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Short Stories

In the Wake of Wreckage

What reason have ye for locking me in the brig?” I shouted through the corroded iron bars. “Can’t ye see that I be innocent?” It should have been painfully obvious to these sailors that I was the victim.

by sir_serene
The Missing Wheel: A Mystery Whodunnit

"My fellow Neopians, authorities have asked that this be published in the Neopian Times, insisting that crucial help is needed to swiftly retrieve a lost artefact. One of the beloved daily activities all Neopians enjoy, the..."

by rachu816
Ramona and The Snowager

"As Ramona stepped out of her hut, the snow started falling harder. Neopets and their owners quickly ran in and out of the building across the way..."

by peppermintandrea
A Walk in Each Other’s Step Out Shoes

Do I look pretty?"

The Gelert twirled happily in her new dress. Its bright fuchsia material clashed with the Green of her fur, but the shopkeeper, a beautiful Blue Uni wearing a lustrous blonde wig, clapped her hooves boisterously for her.

by hybatsu

Off-Season's Greetings

"Kep asks the question right after their last practice, just as Layton's getting ready to dismiss the team..."

by azurryn
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"Ramona and The Snowager" by peppermintandrea
As Ramona stepped out of her hut, the snow started falling harder. Neopets and their owners quickly ran in and out of the building across the way, which held the advent calendar. It was almost the end of the month, so Happy Valley would soon become quieter as the daily visitors to the advent calendar would stop. Suddenly, a young Bruce ran up to Ramona. He seemed extremely frazzled. “Excuse me,” the young Bruce cried. “Can you help me find the Snowager? I lost my owner in all of the snow. We were headed that way; I hope he’s there waiting for me.” Ramona felt bad for the young Bruce, as she could see tears in his eyes. She was just about to take a break from running the Slushie Shop and go for a walk anyway. A longer walk to the Ice Caves wouldn’t be too much trouble, and she could use the fresh air. “Sure,” Ramona said, smiling. “Let me just lock up and I’ll take you there!” “Oh, thank you!” the young Bruce shouted, tears streaming down his face now. She could tell he was so relieved. Ramona put a ‘Be back soon!’ sign on the door and locked the door. She put the key back in her pocket and turned to take the short journey with the young Bruce. After all, Ramona thought, what could possibly go wrong?

Other Stories


How to Take Grooming from Glum to Glorious
Hannah’s Quest Log has me grooming my Neopets again. But this grooming was not up to any acceptable standard.

by juli_puff


How to Host a Neoquest Session
Hello and welcome to my guide on how to host a Neoquest night!

by hutaride


The Sleepers of Saint Garfir
Swirling rivers of green and golden light cut through the blackness, dancing like wind across the depths. Miphie awoke sputtering and coughing.

by josephinefarine


The Box from 10,000 Years Ago
The question remains in the air. Both Neopets, monsters and the Darkest Faerie are watching, awaiting any sign of movement from the impact.

by chantili_doce


Drink Debacle
Mmm... bean juice!

by leighlizzzie


Faellie Tales 18: Lonely Plushie
Little gestures can go a long way...

by coco6468

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