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Quizzical Questing: Your Guide to Daily Quests

by imixine


Have you seen that shiny new interface at Here's your chance to shine! On October 24, 2023, a new feature appeared in Neopia. The Quest Log is available for everyone to play, and is sort of a mix between the trophy system and Daily Dare.

     Unlike trophies, however, the Quest Log offers more than an insubstantial decoration that most Neopians won't bother filling out captchas to not see. Every quest that has appeared so far has offered a tangible and real Neopoint or item reward. Get your clicking fingers ready cross-painters, because the prize pool includes rare brushes like Lost Desert Paintbrush and Toy Paintbrush.

     Unlike the Daily Dare, there is no minimum score to be reached in order to gain rewards. This appears to be a game of consistency, rather than a game of skill.


     The Quest Log has four tabs. Tutorial, Quests, Events, and Completed.

     Each Neopian day, as the quest timer ticks down to 0, you'll get five daily quests in your Quest Tab. These will replace any quests from the previous day, so if you have come across a quest you are unable to complete, don't worry, you won't have to think about it as it will be erased from your memory.

     Once you complete a quest, it will appear in the Completed tab. There, you will be able to see not only a gorgeous checkmark and a filled progress bar but also an image of the reward you earned from completing the quest. (See bottom of article for a catalogued list of rewards.) As you complete more quests, your Completed tab will grow with more and more entries until it takes hours to load. This is a sign of your ability and greatness.

     Let's go over the different types of daily quests:


     Purchase an Item

     A very straightforward quest. It is fulfilled by purchasing a certain number of items from any Neopian shop. The number is 1 to 3, and they can be from different shops. The trick is, you can buy from any shop and it doesn't matter how much an item costs. So, if you were strapped for points, you could head over to Healing Springs and buy an Icy Snowball for just 5 NP three times. Sometimes the reward will be 25,000 NP, so that's an easy trade with a profit of 24,985 NP!

     Spin the Wheel of Excitement/Knowledge/Mediocrity/Misfortune

     After the wheels got their shiny new paint jobs in Y12, the Neopets Questlog Society found that despite the 12 billion neopoints donated to upgrade all five wheels, the Wheel of Monotony was too boring compared to the other four. Thus, sometimes a Quest will be to spin one of the four remaining wheels: the Wheel of Knowledge (400 np), the Wheel of Excitement (500 np), the Wheel of Mediocrity (100 np), or the Wheel of Misfortune (150 np).

     Note that Excitement and Misfortune can give you a disease. Misfortune will give a random illness, and Excitement can give Chickaroo, an illness that requires Herbal Scrambled Eggs to be cured. To make Herbal Scrambled Eggs, just take some leftover omelette, Autumn Herbal Tea, and-- oh bother, NeoKitchens haven't been invented yet, have they? Oh well.

     Play a Game

     One of the easiest tasks on the board, this fun activity requires no Neopoints to play. Hop over to the Games Room and pick any game. Remember, this is a game of tedium, and not skill, so you don't have to get a high score. In fact, you could get a really low score, by, say, catching only one item in Igloo Garage Sale, or by playing a three-click game of Fashion Fever. The Quest Log doesn't care. The Quest Log will happily and gratefully accept your Score: 14 NP: 14.

     On another note, if you're getting some invalid session errors, try playing some Classic Games. Those tend to be better connected to the Neopets servers.

     Customise a Pet

     Did you happen to buy a wearable item (with a coat hanger symbol in the corner)? Fill out another daily quest by clicking your Active Pet's name, and clicking -no tags here--no tags here-Customise, where you can add that wearable to a Pet.

     The cheap option: if you don't have any new wearables, you can remove an item from a Pet instead.

     Feed a Pet

     Grab a free omelette from the Giant Omelette in Tyrannia, and stuff it down your noggin!

     (I've also heard rumors of a free jelly from the Giant Jelly... but that's preposterous! A Giant Jelly? A giant, wobbling tower of easily sliced foods that could be distributed to Pets? Unthinkable!)

     Groom a Pet

     It's like Feed a Pet, but a little bit harder, since there's no Giant Comb giving out free Combs or anything.

     You might have to spend a little money here to pick up a grooming item from the Ever Stocked General Store.

     If you're a long haired Pet, like a Jubjub, Wocky (mane), Usul, Uni, Kyrii, Tonu, Gnorbu, or Xweetok, you should get a Red Long Hair Brush (69 np) for your luxurious mane.

     If you're a short-haired Pet, like a Korbat, Wocky (body), Kau, Eyrie, Zafara, Acara, or Ixi, you should get a Blue Short Hair Brush (53 np).

     If you have a lot of thick long dense hair, like a Cybunny, Jubjub, Eyrie, Xweetok, Ogrin, or Gnorbu, you could try wearing a Snazzy Moon Comb (841 np), which has widely-arranged teeth that won't pull out dense hair.

     If you have scales like a Hissi or Draik or Scorchio, I guess you could try scrubbing yourself with a Green Toothbrush (615 np).

     And if you have soft skin like a Nimmo or Grundo, you could stare at yourself through a Blue Mirror (380 np).

     Alternatively, you can just use any of those items on any Pet.


     You can see what reward you'll get from a quest on the left pane. Here's a list of rewards to hook you in, and consider making your own huge list of available items.

     Paint Brushes: Christmas Paint Brush

     Foods/Books: Sprout Borovan, How to Teach Your Pet Not to Eat Everything They See, The Techos Echo, Esophagor Bowl of Slimy Stew

     Battledome: Hanso Charisma Charm, Ring of the Sway, Palace Guard Sandals

     Wearables: Snow Wars Background, Drumsticks, Neopets Office Background Negg Tree Trinket

     Toys: Wind Up Red Draik Toy

     Petpets: Bearog

     Neopoints: 6789 NP, 4567 NP, 25000 NP, 50000 NP


     Well, that wraps it up for the Daily Quests. If you follow this guide, pretty soon you'll not be a Beginner anymore, and be an Intermediate at Quests! You might want to try the Tutorial Quests next, though I heard those are way harder.

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