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New Series

Samrin's Inspiration

"Samrin enjoyed the crisp winter air blowing gently across his face as he skated on the freshly shovelled ice. The frigid air was perfect for skating, making the ice..."

by greencheese79
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Advanced Guide to Grundo Snowthrow

It must have been over ten years ago. I was a young Neopian whose Neo-identity was avatar collector, and I was pretty good at it too. I had already secured lends for the ultimate trio: the BGC, MSPP and SUAP. I had battled and triumphed over Kasuki Lu, the Black Pteri and even the Space Faerie in the battledome. And after hours of practice, I had tackled most of the game avatars. At this point of my avatar collecting journey, I finally set my sights on the next challenge… Grundo Snowthrow. It was an adorable avatar, one with an angry green Grundo standing with his fists clenched against a twinkling blue backdrop. It was perfect for the holiday season, and a must have in my book. Little did I know, that began a decade-long quest for that elusive avatar, more time than I had ever dedicated to any other avatar. So many times, I reached 7,000 or 8,000 points, only to be foiled by a pesky little hole I could not mend. So many times, I was foiled by the Snow Lupes as they took down my snowmen one by one. Finally, on a bright winter morning in December of Year 25, I completed that quest as a not-so-young Neopian. I am now the proud owner of Grundo Snowthrow! I’m here to share all the tips I’ve learned over a decade of snowballs and ice blocks. Read on if you find yourself in the shoes I once wore!

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What reason have ye for locking me in the brig?” I shouted through the corroded iron bars. “Can’t ye see that I be innocent?” It should have been painfully obvious to these sailors that I was the victim.

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Mmm... bean juice!

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