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Snown't Worry About It

Snow Neopets have a strange sense of humour...

by icecreamkatana
17 Years

There's always something...

by x_blood_scale_x
The Borovan Dilemma

Who knew there would be so many choices?

by cardboardfish
A Hungry Skeith

Sometimes a hungry skeith needs a festive snack...

by happydoodle09
Love Spreads

It's the little things...

by saviorsephirot
Return to Form

Knock knock!...

by _quartervirus_
Faellie Tales 18: Lonely Plushie

Little gestures can go a long way...

by coco6468
Fishing with Friends

Tentacle buddies!

by valokki
Finding a new hob-pea!

Everyone needs a hobby!... Collab with Morphousss and Rescur

by devotedly
Comedy Isn't My Strong Suit

Some Pets aren't great at everything...

by serein
Ashkary's Café - Mail Fraud Pt. 3

When in doubt, add more tape.

by saintsalmon
A Glowing New Year!

The fresh origins behind the bright confidence of one young lupe called Synvix...

by neoanimalz12
The Truth Behind Gourmet Prices

The perfect setting! Collab with hottie_2004_67_888

by xoxcharm
Drink Debacle

Mmm... bean juice!

by leighlizzzie
Adventures of Hannah and Kanrik

The joke might be getting a little old. It was only one time, Hannah!

by katiekazoo
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"In the Wake of Wreckage" by sir_serene
“What reason have ye for locking me in the brig?” I shouted through the corroded iron bars. “Can’t ye see that I be innocent?” It should have been painfully obvious to these sailors that I was the victim. And yet, when they found me drifting among the wreckage out at sea, they had quickly tossed me into that dreadful cage. “Tell yer captain that I would request an audience so that I may set the record straight and clear my name.” When they finally returned, they dragged me out of the cell by chains that bound my wrists. My foot dragged behind as we made our way through the ship. “Slow down will ye! Can’t ye see that I be injured?” My cries of pain went ignored. I was wrenched into the brisk night air, onto the deck above. “I said slow down!” I cried once more as they dragged me across the deck. As we neared, the door to the ship's upper cabin burst open. With one swift push I was forced through it and thrust onto the floor. The door slammed behind me and I was left alone with the captain of the ship, a seemingly salty, if not fashionable Blue Acara. She wore a brilliant red coat and a matching hat with a large, ebony plume sticking out of it. “I hear ye’ve been clamorin’ down below about supposed mistreatment,” she said.

Other Stories


A Walk in Each Other’s Step Out Shoes
Do I look pretty?"

The Gelert twirled happily in her new dress. Its bright fuchsia material clashed with the Green of her fur, but the shopkeeper, a beautiful Blue Uni wearing a lustrous blonde wig, clapped her hooves boisterously for her.

by hybatsu


The Missing Wheel: A Mystery Whodunnit
"My fellow Neopians, authorities have asked that this be published in the Neopian Times, insisting that crucial help is needed to swiftly retrieve a lost artefact. One of the beloved daily activities all Neopians enjoy, the..."

by rachu816


Advanced Guide to Grundo Snowthrow
This is a guide to Snow Wars II.

by vanillastar12


How to Take Grooming from Glum to Glorious
Hannah’s Quest Log has me grooming my Neopets again. But this grooming was not up to any acceptable standard.

by juli_puff


The Twelve Days of Giving
The next nine days were a whirlwind of activity, as Lexora shuffled her family from one Giving Day tradition to the next.

by cosmicfire918


Moonrise: The Origins of Team Kreludor
After a disappointingly short inaugural campaign, how would Team Kreludor respond?

by pikapi20

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