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Birthday Petpets: A Guide to Celebratory Companions

by synneblynn


Full title: Birthday Petpets: A Guide to Celebratory Companions Through The Years

     The sweetest, sprinkliest, fluffiest and most delicious-looking buddies in Neopia are, by far, the Birthday Petpets. Inimitable as they are, they have become a staple when we celebrate one of the most highly anticipated days of the year: November 15th! In celebration of the 23rd birthday of Neopets, we're here to guide you through the acquisition and idiosyncrasies of the most munch-worthy Petpets around. Yum!

     How to obtain a birthday petpet

     Birthday Petpets are rare creatures that are only obtainable through opening a Birthday Goodie Bag or by using the Petpet Lab Ray (if such an experimental and dangerous device exists…). As such, they can be quite difficult to come by, but we are here to explain everything!

     The birthday goodie bags are released every year in celebration of the creation of Neopets. ….. Each new birthday goodie bag contains different Petpets that have received their new sprinkly colour. Starting in Year 14, we're now at the 10th year of Birthday Petpets, and that surely deserves its own article!

     How do I get this special goodie bag?

     A new goodie bag is released each year in time for Neopets' birthday. At this time, last year's goodie bag becomes retired and is no longer stocked in the shops. They have been released with a rarity of r72 and stock in the Toy Shop in Neopia Central.

     Many Neopians try their luck at the Wishing Well, where wishes really do come true! You can wish 7 times twice a day and cross your frosting-covered fingers that you'll get awarded with a Birthday Goodie Bag of your very own.

     Kadoatie - Y14 Birthday Goodie Bag (retired)

     The traditionally snarky and surly Kadoatie was one of the first Petpets to get the sprinkle-y birthday makeover. In the Y14 Birthday Goodie Bag, the Birthday Kadoatie was 1 of 4 possible Petpet prizes, alongside the Alabriss, Warf and… well, that last particular Petpet shall remain nameless for now.

     With hair made of frosting and a slightly sweeter demeanour than usual, it became an instant hit for all cupcake-loving Neopians. If you like being judged by your Petpet, this is the Kadoatie for you.

     The Birthday Kadoatie won the PPL in week 880 (November 3rd, 2022).

     Noil - Y15 Goodie Bag (retired)

     The Y15 goodie bag introduced us to frosty goodness such as the Birthday Babaa, Faellie, Ukali and the Noil.

     This little Chonker dragged its feet getting out of the birthday bag, and as a result has some very sticky and sprinkly paws. They are the perfect companion to Chocolate Grarrls, who literally took a dip in the chocolate fountain so they could look delectable.

     Turdle - Y16 Goodie Bag (retired)

     The Birthday Turdle is an excellent example that a proper Neopets birthday celebration isn't about getting there first, it's about style. The Turdle arrived with a sugar-cookie-style bang in the Year 16 bag and took Neopia by storm. Biscuit-coloured Tuskaninnies were all begging for the chance to play with this slow-moving snack; it's the only one they could keep up with in a birthday bean bag race.

     Polarchuck - Y17 Goodie Bag (retired)

     Rumour has it a Wintery Petpet looking suspiciously like a Polarchuck led a mass escape from Snowy Valley and snuck into the Y17 Goodie Bag. Reports from Birthday Snorkles, Angelpuss and Melvins say the Polarchucks were covered in a suspicious pink substance that looked like melted snow with sprinkles and ate all the birthday treats. Some Candy Poogles eventually showed up and escorted them back, though witnesses say the Polarchucks looked happier and slightly heavier than they were upon arrival.

     Ona - Y18 Goodie Bag (retired)

     The Birthday Ona slid into Neopians lives and hearts on a sprinkly fountain of birthday fun, while making a huge mess in the process. Thankfully the Birthday Barlow was around to clean it up, though some say the sheer amounts of frosting led to a serious sugar kick that made its eyes forever a tad googly. The Candy Gnorbu is rumoured to be especially caring, and its soft and fluffy hair makes for the perfect landing pad for playful Birthday Onas - the birthday slide never stops when these two pair up!

     Slymook - Y19 Goodie Bag (retired)

     The Birthday Slymook made its debut in the Year 19 Goodie Bag, alongside the Bowla, Leeble and Filamen. A cousin to the Slorg (with 20% less slime!), the Birthday look this Slymook is sporting brings it closer to 90% less slime, but with 20% more cherries! And a bit of crunch, too. No, it's not gravel. It's a biscuit. These munchable little Slymooks are the perfect buddy for any Chocolate Skeith - just make sure they're not feeling peckish...

     Icklesaur - Y20 Goodie Bag (retired)

     The grand 20th birthday brought us the Birthday Icklesaur, Feelorena, Flowper and Slorg. The Slorgs were too slimy to make it into this article, and the Feloreenas stopped for a rest on the way - they never made it. The timid little Birthday Icklesaurs decided it was best to stay safely in their birthday box. If anyone gets too close, they simply pop their lid back on. They're still great Petpets though, maybe to some nice and calm Biscuit Usuls.

     Harris - Y21 Goodie Bag (retired)

     These jellybean-covered birthday buddies came into cookies and cream-flavoured existence in celebration of Neopets' 21st birthday. In a delectable bag filled with Erisms, Kookiths, Kazerius, Doglefoxes and Grackles too, the Harris climbed over all the other Petpets to be the first to wish everyone a happy birthday - after we got them down from the tree.

     Snowickle - Y22 Goodie Bag (retired)

     Something slithered out of the Y22 goodie bag and stole all the presents... Oh, wait! It was the Birthday Snowickle. After a kerfuffle with the Birthday Gruslen, we decided it was easier to just let him keep all the shiny gifts he'd found. This year also brought us the Scnhelly and Yooyu, two opposite ends of the Petpet spectrum: one cuddler, and one who can't sit still for even a minute.

     Wibreth - Y23 Goodie Bag (r72)

     This year's goodie bag seemed a bit dangerous to us, and we were debating whether or not to open it - we could hear loud squawking noises from the minute we put it down. Worried it might self-destruct, we opened it and were instantly put upon it. The Xampher inside had nibbled on both the Cake Crown and Birthday Brigadeiros, the Wherfy and Raindorf were throwing sprinkles around and rolling in them, and the Wibreth just kept squawking. We still don't know if it was pleased, or alarmed.

      .... but what's this?!


     They're on the loose, again!

     Not even during Neopets birthday festivities is there a moment of risk-free fun. While they look deceptively peaceful in their cupcake liners, don't be fooled. They will wreak havoc at every birthday party you host and get away with it too.

     The only one who's ever been able to keep these dangerous creatures in check is the infamous Dr. Sloth. Where is that guy anyway?

     If you're made of stronger stuff than us, the Birthday Meepit can be found in the Y14 Goodie Bag. Article writers are not responsible for any injuries sustained while playing with the Birthday Meepit. Nor are there any take-backsies, returns or refunds. Attach at your own risk.

     From your birthday-loving, excessively celebratory, frosting-covered goodie bag experts, Cap and Sym.


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