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Your questions answered!

Read the answers to the most commonly asked Neopets questions this week in the Editorial section. Each week the most popular questions will be answered by one of the creators of Neopets, so keep checking back to stay updated.

Quote of the Week

"Buxton, however, looked at him calmly. Bravely, he replied, "Well, aye, milord, I know ye don't like me, you've shown it with your words an' actions, and, frankly, while I really don't care about ye not liking me, what I do care about is you hurting my family."

Faerie Town

Faerie Town, Darigan Citadel The Fall of Faerieland was a very disruptive time in Faerieland’s history. Xandra’s act displaced many residents living near the area that Faerieland crashed into, as well as the faeries who were used to living in the skies. Even adjusting to having a proper day/night cycle was a struggle for many of them. While the faeries thought that perhaps Queen Fyora would look for ways to raise their home into the skies again, she decided that the future of Faerieland would be best on the ground, where they would be more accessible to pets. After all, Xandra was dismayed at the lack of engagement of Faerieland with other parts of Neopia. Keeping Faerieland on the ground was a great way to have neighbors to relate to. Yes, many faeries understood Queen Fyora’s point and most of them agreed with her, realizing that perhaps their period of relative isolation in the skies was likely not a boon for Neopia. However, even among those that concurred, there were still a handful of them that preferred living in the skies, and they began to seek other living arrangements.

All's Wool That Ends Wooll

The 6th day of the Month of Sleeping marks Gnorbu Shearing Day. In recognition of this special time of the year, here are fun things to do with your favourite formerly fuffy Neopet during and after the Shearing Festival! 1. Knit a scarf Gnorbu wool is known to be the softest and warmest in Neopia, so if you're lucky enough to get a bagful of their wool, and you're feeling crafty, watch some how-to videos on VirtupetsTube and knit something! Gnorbu wool does take a little preparation, though, so when you get the raw wool you'll have to clean the wool nice and good. I’d recommend Gnorbu Conditioning Shampoo – if it’s good enough while it’s on your Gnorbu, it’s good enough now. You want to make sure it’s nice and clean – even if your Gnorbu has good hair care habits, once it’s off you can use the hottest water to really scour it. When it's clean, your wool is ready to spin into yarn, and once you have yarn you’re ready to knit up some socks and scarves and hats for your Gnorbu (or you!) to keep warm through the rest of winter.

Book Reviews & Recommendations: Neopian Times Edition

Prettyful_me, my Kau, absolutely LOVES reading, so she and I spend a lot of time reading all kinds of books together. Over the years, we have read a LOT of books, so she and I decided to start reviewing them. Our friend cutie_1540 and her Faerie Nimmo Froggydude728 are big readers as well and will be joining us this week. For the very special 975th anniversary edition of the Neopian Times, we decided to review the Neopian Times! Prettyful_me, Froggydude728, cutie_1540, and I love to read each new online edition of the Neopian Times and we recommend reading every single one. There are six early issues of the Times that are available as readable items, so we are going to review these issues for you today!

Other Stories
"The Swashbuckler's Sword" by werelupe_king23
It all started at the Swashbuckling Academy on Krawk Island. The three-legged Eyrie and former pirate, Cap'n Threelegs, was ready to present his top pupil from this particular class he had been teaching for a few months now a Cap'n Threelegs Training Sword. It was something he gave only to the best Neopians at the Swashbuckling Academy. However, he had unfortunately misplaced it. He could not fathom where he had put it. It was probably due to his memory, as he was getting on in years and was not the type to misplace things. The students wouldn't dare touch it, either. After all, the old Eyrie could be rather stern. He needed to find the Training Sword quickly, though. Although it was technically a training tool, it was extremely dangerous in the hands of an Eyrie. Only an Eyrie could harness the true power of the Cap'n Threelegs Training Sword. That was why the Cap'n decided to have the top pupil in question, a Sketch Eyrie called Apollo, aid him in this small quest. He knew Apollo would make a fine swashbuckler one day. This would be the Sketch Eyrie's first quest, albeit an unofficial one.

"I Was Abducted by Alien Aishas!" by chesschocolate
As Aliiv stepped out of the Rainbow Fountain, she noticed something very strange. Her hands, which had been yellow only moments before, were now clad in smooth white gloves. She reached for her face and found it was encased in glass. She could see her brother, a green Grundo named Frankenst, watching her with a smirk on his face. Aliiv huffed and tried to pull the helmet off of her head, only to realize it was attached to her shirt. Stubborn as always, she continued to pull and pull, until she stumbled and fell backwards into the Fountain, whose waters were now running clear. The Fountain Faerie giggled and reached for Aliiv. She tapped the Aisha’s collar and the glass disappeared. “Congratulations,” said the Faerie, “You’re now an Alien Aisha!” Aiiv gasped. Could it be true? She turned to look at her reflection in the water. Her skin was now a glossy green. Where there had once been two antennae, there were now four, all green as her face and bouncing joyfully in the light breeze. Her eyes were dark as the night sky and shone with starlight. “Holy Kau!” cried Aliiv. “I really am an alien!”

"Adventure to Plushie Mountain" by xolidja
Wulfby despised being the youngest Neopet in the family. While the others were able to go on countless adventures he was usually stuck at home. Sure, every time they came back, they had a gift for him but they always brought the same thing: a plushie. He’d bite back a snarky remark each time his sibling handed him the new plushie, a bright red bow wrapped around it. His siblings always had the brightest smiles as they said, “this reminded me of you!” They always looked so pleased with themselves so he’d take the plushie and force a smile on his face as he gave his automatic response of, “oh thank you so much!” He perfected the gracious acceptance of the plushie gift over time. He could fake a smile like the best of them. Sometimes he’d even through a comment of how gorgeous the red ribbon was. Every single time. His siblings fell for it like clockwork and would look so pleased with themselves for getting their little brother such a great gift. They’d pat themselves on the back and then go into a story of the adventure. That, was the reason that Wulfby tolerated these plushies: the stories. He loved hearing about all the adventures his siblings would go on.

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Faerie Town
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The Fall of Faerieland was a very disruptive time in Faerieland’s history. Xandra’s act displaced many residents living near the area that Faerieland crashed into, as well as the faeries who were used to living in the skies."

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