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Week - 182

Rad'emant Tineela: Part One
by dragonfate
Description: Bill tightly clenched the sword and slowly paced around Thomas as he carefully examined every angle. As the Lupe stood unwaveringly, he bided his time and waited for the Techo to strike first.

Week - 183

Rad'emant Tineela: Part Two
by dragonfate
Description: "It's not just something that I want to be. It's something that I feel is in me... that I'm supposed to be a great warrior like my father and my grandfather... I feel it, yet I don't see this future..."

Week - 184

Rad'emant Tineela: Part Three
by dragonfate
Description: Everyone at Rad'emant Tineela was cursed to stone, cursed to face all the ages of the world. They stood helpless and unmoving.

Week - 185

Rad'emant Tineela: Part Four
by dragonfate
Description: "Tomorrow at the break of dawn, not a moment sooner," Bishram replied and offered another chuckle. His face now glowed exuberantly. "It is late and I suggest all of you get some shut-eye. It's going to be a long and arduous 2 weeks."

Week - 186

Rad'emant Tineela: Part Five
by dragonfate
Description: "Never overestimate your abilities, Davie," Bishram scorned. "Pride is a weakness, and your enemies will exploit it."

Week - 187

Rad'emant Tineela: Part Six
by dragonfate
Description: "We've got our guy! Follow that Ixi!" Thomas prodded, as him and his friends drew their staff's and chased after the crimson Ixi.

Week - 188

Rad'emant Tineela: Part Seven
by dragonfate
Description: "Let the test commence," Bam-Roo announced, dismissing Thomas' question. "Are all of you ready?"

Week - 189

Rad'emant Tineela: Part Eight
by dragonfate
Description: "You mean that poor excuse for a Lenny we bashed back in 'Merry Daisies'?" the Aisha mocked. "You would risk your lives for that impudent girl by challenging me, Hamar Loreanon and my Wailing Devils? Very well then..."

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