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Your questions answered!

Read the answers to the most commonly asked Neopets questions this week in the Editorial section. Each week the most popular questions will be answered by one of the creators of Neopets, so keep checking back to stay updated.

Quote of the Week

Before long they were at Gilbert's front door; the accumulated snow was already at knee depth. The door opened soon after Charlie gave it a heavy, but not aggressive, knock. Gilbert greeted them with a smile, inviting them in from the weather.

Advanced Guide to Grundo Snowthrow

It must have been over ten years ago. I was a young Neopian whose Neo-identity was avatar collector, and I was pretty good at it too. I had already secured lends for the ultimate trio: the BGC, MSPP and SUAP. I had battled and triumphed over Kasuki Lu, the Black Pteri and even the Space Faerie in the battledome. And after hours of practice, I had tackled most of the game avatars. At this point of my avatar collecting journey, I finally set my sights on the next challenge… Grundo Snowthrow. It was an adorable avatar, one with an angry green Grundo standing with his fists clenched against a twinkling blue backdrop. It was perfect for the holiday season, and a must have in my book. Little did I know, that began a decade-long quest for that elusive avatar, more time than I had ever dedicated to any other avatar. So many times, I reached 7,000 or 8,000 points, only to be foiled by a pesky little hole I could not mend. So many times, I was foiled by the Snow Lupes as they took down my snowmen one by one. Finally, on a bright winter morning in December of Year 25, I completed that quest as a not-so-young Neopian. I am now the proud owner of Grundo Snowthrow! I’m here to share all the tips I’ve learned over a decade of snowballs and ice blocks. Read on if you find yourself in the shoes I once wore!

Your Guide to Terror Mountain

*taps mic* Is this thing on? Oh, hello! Welcome to your tour of Terror Mountain. Bundle up with your jackets and gloves because this tour might get a little chilly! Here you will get the rare opportunity to explore the wonders of Terror Mountain with an inside look at some of the wonders throughout the Ice Caves, Happy Valley, and more. Some exploration might get a little…adventurous…we will head to the Top of the Mountain where some of our favourite Pets are known to hang out, but don’t worry, I am sure you’ll be perfectly safe! Buckle up and let's begin our tour! Our first stop is Happy Valley where you can explore some wonderful sights that will bring a smile to your face and warmth to your heart. There's nothing like experiencing this happy little village town. We will make stops at some of the marvelous tourist attractions below. Ice Cream Machine - The Ice Cream Machine might seem like the smart choice but this malfunctioning machine is very dangerous. Maybe buy a cold sweet treat from the Ice Cream Cart in Happy Valley or The Slushie Shop instead. You can also go to the Super Happy Icy Fun Shop on the top of Terror Mountain if you’d rather wait. Rink Runner - The ice over at Rink Runner can be thin and dangerous, best left to experienced skaters. If you would like to skate, rentals are on...

10 Budget-Friendly Petpets to Avoid and 10 Alternatives

The low price tag on some Petpets makes them a tempting option but cheap does not mean easy! New Petpet owners are frequently shocked by how much investment these "cheap" Petpets require. All too often, once the excitement about an adorable new Petpet fades, these poor creatures end up abandoned at the Money Tree. Petpet shop owners will insist their Petpets are quiet, well-behaved, and low-maintenance. These unscrupulous merchants are happy to sell Petpets with challenging care requirements to first-time Petpet owners, no questions asked. In short, some Petpets are not for everyone. Here is a list of some common Petpets that require more complicated care, and a list of comparably-priced, lower-maintenance alternatives. #10 Think twice about: Altachuck The Altachuck, an emblem of Altador, is an adorable and loyal Petpet. Many people don’t realize that they are actually scared of EVERYTHING: "loud noises, sudden movements, and anything that starts with the letter D". Do you know how many things in the average Neohome begin with the letter D?? These poor nervous creatures live in terror more often than not. Chronic fear takes a toll on the Altachuck’s health. Many Altachucks suffer from stressed immune systems, "accidents" on the carpet, and fur loss. Would-be owners of Altachucks need to carefully prepare and control their home environment, for the health and happiness of their Petpet.

Other Stories
"Ramona and The Snowager" by peppermintandrea
As Ramona stepped out of her hut, the snow started falling harder. Neopets and their owners quickly ran in and out of the building across the way, which held the advent calendar. It was almost the end of the month, so Happy Valley would soon become quieter as the daily visitors to the advent calendar would stop. Suddenly, a young Bruce ran up to Ramona. He seemed extremely frazzled. “Excuse me,” the young Bruce cried. “Can you help me find the Snowager? I lost my owner in all of the snow. We were headed that way; I hope he’s there waiting for me.” Ramona felt bad for the young Bruce, as she could see tears in his eyes. She was just about to take a break from running the Slushie Shop and go for a walk anyway. A longer walk to the Ice Caves wouldn’t be too much trouble, and she could use the fresh air. “Sure,” Ramona said, smiling. “Let me just lock up and I’ll take you there!” “Oh, thank you!” the young Bruce shouted, tears streaming down his face now. She could tell he was so relieved. Ramona put a ‘Be back soon!’ sign on the door and locked the door. She put the key back in her pocket and turned to take the short journey with the young Bruce. After all, Ramona thought, what could possibly go wrong?

"In the Wake of Wreckage" by sir_serene
“What reason have ye for locking me in the brig?” I shouted through the corroded iron bars. “Can’t ye see that I be innocent?” It should have been painfully obvious to these sailors that I was the victim. And yet, when they found me drifting among the wreckage out at sea, they had quickly tossed me into that dreadful cage. “Tell yer captain that I would request an audience so that I may set the record straight and clear my name.” When they finally returned, they dragged me out of the cell by chains that bound my wrists. My foot dragged behind as we made our way through the ship. “Slow down will ye! Can’t ye see that I be injured?” My cries of pain went ignored. I was wrenched into the brisk night air, onto the deck above. “I said slow down!” I cried once more as they dragged me across the deck. As we neared, the door to the ship's upper cabin burst open. With one swift push I was forced through it and thrust onto the floor. The door slammed behind me and I was left alone with the captain of the ship, a seemingly salty, if not fashionable Blue Acara. She wore a brilliant red coat and a matching hat with a large, ebony plume sticking out of it. “I hear ye’ve been clamorin’ down below about supposed mistreatment,” she said.

"Off-Season's Greetings" by azurryn
Kep asks the question right after their last practice, just as Layton's getting ready to dismiss the team. "So… what's everyone planning to do over the Winter Starlight break?" Unusual silence falls over the Darigan Yooyuball team in the wake of the question, a stark contrast from their usual rowdiness. Reshar frowns thoughtfully; Tormo huffs and sighs; Layton occupies himself by looking around at his team. Eventually, it's Tandrak who breaks it with a laugh, shrug and swish of his tail as he gets to his feet. "Practise, of course," he answers. "Gotta keep sharp, right? The Yooyuball's not gonna — " "You're still banned until your wrist recovers," Layton cuts in, glaring at Tandrak. He may be notoriously bad at following instructions, but even he doesn't go as far as to defy a direct order from the captain… usually. Tandrak fixes him with a defiant stare that Layton meets with easy impassivity, long used to his most stubborn team member's obstinacy. After another long minute of unbroken silence, Tandrak huffs in annoyance and looks back at the rest of the team instead. "Fine. I guess I have no plans then, since Vicky's just banned me from practising." "That's Vickles to you," Layton says, more for show than anything else since the nickname has long since taken root.

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