White Weewoos don't exist. *shifty eyes* Circulation: 197,224,337 Issue: 973 | 2nd day of Celebrating, Y24
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Neopia's Winter Wonders

For the month of Celebrating!

by i_lovee_icecream
Neopia's Ultimate Comfort Foods

"We’ve all had bad days where everything just wants to go all wrong." Collaboration with anotherblond07 and desertsessions

by ayakae
Y23 Goodie Bag Under Speculation

The Y23 Goodie Bags are almost upon us, let's discuss what could be inside

by mickey_a94_a39
Have a Happy, Healthy Birthday, Neopets!

A healthy way to enjoy a birthday!

by fox_confessor
Neopia by Design: A Guide to the Shops of Neopia

"I'm Slyswift, the Faerie Pteri you may recognize as one of Neopia's most in-demand Neohome interior designers. I've customized Neohomes all over, from castles in the clouds of Faerieland to laid-back huts on the shores of Mystery Island."

by snokapfox
Neopets 23rd Birthday Interviews

Happy reading!

by zoooomz
Birthday Petpets: A Guide to Celebratory Companions

"The sweetest, sprinkliest, fluffiest and most delicious-looking buddies in Neopia are, by far, the Birthday petpets." Collaboration with j_harkness

by synneblynn
How I Celebrated Neo’s 23rd Birthday

"In celebration of Neopets’ 23rd birthday, I thought it fitting to accomplish one of my goals from the early years."

by ghostie_of_the_fc
The Baker's Guide to a Neopian Birthday

"Are you still looking for an ideal way to celebrate Neopets’ 23rd Birthday? Look no further – your answers are here!" Collaboration with preksolanx and theguy2020

by corrina404
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"Le cadeau d’anniversaire parfait " by petitehirondelline
C’était presque le jour J. Gizmo le Harris était encore indécis et le temps qui passait le faisait angoisser toujours un peu plus. Il n’avait toujours aucune idée du présent qu’il offrirait à son maître, Pépite le Grundo Biscuit, pour son anniversaire. Cela faisait des semaines qu’il y réfléchissait et chaque fois, un mal de crâne le prenait. Il voulait à tout prix éviter le fiasco de l’an dernier. Il était sorti à la dernière minute à Neopia Central, avait fait le tour des boutiques et des kiosques, puis finalement, pris de court, il s’était décidé à lui offrir… une boîte de mouchoirs. La déception dans le regard de Pépite avait fait de la peine à Gizmo. Bien sûr, Pépite avait essayé de ne rien montrer, ne voulant pas blesser son pauvre petit Harris. "Oh, une boîte de mouchoirs," avait-t-il dit, sans grand entrain. "Elle me sera bien utile lors de mon prochain rhume! Et les motifs de nuages sur le carton sont jolis, elle fera une excellente décoration dans ma chambre. Merci bien, Gizmo."

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An Unexpected Birthday Surprise
"There wasn’t anyone here...Okay, let me rephrase that – I was here. Only me. On my birthday..."

by saqo


Le cadeau d’anniversaire parfait
It's the story of a Harris who doesn't know what to offer to his Grundo for his birthday!

by petitehirondelline


A Hero's Journey: It Takes Two
"'We really should send a small squad of knights,' Tuffold commented as he and Danner walked down the Meridell Castle hallway. 'It’s the third day since Jeran and Rohane left. I hope they didn’t wind up duelling each other along the way.'"

by precious_katuch14


The Royal Thief Unbound
"Home is where the heart is." Collab with breakeven

by k3l26


Ultimo 00 : Everlasting
Remember the past, seek the future.

by shellshocks


Completely Smart - Chores
"It's your turn to take out the trash..."

by ms_meepit

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