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"Adventure to Plushie Mountain" by xolidja
Wulfby despised being the youngest Neopet in the family. While the others were able to go on countless adventures he was usually stuck at home. Sure, every time they came back, they had a gift for him but they always brought the same thing: a plushie. He’d bite back a snarky remark each time his sibling handed him the new plushie, a bright red bow wrapped around it. His siblings always had the brightest smiles as they said, “this reminded me of you!” They always looked so pleased with themselves so he’d take the plushie and force a smile on his face as he gave his automatic response of, “oh thank you so much!” He perfected the gracious acceptance of the plushie gift over time. He could fake a smile like the best of them. Sometimes he’d even through a comment of how gorgeous the red ribbon was. Every single time. His siblings fell for it like clockwork and would look so pleased with themselves for getting their little brother such a great gift. They’d pat themselves on the back and then go into a story of the adventure. That, was the reason that Wulfby tolerated these plushies: the stories. He loved hearing about all the adventures his siblings would go on.

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