells a store with no address.

by flames_unleashed
A Missing Piece

"Skip awoke with a start. For a moment, he lay there, wondering what had woken him. Then he heard it: a hoarse cough. He rolled out of bed, casting his Doglefox, Wes a curious look..."

by 77thbigby
A Story of Spooks and Courage

If you had asked me just a week ago, I would not have said my favourite season was Halloween.

by saqo
Shadow in the Kadoatery

"Late into the night one moonless autumn evening, long past when most Neopets had gone to bed, Crybaby sat awake. Of course Crybaby was no Neopet, but a Kadoatie, with fur so white it practically shone in the darkness, and large, observant eyes..."

by midnightfrost444
Peach Tree

"The hot Mystery Island sun beat down on the students in the Training School's courtyard as they trudged on with their lessons. They had been divided into groups depending on their courses and skill level to keep their training equal..."

by therock4678
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Top 5 Baby Neopets for Beginners

So, you've finally saved up enough Neopoints for that ever-elusive Baby Paintbrush, or maybe you got a lucky visit from Jacko the Phantom Painter! Whatever the case may be, you have your Baby Paintbrush ready to go, and your goal in mind- get one of those adorable, angelic-looking Baby Neopets, stat! But wait! Have you stopped to consider which Neopet species will be the best choice for you and your Neo-family? Did you know that each Neopet species, ESPECIALLY as babies, requires vastly different amounts and methods of care? Well fear not, dear reader! As the proud owner of several Baby Neopets myself, I'm here to let you know the top six Baby Neopets for beginners! 6.) Baby Kiko Baby Neopets can be fussy, picky, and they're notorious for getting into everything! At the very least, however, you won't have that last problem with the oh-so-adorable Baby Kiko, as they don't even have legs! As long as you and your Baby Kiko stay on dry land, you'll never lose track of your new Pet. Enter the water with your Baby Kiko, however, and all bets are off... 5.) Baby Kougra You may have heard the stories of Baby Kougras being difficult, particularly when it comes to their destructive tendencies, but I'm here to tell you that that is not the case UNLESS you let your Baby Kougra stay bored for a long period of time, and I'm sure you wouldn't do that, dear reader! Regular nail clipping is an essential part of Kougra grooming, and Babies are no exception. Keep your Baby Kougra's nails trimmed and make sure to provide them with plenty of toys and mental stimulation (same as you would with any Baby Neopet!), and you'll soon find a Pet that is not only ludicrously adorable, but curious, smart, and a lightning fast learner! I've known several Baby Kougras to be brainiacs who read hundreds of books a day, even going on...

Other Stories


Most Fashionable Neopians: Haunted Woods Edition
As fall rolls through, Neopians flock to the Haunted Woods to celebrate.

by spukl1


Quizzical Questing: Your Guide to Daily Quests
Have you seen that shiny new interface at neopets.com/questlog? Here's your chance to shine!

by imixine


The Box from 10,000 Years Ago
"The Fire Wocky shyly looks away from her two companions, knowing that her response didn't satisfy their doubts. She considers for a moment to trust them with the truth, then gives up. After a brief moment of silence, Itachiro leaves the bag and speaks up..."

by chantili_doce


The Sleepers of Saint Garfir
"Hours dragged on. Beyond the grimy windows of the bus, the sky was awash in striking summer shades. Crimson and orange. Miphie tried as best she could to relax into the scratchy upholstery..."

by josephinefarine


Literally Remastered
Laughing is prohibited.

by rainbowsstars


Domestic Horror
Getting into the Halloween spirit

by greentoxicity

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