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Hello all! As the holidays approach, we wanted to remind users that many of our artists based out of Ukraine are still having a very difficult time. Despite their circumstances, they have never stopped or lowered the quality of the incredible artwork they create for us, and although incidents like recent power outages have delayed their progress, they continue to endure and develop wonderful art for the Neopets Team. Please keep this in mind during the coming months, as these delays do impact our prize and event development. As much as we appreciate their tireless work, the safety of our artists is of the utmost importance. Please keep them in your thoughts and send any and all support you can their way! ~~Aesop

Hi there =) Hope you are well today. Just wanted to let you know the item "Grapefruit Necklace" has a rarity of 90 even though it is a Neocash item. It should be r500. Thanks! ~~howdareyoufreezeme1
Hello! Thanks for writing in, this has now been fixed. (: ~~Miss Rainbow

Hey! I’ve noticed on the boards that whenever there’s a new user, they experience frustration over the checklist feature for new accounts—you can’t get rid of the neohome creation or tutorial from the checklist because they cannot be completed without Flash. Is there any way these can be removed so that the site isn’t immediately off-putting to new players? ~~encroached
We have a tutorial update planned in the future on our roadmap, and a large focus of that update will be improving the first-time user experience. We certainly understand how being unable to complete the checklist for new accounts can be frustrating and turn new players off. Removing those two from the checklist (or even updating the checklist itself) is an excellent suggestion, so thank you for sharing it with us. We will keep this in mind when we get around to updating and polishing the site introduction for new users! ~~Aesop

Hi TNT, I'm sure this has probably been brought up in previous issues over the years but in the very off chance it hasn't been asked yet: when will be able to see our sent neomail messages? It can be very hard sometimes when you send someone a neomail and they get back to you 24-48 hours later with their response, only for you to have forgotten what you sent them in the first place. This has certainly been an issue in the past when holding multiple conversations as well. ~~mickey_a94_a39
Hello! We have designed a revamp for Neomail to have more modernized features, a sent folder being one of them! With other priorities we have on the site and upcoming events it will take some time for us to work on this. But this is planned can check this out and other stuff we're working on in our recently released roadmap <3 ~~ Sunpotato

I recently saw a board where a user was generating AI art for other users based on their neopets. This made me think about the BC/art gallery and how the official rules pages for both haven't been updated in a long time. It also made me think, 'Wow, what's stopping people from submitting AI art to these competitions and potentially winning them?' Is there an official stance on whether or not AI art is allowed to be entered into these competitions, and, if it's not, how might TNT combat people from entering with AI art? Personally, I don't want it allowed and find current AI art extremely unethical. Please keep my username anonymous. ~~Anonymous
Yes, we have internally been discussing how the rise of art generated using AI will impact some of our creative contests on the site. We agree that allowing users to enter AI art into on-site competitions would be unfair to artists who have spent hours perfecting their work. We are planning on updating the rules of both the Beauty Contest and Art Gallery soon to state that AI art entries are not allowed. Since AI art is a relatively new phenomenon that is still developing, it will likely be difficult to identify every single AI submission. However, we will look into ways to detect AI-generated art and do our best to keep up with these developments in our rapidly changing world! Also, as always, if you see a user who you suspect is breaking the rules, please do not hesitate to let us know and send along any information you have that could help us verify they have been cheating. Kikocat even removed an AI art submission today after it was reported by another user! ~~Aesop

Hiiii! So I got a Zomutt Play Fetch item from a NYCC pin, but due to animations on customization being broken it is literally invisible everywhere but the customize screen. Is there any way to get the frame of animation used for the photo shown elsewhere on the site changed so the item will actually be visible when worn by one of my pets? :( ~~cookii_music
Hello! Thanks for letting us know about this- the cute lil Zomutt should be in view at ALL times! Because ya know they chew on just about anything and everything. Good news is now you should be able to adore and keep a close eye on this Petpet because we have fixed this issue! Happy customising x) ~~Miss Rainbow

I don't mean to be 'pushie', but can you please update the name of the Birthday Buzz Pushie? Thanks and hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving! ~~quailbat
Very clever! And helpful (: thank you for letting us know about that little typo. We’ve updated the name of the Birthday Buzz Plushie to fix that mistake. Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving as well! ~~Aesop

*throws brain kebab your way* any chance Mutants could get a science themed clothing option or two? – a lab coat perhaps? ~~puppetwomon
*takes the brain kebab* Thanks! This is a fun idea and we have jotted it down in our notes x) ~~Miss Rainbow

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