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Geographical Guide to the Best Recipes in Every Land - Part 1

by doglover3662


Chapter 1: Rough Seas

      THave you ever wondered how to make the refreshing, summery, healthy salads of Altador, the scrumptious ice cream slushies of Terror Mountain, or how to get Faerieland cuisine to float? Well, look no further! Here are all the secrets to the best food in all our favourite places in Neopia!

      Within this series, we are going to be following in the footsteps of Lilian Fairweather as she explores the whole realm of Neopia to learn how to make the very best food from experts in each place, using the native foods of that land! Be prepared to travel up the highest peaks, traverse miles of plains, experience the driest deserts, and even take a rocket up to outer space. We’ll be travelling along by type of geography – by biome, in effect – so come prepared to master Neopia’s topography as well as the best culinary creations. Make sure to bring your appetite and a notebook!

      Sound exciting? Then hop on board, keep reading, and follow us on our journey!

     During this adventure, Lilian is accompanied by her father’s assistant, Werther. Werther was Professor Hugo Fairweather’s trusted assistant, and accompanied him on many adventures before he decided to retire a couple of years ago. Since Professor Hugo retired, Werther has now become Lillian’s assistant, trusty companion, and guide through the many lands of Neopia. Together, they will be traversing Neopia’s varied lands using a mechanical hot air balloon that has the magical ability to transform itself into a submarine, spaceship, or any form of transportation they need along the way. An invention of Werther and Dr. Landelbrot, the balloon was created to help Professor Hugo locate the Lost Isle described in Mad Tongue Murphy’s journal.

     This week, we will begin by visiting lands that were found by shipwrecks, namely Shenkuu and Krawk Island. While there might not be visible surface features that caused the wrecks, the rough seas, combined with the reefs by Krawk Island, and underground volcanoes near Shenkuu, led to some very unhappy boatmen. However, just because their entry to these places was accidental and caused initial grumbling, does not mean they stayed unhappy about finding these new lands!

      Located north of Altador, Shenkuu was hidden from the rest of Neopia for years. However, when the mighty ship, The Cyodrake's Gaze, made port in Krawk Island after losing a member of its crew, Neopia came to the rescue. Neopians were provided with multiple sides of the story, and were then able to conclude who was responsible for the missing crewmember. Once the crewmember was found, the captain of The Gaze sailed back home to Shenkuu, revealing the new world to all of Neopia!

      Shenkuu: Fruit and Vegetable Hand Roll


     Ah, the land of spice and smoky mountain sunrises.

     Lilian: We have arrived! Let’s see if the master chef himself has any recipes to divulge. Bonju, you around?

     Bonju looks out his window, disgruntled, as he almost miss-measures his spices. After a minute of silence and patient waiting, he comes out.

     Bonju: If it had been anyone else, I would have stayed inside. How can I help you, Lilian and Werther?

     Lilian tells Bonju of her quest to learn how to make the best food in each Neopian land, but decides to leave out the part about publishing them in the Neopian Times, for fear of being chased away down the hill by an overflowing pot of boiling water.

     Bonju: I have an idea brewing in my mind to recreate one of my favourite foods found here that combines all the best flavours. Look around this exotic location and gather:

      Dried Seaweed Strips, Kale Chips, Buttered Rice, Avocado Deviled Eggs, Cherry Onion Blossom, Xrepefruit, and a pinch of Wasabi

      Making a roll has never been easier, or better, as we have the highest quality ingredients. To begin with, lay the seaweed strips on a plate, in a hemisphere shape. Put some kale chips on top of this, but crumple them a little bit, so that they can be folded more easily. Next comes the rice - add a heaping scoop over the mix, and spread it out evenly. For added protein, take your avocado deviled eggs and sort of mash them into the rice. Now that we have the base, it’s time for the veggies and fruit. Carefully peel the cherry onion blossom, being careful to squirt none of it in your eyes. Slice one of the leaves up lengthwise, and put the pieces in the middle of the rice and egg combo. Next comes the xrepefruit. Slice this into fine slivers, or leave it as is for a bold flavour in the middle of your wrap. Sprinkle some wasabi over the whole thing, and you’re ready to wrap it up. Grab the corner on the left and slowly, keeping the rice folded inside of the seaweed and kale chips, roll it over to the halfway point. Pause here, and grab a towel to wipe off any sweat from your forehead, wash your hands, and then continue until it’s shaped like a cone. Congratulations, you’ve made your first dish!

      After heartily thanking Bonju for teaching them how to make a traditional Seaweed roll, Lilian and Werther jump aboard their mechanical hot air balloon and fly off toward a group of islands.

      Lillian: Wasn’t that exciting? My roll almost fell apart there and tumbled into the sea, but I managed to catch it!

     Werther: My my, don’t be falling out of the balloon this early in the journey. I’ve got another island adventure for you, and this one is filled with pirates, so hold on!

     Lilian and Werther land their mechanical hot air balloon along the Krawk Island shoreline, not far from Smuggler’s Cove.

     Krawk Island: Cheesy Krawk Dip


     Werther: Welcome to the island of pirates! Arrr!

     As they walked across the island towards Warf Wharf, they run into one of Food Club’s famous pirates, Stuff-A-Roo. Lilian and Werther introduce themselves and explain their reason for visiting Krawk Island.

     Stuff-A-Roo: Ahoy, nice to meet you both. I would be willing to teach you one of me favourite recipes for a 50 doubloon piece and if you can collect all the needed ingredients to make it for me. My time ain’t cheap. I’m famous, you know.

     Lilian: Really, thanks! We’d be happy to collect the needed ingredients. What do you need us to get?

     Stuff-A-Roo: This cheesy Krawk Dip is imported as far away as Neopian Central!

      You’ll need the following ingredients:

     Ultimate Attack Chive, Parmesan Herb Bread, Two Garlic Bulbs, Organic Spinach Salad, Artichoke and Onion Surprise, Overgrown Cheese, Soft White Cheese, Florg Salt and Pepper Shakers

     Lilian quickly writes down the ingredients into her notebook.

      Stuff-A-Roo: If you look around the coastline, you’ll be able to find the chives – just be very careful handling them and chopping them for this recipe, or else you’ll end up with a black eye. Otherwise, these ingredients can be bartered off a pirate hanging out in the smuggler’s cove. Don’t like it? Get off the pirate-inhabited island! Hope you have some dubloons on you - the cheapest ingredient will be the spinach ... I’ve lost a bet and had to exchange my Borovan Chicken for some. I’ve been losing a lot in Food Club these past few years, so be forewarned I can be a bit temperamental at times.

     Lilian and Werther hurriedly collect all the necessary ingredients from across the island.

     Lilian: Ultimate Attack Chive, check, Parmesan Herb Bread, check, Two Garlic Bulbs, Organic Spinach Salad, check, Artichoke and Onion Surprise, check, Overgrown Cheese, check, Florg Salt, check, and Pepper Shakers, check.

     Is that everything we need?

     Werther looks over the items Lilian wrote down in her notebook.

     Werther: No, we’re missing the Soft White Cheese.

     Lilian: Arrr! How’d I overlook that?

     Lilian and Werther quickly buy some Soft White Cheese before returning to Stuff-A-Roo.

     Stuff-A-Roo: You managed to get in the ingredients after all? Aye you’re fast! I’d say you’d make good pirates, but that balloon of yours could be taken down too easily. I’ll teach you how to make this artichoke dip, but not before I see the colour of your dubloons. I already got the cooks to set the oven to 350° in the Golden Dubloon. Now, first of all, this is the pirate way of doing things, we don’t just have artichoke lying around here – what a worthless thing to pirate. Go ahead and chop up the Artichoke and Onion Surprise into large pieces, and do the same to the Ultimate Attack Chive. Chop your Organic Spinach Salad and Garlic Bulbs real fine, and add them into your artichokes. Then stir in your chives. In a separate bowl, mix together your Overgrown Cheese Soft White Cheese after melting them … you won’t have to stand outside very long to accomplish that, just swat away the little flying pests that will want to snack on it and you. Once you’re back, you’ll stir your veggies into this melted cheese mixture. I chose the Soft White Cheese because it’s closest to mayo and cream cheese, but tastes better, while still having that liquid content. All that’s left is adding your salt and pepper to taste. Transfer this all into a greased baking tin, and you’ll be ready to put it in the oven for about 30 minutes. You didn't hear it from me, but it’s best to leave about a finger’s width of distance between the side of the dish and the food, as it will bubble as it cooks. You can pull it out early if the top is looking copper or gold. Once it’s out of the oven, give it about 10 minutes to cool, and you can eat it with your Parmesan Herb Bread, which you can toast outside briefly while the dip is cooking. Now give me that 50 dubloon piece and leave me alone!

     Lilian rummages in her bag and hands Stuff-A-Roo a 50 doubloon piece. Stuff-A-Roo hands them the bowl of Cheesy Krawk Dip with Parmesan Herb Bread he made.

     Lilian: Blimey, this Cheesy Krawk Dip is so cheesy and delicious. All the ingredients meld together so beautifully!

     Werther: I didn’t expect the dip this good. I can’t stop eating it.

     Lilian and Werther eat the dip until the bowl is empty. Stuff-A-Roo looks happy they enjoyed his dip. He gives them a big grin as they thank him for teaching them how to make Krawk Island’s famous Cheesy Krawk Dip. Lilian and Werther shake hands with Stuff-A-Roo before making their way toward Warf Wharf.

     Warf Wharf: Man O War


     Lilian: The Cheesy Krawk Dip recipe is a great addition to my series for the Neopian Times, but I don’t feel the Krawk Island section will be complete without a recipe for grog. It’s the only thing pirates will drink.

     Werther: Don’t fret Lilian, I’m sure we can convince a pirate to tell us how to make the best grog. Let’s go to the Golden Dubloon and try our luck there.

     Tucked away in the leeward side of the island is the Warf Wharf you’ll find Glug Glug Jones.

     After noticing Lilian walking by, Glug Glug Jones makes a beeline to Lilian and Werther. He is known to have an eye for pretty ladies.

      Glug Glug Jones: Excuse me, young lady and sir, but I couldn’t help but overheard your conversation. Ever wondered how to make some of the fine dining drinks served at the Golden Dubloon, but been too scared to confront the pirates? Worry not, I’ve got a recipe here for you. This one is simple – after a long day chasing down treasure, these pirates don't want to be bothered with a complicated recipe. Go ahead and find the following:

     Lemon Pop, Cherry Pop, Bomberry Grog, Spherical Lemon

     Go ahead and grab a chilled glass, and in this order, pour in equal amounts of: Bomberry Grog, Lemon Pop, and Cherry Pop. It really is a wonder they export that grog. I know you’re tempted to mix them all together, but the carbonation helps the flavours infuse together naturally, anyway. Besides, that would ruin the artistry. You’re in for a sweet treat with a real kick! Add a slice of lemon on the top, and you’ve completed it! For a more authentic taste, add some sand around the rim.

      After learning how to make authentic grog from Glug Glug Jones, Lilian gives him her mailing address so that they can exchange recipes and keep him updated on her journey through Neopia. You never know what friends, or should I say, mates, you’ll make along the way.

     Werther and Lilian wave goodbye to Stuff-A-Roo and Glug Glug Jones as they fly away on their mechanical hot air balloon.

     Once they reach the right altitude, Werther steers the mechanical hot air balloon toward the East. They're headed towards the biggest island in Neopia, and other tropical adventures, so stayed tuned next week!

     To be continued…

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