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New Series

The Discovery

"Somarrah was awoken from her slumber by loud squawks and growls then a kick to the side. Her brother and cousin were playing and the sleeping Somarrah was simply another obstacle."

by 77thbigby
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Neopets 23rd Birthday Interviews

The 15th of November marked the 23rd Birthday of Neopets, which meant a day full of surprises and fun events. As celebrants all over Neopia prepared for the happenings, some places and shops were busier than others. We were interested in how the anniversary turned out for our fellow habitants of Neopia, and therefore decided to send our team of reporters to visit some familiar faces and ask them about their day. We first chose to pay a visit to the Neopian Bazaar, a very popular area amongst Neopians of all ages. Here we can find the cute little Toy Shop, a store that was reported to have had some unusually large activity on the day in question. We asked the friendly Lupe behind the counter about it. Us: Thanks for having us! How was Neopets 23rd Birthday for your shop? Toy Shop Shopkeeper: Well, we were expecting a few more visitors than usual to buy some toys as gifts for their friends. However, things escalated quite quickly when thousands and thousands of visitors flooded into...

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Birthday Truce
"When the sun rises over Meridell, you never know what the day will bring. This is especially the case when you’re a Darigan Eyrie..."

by parody_ham


A Surprising Present
"The spotted Pteri gaped as she entered the room to find her family in front of her, holding out various presents..."

by gentle_lil_queen


Neopia by Design: A Guide to the Shops of Neopia
"I'm Slyswift, the Faerie Pteri you may recognize as one of Neopia's most in-demand Neohome interior designers. I've customized Neohomes all over, from castles in the clouds of Faerieland to laid-back huts on the shores of Mystery Island."

by snokapfox


Neopets 23rd Birthday Interviews
Happy reading!

by zoooomz


Completely Smart - Chores
"It's your turn to take out the trash..."

by ms_meepit


Neopets 23rd Birthday Word Search
Find all these Neopets 23rd Birthday Theme words!

by amylotti

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