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Hello. Is it possible to reopen the Faerie Festival prize shop please? It went down early and some users still have unredeemed points. ~cloverly1800
Sorry about the scare! Some troublesome Meepits chewed through our wiring and caused the Faerie Festival prize shop to briefly close. We were able to patch up the wires, so the prize shop is now back open for business! ~~Aesop

Hi Happy 2024 all. I am a collector of Animated items and I was hoping that asking here would get a fix on the ^cycling^ problem on the DWs Silver, Green and Blue Golden Sparkles Effect items. The bubbles rise through one cycle and then stop, could this be fixed.....pretty please! ♡ Thanks ~scaramousshe
Hello and Happy 2024! Thanks for bringing this to our attention! The issue should be fixed now! Happy customizing! ~~Goldfish in Bowl

Hello TNT! I have a question regarding the Beauty Contest submission rules. It's stated that only drawings are allowed to be submitted, but what constitutes a "drawing" in your view? Would a 2D render of a scene built in a 3D modelling program count as a "drawing"? What about a piece built with paper cutouts glued on a page? Or an oil painting? As long as it's bidimensional, has been drawn at some point of the process, and doesn't break other rules, can it be considered a "drawing"? Thank you in advance! ~sleeping_anarchy
Hi, Good question, basically the best way to think about that would be traditional mediums, such as hand drawing (you can then scan the image or take a picture of that) or anything drawn using a graphics program.

You cannot enter 3D art, paper art, or anything like that including any type of 3D-2D render. Anything like that can be entered in the Art Gallery though.

Oil painting and anything other kind of painting would be fine to enter. ~~Kikocat

Do you have any food recommendation for my Pebble? It might not like any food I prepared. It is untouched ~fivemilliononly
The great thing about Pebbles are how little upkeep is needed to take care of them! What sustains the Pebble is love! So while it may not be able to physically eat the food you prepare, your Pebble is certainly filling up on all the love you poured into that food! Just keep loving your Pebble and it will keep loving you right on back! /genuine ~~Stone

A friend and I have been in a long debate, cross-referencing generated heights, trading card images, and many different sources. He believes the Chomby is (or should be) the largest Neopet. I think it's either the Skeith or Grarrl. Or is variable. Could you dispell this question? What is the biggest Neopet species and in contrast, the smallest? ~natildragon
Believe it or not, the Eyrie is actually the largest of all Neopets! Although Grarrls, Skeiths, and Chombies are also quite large for Neopets, the majestic Eyrie towers above the rest! As for the smallest Neopet, that would be the elegant Flotsam. ~~Aesop

Hello TNT!! With the 8-bit potion being given out at the advent calendar will there be more 8-bit pets? I am really really really really really wanting an 8-bit blumaroo after seeing a fanmade one. Thank you! ~jag
Hello! We are fans of 8-Bit Pets too! While there are quite a few Pet and Paintbrushes combinations we’re currently working on and trying to tackle, I cannot confirm nor deny but I’d advise you to stay tuned… ~~Adler

I’ve noticed that there is such confusion on the boards about what people can talk about. People on the general chat have discussed getting warnings for talking about the video hosting site that Nosy Neopians is hosted on. The policy is confusing, and we would like clarification if it’s permanently acceptable to talk about said site. ~ginantonic
Hello, this can be a little confusing, so I'll try to keep it simple. You can mention Nosy Neopians and the AMAs hosted there and reference our official channel, however mentioning it in general or any other channels is not allowed. ~~Kikocat

Hello TNT! *offers bottomless plate of magical cookies* Hope you are all enjoying the holiday season :) I tried to use Flowing Black Cloak on my pet but the poor thing turned into a cog. It's a beautiful item and it would be so wonderful if it could be fixed. Thanks for all you do! ~major_flirt8888
Thanks for the cookies! And thanks for bringing this issue to our attention! We have made the fixes, so your pet should be able to wear the Flowing Black Cloak! Happy customizing! ~~Goldfish in Bowl

Hey TNT! *sprinkles disappearing glitter everywhere* Can you please clarify to the users here that Polyamory comments and discussion is allowed on the Neoboards? I posted in the Newbie chat (New to Neopets now :P) after Alice had told me it was fine, and got some excited, confused and not-so-nice comments from users. Thanks! ~darkelementice
Yes, this is allowed. However, you cannot start going into depth about your relationships. For example, saying things like this is my bf, and this person is my gf, and we cuddle all day all night, etc. are not allowed. So yes, it can be mentioned as long as you don't get into details! ~~Ehlo Froyo


"Something Has Happened! You are now eligible to use 'Stamp Collector - Snowy Valley' as an avatar on the NeoBoards!" Woo hoo! Thanks and Happy Holidays, TNT! ~nobodys_kitten

Hello, TNT! :) I just wanted to say thank you so much for the 8-bit Power-up Potion and the new 8-bit Christmas item! Its so lovely and I hope to see more seasonal wearables soon for our 8-bit friends. :D ~the_darkest_sage

In a nostalgic turn of events, Neopets is saying goodbye to its beloved Flash games, marking the end of an era for many devoted players. Launched in 1999, Neopets' Flash games were the heart of its enchanting virtual world, fostering a sense of community among players. However, with Adobe officially discontinuing Flash support, Neopets has had to adapt. As we bid farewell to the familiar pixels of Potato Counter and Volcano Run, it's essential to appreciate Neopets' adaptability. The platform continues to evolve, promising a future that retains the magic and camaraderie that defined its early days. So, let's cherish the memories and eagerly anticipate the next chapter in the ongoing saga of Neopia. ~xlooyvillex

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