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Turn and Return - Pt. 3


by hamster_z
When a Baby Has a Birthday...

The worst part of a Baby Neopet's Birthday...

by _brainchild_
Neopets Pixel Cross Puzzle #5

Can you solve this Cross Puzzle!

by krabby_55
Vandagyre Day Crossword

Nothing like appreciating the Vandagyre with a crossword puzzle and your favorite breakfast!

by gromits
Celebrate? More like Slorgibrate!

Time to plan a Slorg quinceañera!

by elipsis4k
The Invisible Neopets Convention

Looks like everyone made it!

by emmakrakoka
Neopets' 23th Birthday!!

Grab a slice of cake and find all these words!

by dollsuki
Faeries Fabulous Birthday Party (Logic Puzzle)

Five of the faeries from Neopia gather to celebrate Neopets' 23rd birthday!

by skeletonic
Your Time Has Come

Its been fun, bag. Collab with black_kisa

by flaiyper
Neopies Special Edition - Neopets Birthday

Happy Neopets Birthday! Collab with 6moricehero6

by poxaleo
Ultimo 00 : Everlasting

Remember the past, seek the future.

by shellshocks
A Mouthwatering Birthday Malady!

Are they a birthday treat or seriously ill?

by andypopo
Neopets 23rd Birthday Word Search

Find all these Neopets 23rd Birthday Theme words!

by amylotti
Completely Smart - Chores

"It's your turn to take out the trash..."

by ms_meepit
Dinner with the Scarlets: Another Birthday

What a difference! Which one are you?

by june_scarlet
Spectacular weather forecast

"We're back with Neopian Morning News and now..."

by dysper
It's Tradition

"Looks like we get a nice, quiet holiday this year!"

by queen_potema
Life and Neopets

It's nice to be back. Happy birthday Neopets!

by woohooloolz
Stop forgetting you!

"Retrace your steps!" Collab with krowkano

by romina_r
Tiki Tiki Tavi

It’s great to be back on a special day!

by punjambi
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Y23 Goodie Bag Under Speculation

Just as the hands of a clock turn with the time, the seasons change with the sun, new items take centre stage each year as Neopet's birthday rolls around. Reporting live from the field it's Baron von Murin, Neopian Times' premiere Eyrie journalist. Today marks the 23rd year of the Neopian calendar and that means the Neopets 22nd Birthday Goodie Bag is set to leave circulation in a matter of hours, if not minutes. It may already be retired as of the time of this publication. The previous year's goodie bag held the much sought-after Neopets 22nd Birthday Stamp which has retained its value going into the 23rd year. Alongside this collectable were a slew of Petpets coming in a very lively Birthday colour: the Gruslen, Snowickle, Schnelly, and Yooyu. "We really tried to follow the current trend of Petpets having a festive feel as well as introduce a new collectable after several years of not having one in the goodie bags," an anonymous Kacheek associated with the item planning process stated.

Other Stories


The Birthday Party That Got Out of Hand
"It was a sunny morning in Neopia, a day like any other. Neopets were bustling through the streets, buying food and other necessities in the busy streets of Neopia Central..." Collab with malzeno

by maryannyks


An Unexpected Birthday Surprise
"There wasn’t anyone here...Okay, let me rephrase that – I was here. Only me. On my birthday..."

by saqo


Birthday Petpets: A Guide to Celebratory Companions
"The sweetest, sprinkliest, fluffiest and most delicious-looking buddies in Neopia are, by far, the Birthday petpets." Collaboration with j_harkness

by synneblynn


The Baker's Guide to a Neopian Birthday
"Are you still looking for an ideal way to celebrate Neopets’ 23rd Birthday? Look no further – your answers are here!" Collaboration with preksolanx and theguy2020

by corrina404


The Royal Thief Unbound
"Home is where the heart is." Collab with breakeven

by k3l26


Geographical Guide to the Best Recipes in Every Land
"his week, Lilian and Werther are visiting lands more known for their myths and faerie tales than their physical locations. Directions? Second star to the left and straight on til morning … except you can visit these places, even outside your dreams!" Collab with cutiepie4707

by doglover3662

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