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Geographical Guide to the Best Recipes in Every Land

by doglover3662


Chapter 10: The Heart of it All, Neopian Central

      After many weeks of exploring the varied lands of Neopia, our adventurers have arrived at their final destination: Neopian Central, the heart of Neopia.

     This valley is comprised of The Main Shops, Neopian Plaza, Neopian Bazaar, and The Marketplace. It is here that you will find many of Neopia’s most famous landmarks, notably the Rainbow Pool, Money Tree, Wishing Well, and on and on. You’ve probably been here thousands of times and already know all this.

     Many hours after leaving the Virtupets Space Station, their spaceship breaches the atmosphere and lands into the small body of water that separates Neopian Central and Roo Island.

     Lilian presses another button, which converts the spaceship into a sailboat. She navigates the sailboat onto the shore of Neopian Central.

     They climb onto shore and make their way to Neopian Plaza.

      Neopian Plaza: Rainbow Melt Pizza

      Lilian: We’ve finally made it to the final stop of our journey, Neopian Central.

     Werther: I can hardly believe it, I’m kind of sad that it’s almost over.

     Lilian: Almost, but not quite. We still have all of Neopian Central to see. For the Neopian Plaza section of my series, I’d love to include some pizza!

     Lilian and Werther head over the Pizzaroo.

     Pizzaroo Shopkeeper: Uniquely flavored pizzas, straight from the oven!

     Lilian: Hullo! What is your most unique, but also most Neopian-Central-esque pizza, if that makes any sense?

     She briefly explains her journeys around Neopia and her writing quest.

     Pizzaroo Shopkeeper: Ah, that would be the Rainbow Melt Pizza. I’ll be happy to help. You might think that the recipe for this pizza is already included in its item description, but I’ll let you in on a secret: over ½ the ingredients don’t exist or aren’t listed! How about that! It’s a good thing you’re talking to me. I think we should petition the editorial staff of the Neopian Times to ask the faeries what in Neopia Fnard-Fruit is! For the other mystery ingredient, Loganberry, a deep dive into a thesaurus of other worlds says it is closest to a blackberry in flavor. So, we have that to go on, but the other is utterly baffling. Even the cheese line is vague. I’m rambling again, aren’t I? Here are the ingredients I suggest you use:

     Yeasty Bread, Flask of Olive Oil, Yellow Kougra Squash Soup, the best carrot variety ever, the Faerie Carrot 2.0, Spherical Strawberry, a handful of blackberries from a BlackBerry Bush, Turihar Berry, Avocado Baby Food, and ask Hubert for a spoonful of the Mozzarella Basil Sauce he uses on the Mozzarella Basil Hot Dog, since the sauce is not sold separately. Paper Cutter Ruler recommended.

     A couple notes on the ingredients before I begin with the instructions. Before you ask why carrot on a pizza, Fyora herself invented this Faerie Carrot 2.0, and it’s the most delicious carrot you’ll ever taste. She transports fresh ones from her crop collections in the clouds once a week to Neopia. How she farms without dirt is beyond me, but I digress. The other note is on the Turihar Berry. Without even knowing the origin area of the mystery “Fnard-Fruit,” this peculiar blue berry is my best hypothesis for a substitute. It’s garlic and turnip notes really do round out this triangular pizza slice’s flavor notes. This is, after all, a “uniquely-topped” pizza, as touted on my menu, and it truly is just that.

     And now, the process! First, cut your yeasty bread into a triangle, and then make a long slice through the long way, being careful of your paws. This will make it a bit thinner, but leave the crust on the bottom. On the soft bready part, spread a thin, even layer of olive oil. On top of that, add a couple small spoonfuls of Mozzarella Basil sauce. Then, chop/mash the rest of the ingredients with your Paper Cutter Ruler. From left to right, add a little Yellow Kougra Squash Soup, Faerie Carrot 2.0, Spherical Strawberry, Blackberries, Turihar Berry, Avocado Baby Food, and just a bit more of the Squash Soup. Bake in an oven set at 400° for 10 minutes, take out of the oven, then let cool to your favorite pizza eating temperature.

     Werther: What a surprising delight. Thank you!

     Lilian: How good was that! Ready for some more rainbow food? Let’s head to the Neopian Bazaar.

     From the Neopian Plaza, Lilian and Werther make the short walk to the Neopian Bazaar to visit the Chocolate Factory. As they get closer, they see what seems to be a pair of paws walking a pile of faerie fluff.

     Lilian: I wonder how they make that giant cotton candy?

     Werther: It’s not just sugar and air?

     Lilian: It seems too spectacular for that. Let’s go find out!

      Neopian Bazaar: Rainbow Candy Floss


      Chocolate Factory Kiko: How does one even begin to make candy floss, you ask? It’s actually pretty simple if you have a cotton candy making machine! For my most magnificent Rainbow Candy Floss, you’ll need:

      Bag of Sugar, Checkered Easter Negg, Blue Flower Easter Negg, Phear Easter Negg, Pink Snowbunny Easter Negg, Dancing Daisy Easter Negg, Fruity Faerie Easter Negg, Springtime Walking Stick

      You may be wondering why this recipe needs so many neggs, when it’s supposed to be as light as air, and you’re right in asking. We’ll be using these neggs today to flavor and color our sugar. Begin the recipe by splitting your small sugar bag into 6 smaller bowls. Now, for each negg, peel off a bit of the shell and let just a few drops of the flavor ooze out into one of the bowls. Amazingly, negg juice doubles as a flavor extract and food coloring. It will add those stunning colors you see in the rainbow floss. Once the sugar and flavor combos have dried, add them one at a time into the middle cotton candy machine. Oh, and just so you know, this is a GIANT cotton candy that you can share with your friends – it’s hard to tell the scale of it from our sales catalog. For each one, take your stick, and twirl it in circles while moving it circles around the outer rim of the cotton candy maker. Once the floss starts to form, start wrapping it around the stick, raising the stick above the machine, and spinning it in circles perpendicular to the counter. Gently push it down a bit to save room for the remaining colors, and repeat for each one. This might take 30-60 minutes, but it will be well worth it. Ta-da! You have your Rainbow Candy Floss!

      From the Neopian Bazaar, Lilian and Werther cross over to the true heart of it all, the center of Neopian Central.

      Neopia Central: Rainbow Cybunny Carrot Burger


      Lilian: For Neopian Central, I think I’ll include my favorite sandwich! My dad taught me how to make it when I was little.

     Werther: What a special way to end this series, then. What is it?

     Lilian: It’s the Rainbow Cybunny Carrot Burger. My dad always encourages me to eat all the pretty colors, especially in vegetable form. Inspired by the favorite locales in Neopian Central, and the preferred sandwich of Cybunnies, it includes an edible form of nerkmids, some freshly grown carrots, and looks like it was dipped in the rainbow fountain, itself! No artificial dyes here, and your stomach will thank you for that, too. So, to create this dish, you’ll need the following:

      Two Rainbow Toasts with Rainbow Jam, one Rainbow Chia Pop, two Rainbow Carrots, Cosmic Cheese Stars

      Another vegetarian dish for our menu today, this one will be a cinch to prepare. First, lay out your pieces of Rainbow Toast on your table. The jam will be quite tasty, but we’ll be adding even more flavor to it via the Rainbow Chia Pop. Go ahead and rip one end of the pop open, if it’s room temperature, and spread it evenly over both slices of toast. Then, on the cutting board, chop two rainbow carrots in half, leaving their greens at the end attached. Add a couple Cosmic Cheese Stars if you like (and you should, because your taste buds will experience something better than cloud nine), put one of the toasts on top of the other one, jam facing down, and there you go! For a double rainbow effect, this can be served with rainbow coffee. What a wonderful way to end our cooking and baking journeys around and beyond the globe!

      After sitting on a bench reminiscing about their journeys, Lilian and Werther return to their sailboat, convert it back into a mechanical hot air balloon, and settle in for the journey home. As Werther steers the mechanical hot air balloon, Lilian puts on the final touches on her series.




      You now earn the awards of master traveller and master chef!

      You have made it, both to the end of this article series, and through the wildest and most adventurous cooking expedition of all time. You avoided shipwreck on the rough seas, and found recipes in the lands of high misty mountain spices and on an island inhabited by pirates. From there, you island hopped, exploring every corner of the land with a mysterious cooking pot and deserted tomb, and even touched foot on the land entirely covered in mist. Not yet satiated with the sea, you dove to its very depths, and then finally hopped on shore for some lakeside relaxation, island entertainment park fun, and the best arcade on the planet. Things really heated up at that point, as you navigated desert dunes and walked straight into a volcano, just in the quest for these recipes! Not stopped by the heat, and motivated to find something magical, you travelled to a valley known for its annual cup, and then met the Faerie Queen herself in a land that once floated in space. Hopefully, the magic can one day be restored, such that it floats again. Enchanted, you turned to the vast fields of Neopia, the plains, and the rival brother kings that rule there. Then, it was time to start travelling up, and you quickly ran through one spooky forest before heading to the high plateaus of ancient reptiles and their current descendants. It seems that they offer a giant omelette each day to keep the peace. Yet even after that, you were still thirsty for travel and went up as high as you could on foot, scaling the tallest mountains on the North Pole of Neopia. Quenched and energized by their drinks, it was time to enter outer space, and you did! After bouncing on a purple and orange moon, you even got a smile out of Dr Sloth himself. Finally, after all these travels, you thought fondly of home, and discovered that sometimes, your favourite recipe is the one you grew up eating.

      I hope you enjoyed these best recipes from each and every Neopian land. Bon voyage, wherever you may go next!

     The End.

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