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Your questions answered!

Read the answers to the most commonly asked Neopets questions this week in the Editorial section. Each week the most popular questions will be answered by one of the creators of Neopets, so keep checking back to stay updated.

Quote of the Week

"The fall seemed to be in slow motion and high speed all at once. Leafy branches whipped past her, too insubstantial to make any difference. Then, she hit a thick branch, the breath knocked out of her. Slippery with moss and lichen, she couldn’t get a grip before she was falling again. Just when she wondered if she would fall forever, she was abruptly stopped by a cradle of vines just above the jungle floor."

Neopets 23rd Birthday Interviews

The 15th of November marked the 23rd Birthday of Neopets, which meant a day full of surprises and fun events. As celebrants all over Neopia prepared for the happenings, some places and shops were busier than others. We were interested in how the anniversary turned out for our fellow habitants of Neopia, and therefore decided to send our team of reporters to visit some familiar faces and ask them about their day. We first chose to pay a visit to the Neopian Bazaar, a very popular area amongst Neopians of all ages. Here we can find the cute little Toy Shop, a store that was reported to have had some unusually large activity on the day in question. We asked the friendly Lupe behind the counter about it. Us: Thanks for having us! How was Neopets 23rd Birthday for your shop? Toy Shop Shopkeeper: Well, we were expecting a few more visitors than usual to buy some toys as gifts for their friends. However, things escalated quite quickly when thousands and thousands of visitors flooded into...

Y23 Goodie Bag Under Speculation

Just as the hands of a clock turn with the time, the seasons change with the sun, new items take centre stage each year as Neopet's birthday rolls around. Reporting live from the field it's Baron von Murin, Neopian Times' premiere Eyrie journalist. Today marks the 23rd year of the Neopian calendar and that means the Neopets 22nd Birthday Goodie Bag is set to leave circulation in a matter of hours, if not minutes. It may already be retired as of the time of this publication. The previous year's goodie bag held the much sought-after Neopets 22nd Birthday Stamp which has retained its value going into the 23rd year. Alongside this collectable were a slew of Petpets coming in a very lively Birthday colour: the Gruslen, Snowickle, Schnelly, and Yooyu. "We really tried to follow the current trend of Petpets having a festive feel as well as introduce a new collectable after several years of not having one in the goodie bags," an anonymous Kacheek associated with the item planning process stated.

Have a Happy, Healthy Birthday, Neopets!

For most of my pets, a stroll through the Neopian Bazaar necessitates a stop at just about every shop imaginable. My baby pets all want to go to the Toy Shop, and I end up running after my Baby Blumaroo as he tries to chase down everything springy that he cannot find on Roo Island. My Unis both want to go to the Grooming Parlor to buy Mane Conditioner Hoof Polish. My JubJub wants to go to Uni’s Clothing because he loves his Shop Wizard outfit and cannot wait to see if anything new is in stock for him (he is especially fond of socks, shoes, and gloves, which all effectively serve the same purpose for him). My Mallow Grundo likes to go to the Chocolate Factory to see his eatable counterparts, which is a little weird if you ask me, but he is an alien after all. My Usuls want to go to Usuki Land, because of course they do. And my Peophin always leads the charge, tail over hooves, to the Bakery—my pets love the Bakery. Well, almost all of my pets love the Bakery. Of all my pets, my Pea Chia alone has no taste for the Bakery. And of all my pets, my Pea Chia alone wants to go to Neopian Health Foods. Do you have a pet that likes to eat healthy? Up until I got my Pea Chia, I was convinced that the only way to get my pets to eat carrots was to disguise them in cake. But my Pea Chia absolutely loves his fruits and veggies. He has an odd fondness for peas, sort of like my Mallow Grundo with marshmallows without the excuse of being an alien, but who knows what sort of magic those famed Magical Chia Pops contain?

Other Stories
"An Unexpected Birthday Surprise " by saqo
There wasn’t anyone here. Okay, let me rephrase that – I was here. Only me. On my birthday. I’m a Kacheek who works at a shop in Neopia Central. I restock shelves, help other Neopet customers, and keep the shop clean. I work really hard, and I enjoy interacting with fellow Neopets and their owners. It’s a fun job! I had worked in that shop for long enough that I became rather close with my coworkers. A Uni, Bori, and Jetsam, were fun and friendly Neopets. They helped me when I needed it at work, and I tried to be supportive of them as well. Sure, we didn’t hang out much outside of work, but what better time to start than now? So, five days before my birthday, I invited them to a party at my Neohome. I smiled and enthusiastically told them there would be cake, other snacks, and birthday games. They agreed to come! I spent the next few days smiling most of the time I was awake. You see, I’m a bit of a shy Kacheek by nature, but I was proud of myself for inviting them to my home.

"Le cadeau d’anniversaire parfait " by petitehirondelline
C’était presque le jour J. Gizmo le Harris était encore indécis et le temps qui passait le faisait angoisser toujours un peu plus. Il n’avait toujours aucune idée du présent qu’il offrirait à son maître, Pépite le Grundo Biscuit, pour son anniversaire. Cela faisait des semaines qu’il y réfléchissait et chaque fois, un mal de crâne le prenait. Il voulait à tout prix éviter le fiasco de l’an dernier. Il était sorti à la dernière minute à Neopia Central, avait fait le tour des boutiques et des kiosques, puis finalement, pris de court, il s’était décidé à lui offrir… une boîte de mouchoirs. La déception dans le regard de Pépite avait fait de la peine à Gizmo. Bien sûr, Pépite avait essayé de ne rien montrer, ne voulant pas blesser son pauvre petit Harris. "Oh, une boîte de mouchoirs," avait-t-il dit, sans grand entrain. "Elle me sera bien utile lors de mon prochain rhume! Et les motifs de nuages sur le carton sont jolis, elle fera une excellente décoration dans ma chambre. Merci bien, Gizmo."

"The Birthday Party That Got Out of Hand " by maryannyks
It was a sunny morning in Neopia, a day like any other. Neopets were bustling through the streets, buying food and other necessities in the busy streets of Neopia Central. One red Poogle was looking a little lost, as he didn't come to the Central often, so he had no idea where he had to go. In his hand was a small envelope, it was an invite. An invite to his birthday party that was supposed to happen tomorrow. He wanted to make a few copies of it, to give to his closest friends. He had five friends and was really excited to give them all an invite to his party. But he didn't know where to find the library where he could make copies of his special little invite. The Poogle tried to muster up some courage and ask the nearest Neopian for help. "Excuse me," the Poogle said to an older-looking Lenny. "Do you know where the library is?" "Sure little one, it's a quick walk over that way." The older Lenny pointed towards Faerieland. "Thank you, ma'am." the red Poogle thanked the Lenny politely.

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