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Geographical Guide to the Best Recipes in Every Land

by doglover3662


Chapter 5: Lands of History and Faerie Tales

      This week, Lilian and Werther are visiting lands more known for their myths and faerie tales than their physical locations. Directions? Second star to the left and straight on til morning … except you can visit these places, even outside your dreams!

      In the distance, the silhouette of the Hall of Heroes appears. That’s right, our adventurer's next stop is the walled city of Altador.

     Lilian lands the mechanical hot air balloon in an open area between the Colosseum and the Hall of Heroes.

     Werther: After the extreme heat of Lost Desert and Moltara, the temperate climate of Altador is heavenly.

     Lilian: Agreed, but that’s the beauty of Neopia. It has every climate imaginable.

     Altador: Altadorian Cobb Salad


     Lilian and Werther take in the sites and various districts of Altador, when they are approached by one of the twelve protectors of Altador, Florin. He used to be a farmer and is a big advocate for getting more Neopians to eat more fruits and vegetables.

     Florin: Hello adventurers, welcome to Altador! Are you the ones on the search for Neopia’s best recipes?

     Lilian: Pleasure to meet you sir! Yes, we are. My how news has travelled.

     Florin: I was hoping you were the ones. I have a delicious and nutritious recipe I’d like to share with you. You’ve collected many recipes, but I assure you none of them are as healthy as the one I’m going to share with you.

     Lilian pulls out her notebook and pen.

     Lilian: Please go on, I am all ears.

     Florin: Have you ever found yourself really craving ice cream, but know that you should be eating something healthy like salad again? I saw that smirk on your face – and I know the feeling. It can really be a struggle! Let me introduce you to the Altadorian Cobb Salad. It will induce no guilt whatsoever, and will actually make you smile, instead. I know, I was dubious at first too, but this is quite the tasty recipe. Here are the ingredients you’ll need:

      Altadorian Sun Cheese, Altadorian Gra pes, Cheery Tomatoes, Boiled Egg, Green Lettuce, Altadorian Nectar

      Simple ingredients to find, and exquisite taste! Now that you’ve got everything together, you can begin. First thing to do is wash this lettuce – this can easily be done at one of the numerous washing places in Altador. Be sure to grab a colander, or just gently hold the lettuce in your hands and shake it dry before returning it to your sack. Go ahead and lay that at the bottom of your bowl - you can always use one of your trophy cups from the Altador Cup if it’s clean, but don’t tell Queen Fyora I said anything of that sort! Now that the lettuce is in, go ahead and chop your boiled eggs, cheery tomatoes, and sun cheese. Before you start griping at me again for this being healthy, those tomatoes, whose sight might normally produce a frown across your face, are quite different than the rest of their plant species, and will bring a smile to your face. You can mix all the ingredients together, or, as the master chefs of Altador do, artistically display the cheese, grapes, and egg on top. The secret ingredient? The nectar – fantastic, and adds a sweet, tangy taste to complement the dish. Ah, the taste of perfection.

     Please share this recipe with all of Neopia, and with that I bid you both goodbye. I have gardens I must tend to.

     Florin walks away but not before turning around to say that when referencing him in the series, to please state that he is "Master of the Green; Maven of the Fertile Soil, Provider of Fruit and Flowers, and Helps our Lands Grow."

     Werther: That was nice encounter. I’ve never met Florin before, but he certainly lives up to his title of “Master of the Green.”

     Lilian: He was the protector I was most hoping we’d come across. An Altadorian Salad is the perfect addition to balance out the recipes I’ve collected so far for my series. Last night I dreamed I’d meet the Dreamer, and perhaps I did, there in her land. I’d also love to meet the Sasha and Fauna, but Florin is the best resource for this project.

     Lilian and Werther make their way to one of Altador’s most popular attractions, the Hall of Heroes.

     Werther: I’m always amazed by the immense size and detail of these statues.

     Lilian: They are so immersive. I could stare at them all day if I had the time. …You know, I’ve been thinking of including a cupcake recipe into my series but I’m not sure what type to include.

     From down the hallway, Lilian and Werther hear a voice.

     Finneus: You’re looking for Altador’s finest cupcake recipe, you say? Come meet me in my Library, and I’ll help you out.

     Finneus rummages through a pile of books.

     Finneus: Ah yes, I found my Meepit plushie! Here we go – it’s tucked away in this glass case. I’m amazed it didn’t break from the last time a Whinny got loose in the Hall of Heroes and then came barging out here, trying to escape the Janitor’s cleaning. It was quite the frenzy. Here in this Jar of Archived Books, there seem to be some recipes. There’s no official published recipe book for Altador, mind you, but the information you seek is in here. Are you ready?

     Werther: Of course, fire away. Lilian and I are ready to take notes.

     Finneus: Here it is. Ahem.

     Hall of Heroes: 11th Birthday Constellation Cupcake

      What do you get when all the Neopian Heroes (minus the Darkest Faerie) combine their best ideas to make a cupcake? The Constellation Cupcake, which they shared with the world for the NC Mall’s 11th Birthday! This is one cupcake you don’t want to skip over! I’ve heard that they asked the Janitor to help contribute to the recipe as well, but he was too mad about the powdered sugar and flour exploding all over the room. He got the short end of the stick, cleaning up after everyone and everything. Okay, here comes the ingredient list:

     Bag of Sugar, Stick of Butter, Lavender Star Crystal Negg, Chia Flour, Nectar of the Heroes, Pinch of Salt, Flask of Olive Oil, Magical Marshmallow, Powdered Sugar, Vanilla Fragrance Oil, Star Power Gem, Glittery Faerie Dust

     First, combine two sticks of room temperature butter with 1.25 cups of sugar. Mix them together until they are light and fluffy, about three minutes if you’re using a mixer, perhaps more like seven if you’re doing it by paw. Then, in another bowl, whisk together a tablespoon of baking powder, a half-teaspoon of salt, and three cups of your Chia Flour. Slowly mix the contents of two Lavender Star Crystal Neggs and a tablespoon of your vanilla extract. The lavender Neggs will colour your cupcakes and give them a very sweet, spring-like flavour. Next, add your dry ingredients to the liquid ones, alternating with 1.25 cups of Nectar of the Heroes. If all twelve heroes think this drink is the best, you can bet it’s in this cake. A traditional cake recipe would call for Kau milk here, but we use nothing but the best, and the nectar works wonders for the taste! Mix everything together until smooth. Divide the batter into your individual cupcake wrappers, and bake for about 15 minutes, or until a toothpick comes out clean.

     Next comes the icing, once the cupcakes are out of the oven and cooled. Some of the icing will need to set overnight, so you may as well cover the cupcakes and put them in the cool food storage area. For our first icing, we’ll be using what we call Moon Cream. It’s not sold separately, and it’s a wonder it’s even listed in this book at all. For this, you’ll want to combine two cups of butter, one pound of very finely powdered sugar, and a teaspoon of your vanilla extract, all at room temperature, whatever that means. I suppose it means not melted or in some sort of cooling area. Put the icing into a piping bag, swirl it on, and voila!

     The next sort of icing mimics what some would call a fondant. It’s soft to start with, then once you’ve shaped it and left it out overnight, it hardens up a bit, and will retain it’s shape. When mixed with some Star Power Gem powder, these are extra magical and will practically levitate on the icing, and create a whole light show to go with it! To make this icing, grab about 8 ounces of your Powdered Sugar and about 3 cups of Magical Marshmallows. The recipe is drenched in magic! First, combine the marshmallows and about 1.5 teaspoons of water in a bowl over a fire. Keep stirring until they’re melted and smooth, making sure to keep the mixture moving so it doesn’t burn. Then, add the Star Power Gem dust and six ounces of the sugar. The Star Power Gem will give it the beautiful lavender color you see in the photo. Don’t worry about breaking off a corner of the star, either; it seems to build itself out again like a starfish. Once this mixture is too difficult to stir any longer, you can place it on your countertop to knead, just make sure you grease it first. If you have any on hand, shortening does the trick real well. Knead in the remaining two ounces of sugar just a tad bit at a time until the icing is very smooth, holds its shape when squeezed, and no longer is sticky. Shape into the smallest-sized stars you can manage, and let set overnight.

     With all of your cupcake elements prepared, grab your iced cupcakes out of the cooling area, and place them on your counter. Sprinkle your little icing stars all over, then cover with Glittery Faerie Dust. As you do, you’ll notice that they begin to glow when they touch the Star Power Gem stars, and stunning lavender stars seemingly shoot out of the cupcake!

     Lilian: My, that was a detailed recipe! Thank you for sharing, Finneus!

     Finneus: Anytime! I’m still basking in delight that we finally won the Altador Cup!

     They head back to their mechanical hot air balloon and head off to their next destination.

     Werther: What would a journey around Neopia be without a stop to Jelly World?

     Lilian: That’s if we can find it!

     Jelly World


      After going in circles over the same air space at least five times, Werther uses his radar to determine a spot where there is land underneath.

     Lilian: But I can’t see any ground? Are you sure there’s supposed to be something here?

     A gust of wind sends the hot air balloon plummeting to the surface. The balloon acts as a parachute, but the wind blows out the fire, and it takes a few minutes for Lilian and Werther to wake up. They are greeted by what seems to be a giant jelly Chomby, but their heads are still spinning, so they’re not quite sure.

     Jelly Blobs Chomby: Excuse me, but this place does not exist, except in your imagination! And, you landed on my massive pile of jelly! Who are you, anyway? You don’t look like jelly, you don’t smell like jelly, you do sort of move like it though … but this contraption you flew down in certainly isn’t jelly. I hear the Jelly Keeper coming - you’d better run!

     Lilian mumbles, and pulls out a photo of a food made of jelly.

     Jelly Blobs Chomby: That Faerie Fizzy Jelly is made by the staff of Queen Fyora! Move along now, there’s a massive jelly blob coming right this way, and the jelly keeper! You can ask the Queen about it when you visit next her. This is nonsense! … What’s this? You’re stuck? Fine, I’ll jump on the other end of the blob. That should send you flying all right.

     Some time later, Lilian and Werther realize they’re mid-air and flying again. The photo of the jelly seems to have floated out of Lilian’s grasp when they were catapulted back into the air and rekindled the fire.

     Lilian: What was that? It seems like we hit a storm wall or something, but there was nothing on the horizon. I can’t remember a thing.

     Werther: All I know is that I have this sensation of plummeting, and a bright green voice saying that the Faerie Queen makes something called, oh what was it … Fuzzy Faerie Jelly? I really don’t know how that could be. There’s no fuzzy food in Faerieland at all.

     Lilian: How could that even be a thing? We’re still in midair! Perhaps we flew too high, and we dreamed it all up.

     Werther: That could be. I was focusing so hard on what was below, we might have crept up too high. Let’s leave this area and move on with our quest. Its clear Jelly World cannot be found, either on a map or by hot air balloon!

     Lilian and Werther switch places at the wheel. To cut down their travel time, Lilian makes the executive decision to fly over the mountain range that separates the Neopian continent in half, instead of flying across the sea.

     Werther: That was a risky decision you made Lilian. You’re a much better pilot than I thought. I’m glad we made it safely across.

     Lilian: Me too. I’m glad the weather cooperated. If there were any storms we could have been in a lot of trouble. After that last whiff of disaster, I’m just glad to see these pink and purple towers finally coming into view.

     Welcome to Faerieland!

     Werther: The reconstruction of Faerieland is coming along quite nicely. Soon you’ll never know that it used to sit on clouds over 10,000 feet in the sky.

     Lilian: I remember when it fell – it was quite the sad scene. We still have to watch out for falling clouds. While I really do hope that Faerieland can return to the clouds someday, it is more accessible on the ground. I wonder what the faeries think about that. Their former location meant that they were better able to defend their clouds from those seeking to steal its magic.

     Lilian lands the mechanical hot air balloon in a clearing outside Faerie City. They decide to scope out the entrance first, before heading into the heart of the city.

     Faerieland: Vegetarian Fyora Day Taco

      As they enter through the gates, Delina, the Crafting Faerie, floats by.

     Delina: Welcome to Faerieland!

     Lilian: I’ve come on a quest – er, a personal mission. I was wondering if you’d be able to help me track down the best recipes here?

     Delina: Normally people bring me quest items, but I’d be thrilled to help you with this one. I’m afraid I’m much better at combining things together, than I am actually cooking. I hope you don’t mind.

     Werther: It’s a pleasure to meet you, Delina! What's your favourite dish? I’m sure the readers of the Neopian Times would love to read it. We’ve had some complicated recipes already, so something simple will be nice.

     Delina: Well, if you say so! My favourite is the Vegetarian Fyora Day Taco. For this recipe, you’ll need the following:

     For the taco: Faerie Carrot 2.0, Faerie Kale, Faerie Tomato, Crazy Crisp Taco,

     For the dressing: Dark Faerie Plums, Benyeroberry Parasol Faerie Punch, Faerie Fondue

     Begin by mixing your Dark Faerie Plums and Benyeroberry Parasol Faerie Punch together. Then, add some chopped Faerie Carrot 2.0, Faerie Kale, and Faerie Tomato into your Crazy Crisp Taco shell. Add on your dressing, and then a light dash of Faerie Fondue, and you’re all set. A perfectly delicious recipe for anyone in a rush – which most of us faeries are!

     Lilian: This sounds marvellous! I’m sure all the readers are going to love it! Is there any chance you can help us find a great recipe from Faerie City?

     Delina: I’m afraid they require a bit more talent in the cooking department than I have. Hold up, I’m about to visit Queen Fyora herself. Once we’ve finished our meeting, and if she’s willing, I can introduce you if you like.

     Werther: It’d be an absolute honour. We’ll follow you.

      Faerie City: Deluxe Fyora Goodie Basket

      After admiring the view from Fyora’s balcony for what only felt like five minutes, Fyora ushers them inside.

     Queen Fyora: What brings you here, Lilian and Werther? I hear you’re on a personal mission to share our food secrets with the rest of Neopia.

     Werther: That is correct, although we wish to do so benevolently, with your blessing. I’d love to study how you make your food float!

     Queen Fyora gently interrupts him.

     Fyora: I’m afraid the secrets of our magic food cannot be shared. You might hear rumours of them elsewhere, but since we’re on the ground now, we can’t have our secrets escaping so easily. Come now, don’t look so dejected. I have a beautiful basket of goodies I’d love to give to you. I promise they won’t disappoint.

     Werther: It was an honour to meet you, Queen! We will cherish these gifts immensely, and I can’t wait to enjoy them.

     Werther and Lilian find themselves back inside their hot air balloon, each with a Deluxe Fyora Goodie Basket.

     Lilian: Do you know what all of these are?

     Werther: It looks like we have some of the cheese used to make Extra Cheesy Cheddar Crisps. I’ve heard that it’s made from a secret faerie recipe passed down through the generations. I also see a Faerie Orange, what must a magical version of the Organic Green Gra pes, perhaps a Fyora Apple, and what looks to me like the fruit of the plant used to make Raspberry Achyfi. Ah, tucked away here in some purple wrap seems to be a Fyora Day Sandwich, too.

     Lilian: So this basket is one big mystery after all, just like most of their recipes, but what delicious food! At least everyone will know where to get them now!

     Lilian and Werther happily munch through their lunches after their long travels to Faerieland. They will need to gather their strength back up before their journeys next week in the Plains.

To be continued…

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