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When will the war start? I am a HUGE Koi fan and really wanted one and I hoped that TNT would send them out very soon.... - i_love_aisha_000
Sorry this has been a rather lengthy plot, there was so much we wanted to say about each character and character development was a major gripe about the HATIC plot (see we do read the boards). Very soon (in fact maybe before this editorial goes live) you will be able to choose sides and there will be some more explanation about how we will run the war. The actual fighting will begin with Chapter 15, so not long now :) Bear in mind the war will last quite a long time, so make sure you dont wear your Neopet out early on.

When mr. chip the ice cream man's spieces gets released, will they be limmited edition? - Sooooocute5
I don't believe they will be limited edition when they are released.

In the game Meepit vs. Feepit, if you beat a level it shows a picture of you feepit flexing (?). Also it says "You have proof yourself worthy", shouldn't that be You have proven yourself worthy? - Niara4
Nope, its totally intentional. Its a little in-joke referring to a lot of games we have played.

I sent in a couple of stories and an article into the NT a while ago, but have not had any word about them. I understand that it probably takes Snowflake a while to go through all the entries, but I was just wondering: Will I get a rejection letter via Neomail if I don't get accepted? - Metallictale
If you did not receive a response for your submission, this means that the Neopian Times was already full when you submitted it. Please keep trying. You should get a response soon letting you know if your submission is being considered.

Some of the members in my guild have been discussing how little the older Neopians have compared to the newbies, since we've stuck with the site for quite a while. Is it possible that we might be getting a board or something similar? - Owl12
Yes. We are working in this at the moment. As soon as we are done with the Maraqua war you should see a lot of nifty little thank yous for the people who have been with us a long time.

How do you reserve a spot at the new restrant "Kelp"? I went to the restrant a few days ago and he asked for a reservation. I have looked and looked around the site to see if you can reserve one but I have tried and failed. Can you even reserve a place? - Lildawg245
No, you cannot actually make a reservation. It is just the waiter's round about way of saying they are full.

I was just reading my Neopets magazine, and it said that Ixis used to be limited edition! Do you think you'll do the same with other pets, like the Cybunny for instance? :) - Urple
Ixis became non-limited in conjunction with the Battle for Meridell storyline if I remember correctly. It is possible that such a thing could happen in the future although most likely not to Cybunnies. We don't have any plans to change the limited status of Neopets at the moment and the new species we add will be mixed so some are limited and some are available to everyone.

Would you guys be able to update Meerca?? I'd love it to be changed abit and updated=) - Petez_25
We don't want to update multiple species at the same time as it gets a bit confusing keeping track. There are a few that could do with a new look including Meerca, Tuskaninny, Bruce, Blumaroo, Shoyru and Kyrii. We will work on getting all these updated in the coming months.

Will the poor Maraquan petpets that are currently taking refuge at the rock pool in Mystery Island eventually be returned to Maraqua? - Rawitsch
Maybe, although the Kougra that has been looking after them at the Rock Pool would be awfully sad to see them go.

I just created a new guild and it's looking pretty good except for the advertisement at the bottom! Why is there an advertisement there? Could you please get rid of it? thanx a lot! - Neopian_in_style2005
These should be removed now. If you see anymore, please let our support people know.

You know how on your birthday, there's the birthday sidebar? What day would you have it appear if someone was born on a leap year, on the 29th of Febuary? - tsukuyomaru
Currently it would appear on the 29th only. So on years when you do not have a 29th, I am afraid you will not see the birthday bar. This doesn't seem very fair, so I will see if this can be changed.

Swordsmaster Talek has only appeared once so far! Is he going to appear again? Or does he just have a minor role? And how many parts are going to be in the CoM plot? - Ellarose171
Swordsmaster Talek and King Kelpbeard will both have much larger roles very soon. In the fight scenes you will be seeing an awful lot of the Swordsmaster and his skills. In the meantime there is a new background featuring Talek.

are you EVER going to release a BABY KRAWK. i really want to see what it would look like as a baby.Every other pet has a baby form except a krawk :( - snuggle12978
Well technically a baby Krawk is a Krawk Petpet so we can't really do that.

how do you submit for "Quote of the Week"? They are soooooooo funny! Plus, you get your qoute AND user name on the front page of the Neopian Times! - ellie765291
The Quote of the Week is a quote that the Editor of the Neopian Times chooses out of the submissions published that week. If you want a quote of yours to be considered, you'll need to have a published submission that week.

I cant wait until the video game is out. Could you tell me anything about the game or at least when it is coming out? - Cassandra1234neo
If you go to the Stuff page you will see a link to the latest screenshots of the game and an interview with one of the lead designers.

I remember in a past Neopian Times, you stated there wou ld be a Maraquan-themed sidebar. Now that more sidebar themes are being released, maybe you could add something to our lookups (like the avatar count) with how many sidebar themes we've collected. - Irish_soldier
That would be cool. Also with the start of the war people will be able to unlock the new Maraqua side bar :)

I wondering, are there were any plans to do another McDonalds mini plushie promotion? There are still alot of pets that didn't find their way into happy meals. Could some of them be plushies of the limited edition pets, like poogles, cybunnies or draiks? It would be a great way for those who can't adopt one on Neopets to still have a chance to own one. - Milo14564
Yes, a new Happy Meal promotion will begin late this summer/early autumn. The plushies in this round are totally different species to the last and include Poogles, Gelerts and Meercas!

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