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The Box from 10,000 Years Ago

by chantili_doce


Chapter 8 – Final Frontier

     The question remains in the air. Both Neopets, monsters and the Darkest Faerie are watching, awaiting any sign of movement from the impact. Slowly the fog begins to clear. Itachiro seems damaged and panting heavily, while Teca, also injured, is laying under him on the debris. However, her eyes fluttered open, she's alive. It seems Itachiro endured most of the impact to protect her.

     The Monocerous finds strength to get up, his legs are trembling in pain and his movements are clumsy. His massive head lowers and nuzzles the Wocky gently, as if he was apologizing to the Wocky.

     Teca manages to make a weak smile. She gently caresses his monstrous face while muttering a quote explaining why she has trust and compassion on him. "... Every creature deserves a chance to be loved and respected. No matter who you are, if you are a Neopet or if you are a Monster, your soul is still equal to mine."

     Itachiro keeps nuzzling himself at her, tears of happiness fall from his face. Although he is unable to speak, Teca can sense he is grateful for having her there.

     The curious Neopets and Monsters, both allies and enemies, watch the scene happening in front of them in silence. They all are witnessing a friendship born between a Fyora's creation and a Darkest's creation. Some monsters released from the box seem genuinely touched by Teca's gesture as they notice the world can now be different with their acceptance. Their malevolent intentions are fading away as they choose to leave the place, clearly no longer interested in continuing the fight against the Neopets.

     With a furious face, the Darkest Faerie clenches her fists as she watches the unexpected happening. She had hoped to use Itachiro to eliminate Teca, but the turn of events frustrated her plans. "Why are my creations no longer obeying me?? Go!! Attack the Neopets!! Destroy everything that Fyora has created!!"

     Some monsters, driven by their aggressive instincts or with their minds subjugated to the Wraiths, resume their fight with the knights. However, a growing number began to disperse and leave the snowy Faerieland. They had made a choice of living their own lives now they got freed from the magical object, defying Darkest's commands.

     "Traitors will pay!!!" The Darkest Faerie's anger gets to its peak and she decides that she will need to take matters into her own hands. With a wicked and frustrated expression, she raises her staff and prepares a powerful spell. "I will use the full strength of my energy to obliterate all those who dare to rise against me! They will be reduced to nothing, their existence will get extinguished as they soon will have their very last breath stolen. Their last sight, the spectacle of my triumphant ascent to dominion over this world, once owned by Fyora!" Screams the furious Darkest while she steps on the head of Fyora's statue.

     Exhausted, the Darkest Faerie collapses on the floor after unleashing such a powerful spell that affects the entire planet. With not enough powerful Faeries left to counter Darkest's magic, a massive dark purple fog began to cover Neopia, the sun no longer reaching anywhere. Every Neopet in the world weakened, dropping to their knees as the air is no longer welcoming them.

     Itachiro begins to breathe heavily while Teca puts the hand against her own chest, feeling her heart slow down with the noxious clouds. The kiss of death is getting imminent as they gasp for air, and Teca knows that she has to take action immediately or all of everyone's effort will be in vain.

     In her moment of desperation, the Fire Wocky holds the box tightly and climbs on Itachiro's back. "I need your help now more than ever..." She whispers, her breaths coming heavily. "Let's face Darkest."

     Itachiro, getting weaker each second, senses a spark of hope that he and the box could still make a difference. The knight Neopets and the monsters who had defied the Darkest Faerie began to fall in the battlefield of Faerieland, one by one, succumbing to the unforgivable curse.

     With a surge of inner strength, Itachiro does his best to fly towards Darkest while Teca firmly grasps one of his horns, preparing to open the box. She could feel his heart pounding with the same urgency as hers.

     Together, they surged forward, a duo determined to defy the evilest Faerie of all. Itachiro manages to reach the peak where Darkest was watching the battles happening in the entire Faerieland, but he collapses right when he lands. Teca is thrown away from him, rolling on the ground as she struggles against the curse that suffocates her.

     The weak winged woman turns to see who has come up behind her. Gradually, she rises, leaning on her staff as she smiles malevolently observing the Wocky struggling to stand while holding the box. “Are you going to trap me? Just try.” The Faerie mutters while trying to recompose herself.

     Teca feels on the brink of death as the suffocation intensifies each moment with the poisonous mist that just embraced the world. The Wocky falls to her knees while fighting to the last second to open the magical object, praying for a miracle and hoping to trap Darkest inside. However, she ends up succumbing to the lethal air and crumples onto the floor. Her mission failed.

     Darkest loud laughter echoes in the air, confident that no one can beat her. The box falls from Teca's hand and rolls between Darkest's legs. Sensing the Faerie's presence, the box reacted on its own, opening by itself.

     The Darkest Faerie is taken aback by the sudden beam of light under her. The magical light from the box envelops the winged woman and her malevolent spells. She screams in agony as the magic begins to drag her, deforming and disintegrating her in a swirling vortex inside. It's over.

     The box locks itself with its purpose being filled. The Neopets and monsters who had fallen in battle begin their chests getting stuffed with air as they were freed from the arms of death. Faeries can be seen awaking from their stone imprisonment too. Faerieland itself seems to sigh in relief.

     Itachiro and Teca, though weakened, slowly blinks their eyes among the fading chaos. They notice a different lock on the box, meaning Darkest was captured. Itachiro wags his tail in happiness and nuzzles his massive head on Teca once again, his tongue licking her gently. They all have to commemorate this arduous accomplishment.

     As the poisonous clouds fade away without Darkest to maintain them, the sun rises over Neopia and the land begins to heal. Wraiths retreat to the Haunted Woods as they are unable to bear the daylight, and Faeries flutter their sparkling wings around trying to rebuild Faerieland once again and removing all the snow on the floor after the subsidy of the blizzard.

     Faerie nurses start to take care of other injured Faeries and Neopets who had valiantly fought against the Darkest Faerie’s threat. Their skilled hands and healing magic brought relief to those in pain. The nurses even went to aid the monsters who were in need of some help, including Zak, who had his leg broken during the chaos.

     Once everything seems under control, the Meridellian knights approach the Fire Wocky expressing their gratitude and admiration as they bow for her. The Wocky shyly blushes, not being used with such attention. Teca accepts their words of appreciation with a gracious nod. She lifts her skirt and curtsied, happy to know that she is once again respected among them.

     Then something catches the Fire Wocky’s attention over the horizon, she spots Godric coming in the skies riding two Unis.”Teca!! I’m here!!” The Orange Skeith shouts.

     The two Unis carrying him collapse on the floor after tolerating his weight all the way. Teca rushes toward him, laughing at the comical Skeith and his weary Unis. She hugs the Gentle Giant, the presence of her father figure warms her heart after the arduous battle.

     “Are you alright?? Did the knights do something to you?? I’ve been so worried!!” Exclaims the Skeith in despair.

     “The knights seem to be my friends again, no worries! Everyone here helped each other.” She responded with a joyful nod

     “Uh-oh. It seems I’m late for the party, huh?” Godric says while examining the debris landscape of Faerieland.

     “Ooh, and what a party!!” She shakes her head with a chuckle. “You came at the right moment!”

     "So... Have you found a place to stay since you decided to leave Meridell?" Asks the curious Skeith, stroking his own beard.

     Teca's smile widens as she shifts her gaze to a group coming towards them, it's the big Zak with the leg in a cast, accompanied by Magax mounted on Vyim’s back. The Blue Wocky also learned how to control the Uni by pulling his mane. "Ouch! Be careful with my delicate hair over there!” Says the grumpy blind Uni.

     Unable to contain her excitement, Teca rushes towards her friends, giving each of them a warm hug. When she reaches Magax, she surprises the small Wocky with a kiss on the cheek, leaving him blushing heavily. "You are going to make me a Red Wocky this way..." He says playfully.

     Godric, seeing the bond between Teca and her group, smiles with approval. "I see. You've found a place among friends, baby girl. And what interesting companions you have there."

     Teca nods, grateful for Godric's words. "They really are special, Godric. We've been through a lot together. I wouldn’t be able to arrive here without their help!" Says the Fire Wocky with shining eyes as she hugs Magax once more.

     Fyora, the Faerie Queen herself, holds the magical box while approaching them, accompanied by the Monocerous Itachiro. Teca and her companions bow at her, ready to hear what she has to say.

     "Zak." Fyora began, her voice seeming gentle yet with regal authority. "You are a rare being that showed to everyone around you that goodness can be found in all creatures, even the most aggressive of them. With kindness and understanding, you also proved that monsters can indeed be friends with the Neopets. You have not only earned the respect of the Neopets, but also of us Faeries.” Zak wags his tail in happiness at the Queen’s words, knowing that the goodness in his heart is truly a treasure. Confirming that he was on the right path all this time was everything he wanted to know.

     “Vyim.” Fyora speaks with sincere admiration. “Even without your vision, you trusted your Wocky friend all the time and showed incredible bravery by fighting alongside your knight companion until the very end, not giving up or even looking back.” The Uni smiles big with pride. After being cowardly for so many years, Vyim had finally proven to himself that he was valuable in a battle and was a crucial helper for his knight. It was everything he wanted to accomplish.

     Magax tries to sneak away, avoiding to be noticed by the Faerie, but Fyora turns to him and her voice sends a shiver down Magax's spine as she calls his name. “Magax. You have a dark history. You've destroyed entire villages, robbed every bank, stolen magical objects from the Faeries, and committed many other worse crimes.”

     Magax swallowed hard, unable to meet Fyora's gaze. His past is a shadow he can't escape, a part of him he could never deny. Finding strength in himself, he takes a deep breath with closed eyes and turns to the Queen, ready to face the consequences.

     Fyora continued, her voice softening slightly. "However, you have changed, Magax. Your actions today have shown a different side of you, one that shows you are able to use the skills given to you for good. Your past can't be erased, but you can build a different future. Do not disappoint me."

     Magax's eyes widened in surprise, then he looked at Fyora with gratitude. He can't help himself, crying in happiness by Fyora's feet, not believing she was able to give him a second chance. A chance to redeem himself was everything he wanted to hear.

     “Itachiro.” The Faerie Queen gently turns the great Monocerous. “You didn’t have hands, legs and not even a body, and yet all your worries were focused on bringing this box to me to ensure the safety of Neopia. I thank you for such generosity. Your kind soul was created thousands of years ago, but you were able to breathe for the first time today. You've waited patiently for this moment, I hope you can enjoy your new life.” Itachiro nods with a happy face. Seeing Fyora holding the box he cared for so many and long years, finally back to its right owner. It was everything he wanted to see happen.

     “Teca.” Finally, she turns to the female Wocky. “You were the one who went to help Itachiro with the box. Even after the world seemed to fall and when everything seemed to be lost to the darkness, you were the flame that lightened everyone’s path. You have saved Neopia from a great threat, and for that, you have our deepest gratitude."

     Applauses from the Faeries and knights are heard towards the group. Teca shyly bowed her head once again to the Faerie. "Me as a former Meridell knight, it was our honor to help!! Now that we brought you the box, you can destroy it properly so it never gets opened again by someone with bad intentions!"

     Fyora turns her attention to the box, with a sorrowful expression on her face. "This box has caused much chaos and destruction. Thankfully, you guys were able to find it. However, I can't destroy it..."

     Everyone exchanged confused glances, wondering why the Faerie Queen hesitates to destroy such a chaotic object.

     Fyora continues, her gaze still fixed on the magical item. "This box holds immense power, yes. It has the potential to protect Neopia from threats, just as you've witnessed today, but it also poses a risk in the wrong hands, like when Darkest put the seal to revert its use. Also, my sister is inside the box, what if one day she decides to be a good Faerie once again? It’s not simple for me to just go and destroy it…"

     Every Neopet there widens their eyes, discovering that Darkest was once a good Faerie, probably thousands and thousands of years ago. Teca gets confused, then smiles trying to understand Fyora and her compassion for the trapped sister.

     The Faerie Queen then shifts her gaze to the heroes. "However, while this day doesn't come, I'll ensure to keep Darkest trapped in this box. I will safeguard it more securely in my Hidden Tower, with strict monitoring so no one can misuse it."

     The Neopets exchanged glances, relieved that the box is no longer a threat to Neopia. With a graceful nod, Fyora addressed Teca for the last time. "Neopia owes you a great debt. What can I do for you, Tereza?"

     Teca is in excitement with the question and to discover the Faerie Queen knows her real name. Without wasting time, Teca asks for what she has been wishing for since she left Meridell castle. "Your Majesty, my greatest wish is to be able to make Healing Fire! The flames are very destructive, it doesn't choose who it will hit, but with Healing Fire, I could help repair the damage it causes!"

     "Healing Fire... I never heard of it." Says the Faerie Queen with a thoughtful expression. "What a noble wish, you shall be the first one to dominate this kind of fire. Very well, I can grant your wish." Then Fyora waves her staff, a beam of light is directed at Teca and the Wocky is circled by sparkles of rainbow. The Wocky feels something different running through her veins, something very special in her just lighted up.

     As the sparkles disappear, Teca can feel the new ability within her. Extending the arms, her paws are able to ignite white and beautiful flames, something never seen by anyone else. Happiness is seen on Teca's face as she directs herself to Vyim. She gently puts the paws over his injured eyes and he immediately responds to the warmth on his face when he feels the burn of the flames, but in a good way. His injuries begin to heal, and Teca can watch for the first time the new ability working, it was everything she wanted to see happening.

     Once Teca removes her hands over his face, Vyim opens his eyes and blinks many times, not believing he is able to see the colorful world once again. "I can see! I can really see again!!" Screams the Uni in happiness. However, when he notices Zak, his very first reaction is to immediately hide behind Teca. "A WERELUPE!! HE'S GOING TO EAT ME!!"

     The group chuckles as they watch Vyim's classic reaction. "You were braver when you were blind!" Says Magax, playfully.

     “Oh, Magax! Your back got burned too! Leave this for me.” Magax nods and turns to show his damaged back caused by the attack of a monster. Teca skillfully heals his injuries, meaning she also can cure burns that were not made by her.

     Fyora smiles with the joy coming from the group. However, she has something more to say to the Monocerous. "Itachiro, since you had courage and determination through this journey. I want to grant you a gift." The Queen waves her wand once more, this time transforming the Monocerous into a living Green Usul. Teca gets happy and goes to hug the new form of Itachiro. "You are an Usul!! And no more a ghost!! You are able to breathe, feel the grass touching your feet, you can feel the air, everything you wanted to do!!" Shouts Teca.

     However, the Usul doesn't seem very happy with the transformation and Teca's smile fades out. "Itachiro?... What happened?"

     "I.. I actually never wished to be an Usul or a Neopet... I want to continue being Monocerous because it's been part of me since the beginning and I don't want to get rid of it... When I was still a ghost, I always had the Monocerous form when I was alone with Daisy in the sewer. I only switched to a cute and small Usul because I was afraid to scare you and the other Neopets in my true form..."

     Teca's ears droop slightly. "But if you come back as Monocerous... Maybe some Neopets won't be comfortable to have you around..."

     Itachiro remains in silence with the head bowed, he really seems to be wanting to be a monster again. Teca sees herself in conflict, but after a moment of contemplation, she understands his desire. "Well, prejudice is something that we Neopets must get rid of with monsters now." She says with a sweet voice. "I support your decision, Itachiro. Be your true self!"

     Her words seem to relieve the Usul and he looks at her with gratitude in his teary eyes. Fyora then waves her wand once again, and that small and cute Usul is now the Monocerous he always was meant to be. Teca runs to give a warm hug to her colossal friend and the monsters watching the scene commemorate Itachiro’s decision to embrace his true nature without fear of judgment or rejection.

     With that, Fyora leaves the place and goes to attend to her Faerie sisters who are building Faerieland. Once she decided where to guard the box with the most careful selection inside her Hidden Tower, she raised her staff with a brilliant pink light emanating from it. The box now has Fyora's powerful seal on it and it gets hidden away in the deepest chambers of Faerieland, guarded by the most loyal Faeries and protected by enchantments to ensure it would never be opened again.

     As the days passed, many monsters that were once controlled by the Darkest Faerie's influence or by her Wraiths, with time, were able to find their own places in the world. Some monsters still prefer to be villains, and others choose to live peacefully alongside the Neopets.

     With the power restored, the Faeries worked their magic to restore the beauty of Faerieland, and it's once again a very lively and colorful place. During the celebration, Teca and Magax exchanged vows of love and got married at Faerie City. The Faerie Kiko, who almost took Magax to prison before, offered to be their wedding priest, symbolizing the Faeries forgiveness upon him.

     The grand party invited all the knights and servants from Meridell Castle, leaving the frustrated King Skarl all alone on his majestic throne in the empty castle for a day. His fingers tapping on the armrest echoes through the rooms of the castle while he sighs and grumbles in boredom.

     Elvira, still as the monstrous Acara, observes the ceremony happening from a distance. She decided to be called by “Vira” while in this monster form, not wanting to tarnish her original name. She blames Teca for becoming what she is today and plots revenge. She still hides her grotesque appearance away from others, a curse she knows she will be carrying for the rest of her life. Having her prestige among the knights shattered, she chose to live in the shadows for now, waiting for a day she’s ready to strike again.

     Vyim, now being able to see everything, admires himself on a mirror proudly displaying the many shining medals he earned at Meridell on his jacket after helping save the world. He is still very afraid of monsters, but he does his best to be more friendly towards them and does therapy to control his emotional outbursts.

     Zak, no longer a lone wolf, is often seen with his Werelupe siblings once again, playfully chasing one another. Their family bonds had grown stronger than ever after the chaotic battle in Faerieland. Now, their family decided to stay together, finding comfort and happiness in each other's company.

     Itachiro and Daisy can be found in their new home at the Faerieland prairies. Daisy loves the mud puddles there.

     This monstrously couple had their own children, they like laying down on the grass as they love to watch their offspring playing around, seven little babies that are a mixture of Monocerous with octopus features.

     In the days that follow, Godric, the Orange Skeith in Meridell, receives a Neomail from Teca. Teca says she’s enjoying the new marriage life and has made a shrine displaying the hilt of her broken sword Genevieve. The Neomail also contains photos of her new journeys, using her powers to illuminate the dark paths of Haunted Woods and helping lost Neopets there with Magax and Zak. Also curing those who need her help while fiercely using her fire powers to fend off enemies and monsters that are still determined to be evil.

     Godric smiles proudly as he looks at the pictures, without realizing the gentle ghost of Teca’s mother, Genevieve, is behind him also appreciating the photos. They both know that their baby girl has found her place among friends and has become a true hero of Neopia, with her story symbolizing a new start of friendship between Monsters and the Neopets.

     The End.

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